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#write31days – Day 8 – Sometimes Life Seems Like A Muddled Mess


picmonkey-image-21Sometimes life does seem like a muddled mess even when we know it’s not because God always has a perfect plan, and eventually we will see that what we thought was a muddled mess was actually the time we should been grounded in our trust in Him.  Have I always?  I have been a failure in many of those seasons, but the longer I know Him the more I see how He has turned these messes into beautiful things.  He can turn our trials into triumphs, messes into beauty, victors into victorious.

What are some of my muddled messes/trials:


      Watching my Mom suffer depression when Dad died.  Watching her suffer from a bacteria she caught during a broken leg repair and then she lost her leg and spent months in the hospital.

     Seeing a grandson born with a horrible disease not knowing if he would live.

     Watching children suffer through infertility and miscarriage


Lessons I’ve learned in the muddle:

    God is always in control.

    It’s may not be okay, but I am going to be okay as long as I lean into Him.

    He is the only one that will never hurt or harm me.

    He makes my messes a testimony, a story, His story.  My history is His-story.

    He gives me strength to power through those muddled messes.

Are you in a mess today?  How are you turning it over to God?

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6 thoughts on “#write31days – Day 8 – Sometimes Life Seems Like A Muddled Mess”

  1. I know about muddled messes. God has redeemed them all but not until I released them to Him. Beautiful words friend! Glad to see you are doing Write 31 days. I will be praying for you as you continue through the rest of this month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mary. I’m running behind on the 31 day challenge. So many interruptions but I’m calling them God interruptions.


  2. hi debbie, i’m your next door neighbor at testimony tuesday:) i have been off the grid for awhile. am trying to get back in the saddle again. i wrote on something very similar but it wasn’t a 5 minute write so i went somewhere rather different:) blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

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