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Post-it notes, or sticky notes or any kind of little notes.  I tried and tried to come up with ideas for this five-minute #write31days challenge that they entitled “Post-It”, but I can think of nothing right now other than those cute little post-it notes and sticky notes I have laying around.

Why do we love them so much?

I can still remember the first time I saw post-it notes at work.  Originally we didn’t have all these cute colors.  Honestly, I used a whole lot more of post-it notes when I worked.  I would leave them on my desk, my phone, my computer with reminders, my bulletin board, and even my purse with a list of things to pick up on the way home.  I find now that I’m retired and home I don’t use them too much, but one of my favorite things is to leave my husband post it notes so this is where I’m going with this post.

Places I leave him notes:

  • In his underwear drawer.
  • In his pick-up on the steering wheel or his sun visor.
  • On his brief case.
  • On the shower faucet.
  • On his mirror.
  • On his pillow
  • In his lunch

Things to say on your notes:

  • I have written several blog posts with free cards you can print, or you could just write the words on a sticky sort of post-it note.

  • Here are a few more ideas that you can write on a sticky:

I love spending time with you.

Thank you for being such a wonderful man of God.

I can’t wait until you get home.

Have a great day!

I’ll be missing you today.

I love YOU!

Thank YOU for all you do!

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    1. I hadn’t thought of that Lynn – how that tiny little piece of paper can make someone’s day. I guess I knew it or I wouldn’t do it, but the thought had not struck my mind that way.


  1. This is great! Our local Christian radio station sponsors a “love that sticks” campaign every February, where they encourage people to write encouraging words or verses on sticky notes and post them around the city. It’s so much fun to find post-its saying Jesus love you on public restroom mirrors or on your windshield.

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  2. Oh, I need to do much better in this area, Debbie. 😦 Thanks for your encouragement. My husband is SO good to leave me sticky notes. I got one from him this past weekend in my suitcase when I went out of town. And one the weekend before on our daughter’s wedding weekend that said, “I love the mother-of-the-bride.” He’s a sweetie. I want to be, too. 🙂

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  3. I’ve put some post-it love notes among my husband’s things for him to discover too, Debbie. In fact, recently he found one among his underwear that had probably been overlooked by him for months and months! We both had a good laugh over it and I’m sure it proved to encourage him in his day. Thanks for spurring us on to these loving deeds in our spouse’s lives, my friend! They are small gestures that mean so much.

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  4. I love this idea. Writing sticky notes as love notes or words of encouragement. Sticky notes have always had a place in my heart, I love that they now come in so many sizes and colors. I’m like a kid in a candy store. I use them to help plan my editorial calendar, or to use in a demonstration to move the pieces of a plan around to show how different placement of ideas can change the result. Whoever created these bits of paper is a genius!

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  5. Sticky notes are so fun and necessary. I use them to remind myself of things I need to do. It was good to include one in the children’s lunch when they were in school. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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