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I started this blog this morning and will continue it below, but this evening we got more exciting news.  We are already expecting twin boys in March.  This afternoon our daughter found out she is having a girl.  We are beyond words.  This house is going to be so much fun with four boys all three and under and a newborn girl.  It’s been a very long time coming and the girls going through so much heartache, but God has shown us how much He has had our family on His mind, and I know He has a plan for all of the five grandchildren.

A funny story.  She texted me, my mother-in-law and her mother-in-law saying, “Breaking news: we have an 11 oz chick”.  Hmmm!  I am thinking is this a baby or a chick for two reasons – they have chickens and I know when all her appointments are and the next one is two weeks from today so by now I’m confused and so are the other two moms because we were all anxiously awaiting for October 26th when we will know what this little baby is going to be.  Her MIL says, “wow send pictures”.  Hmmmm. She sends a sonogram pictures and I write back, “did you go to the doctor”.  She says “no the song tech.  They called today and said I needed the anatomy scan but two weeks (at my next appt) might be too late so could we come today at 4:30 for that part?  So we did :), and I say “so is the chick a girl” and she says “yes”.  Go ahead I know you are laughing. HA!  My mother-in-law told me later I am glad you asked because I was confused too.

I just posted last night the reveal for our twins also due in March here.

OK now back to this morning’s boring post.

It is so simple to say thank you, and we in Texas are pretty good about that or we used to be.  I remember the first time my husband came home so proud of our son and how he would say, “Sir” speaking to others when he was out with his dad.  When a student says mam to me I know they have been taught some manners at home.

How good are we at saying Thanks to our spouses, our children, and those whom we come in contact with daily?  How hard is it to say thank you to a grocery checker, your mailman, a policeman or service man as you are out and about?  We have become so busy rushing that honestly we are becoming rude.

How often do you stop during the day to say thank You to the one who created us?  I know I don’t do it enough.

Here are some things I’ve thanked Him for already this morning:

  • Waking me up.  New days, new beginnings, saying “good morning” to my husband, a cup of coffee, a healthy breakfast and oh that sunrise, that beautiful Fall sunrise this morning.  I
  • My husband of 47 years, his kisses goodbye every single morning (even when I’m asleep he comes in and even when I’m upset).
  • Seasons and this beautiful Fall.   When you threw open those windows this morning and felt that cool breeze did you thank Him for the breeze and the privilege of having a home with windows?  I did.
  • Children and texts and precious phone calls from them.  Trips with them fishing, a meal, a shopping trip or a little trip to the DQ for an ice cream on Sundays. I
  • Grandchildren – five of them  (three of them are still in their mommy’s tummy and I can’t wait to meet them.) Hearing Nana (are you thankful to hear those little ones saying Nana or PaPa or our 3 year old teasing his PaPa and calling him Poppy, or Poppo, or Pops.  I love that 20 month old running over to me and wanting in my lap and he’ll just sit here and cuddle.  I am thankful for every moment with them, and thankful that I can go today with them to a pumpkin patch and take some pictures.  I can’t wait to see them both, and thankful for each new day God gives me to savor moments with them.  Today we went to the pumpkin patch.  It was a precious time.
  • Family – Our family is so, so big on both sides.  I’m not sure how many cousins we have together but it is in the hundreds.
  • My home in the country (sort of – it used to be.)
  • Jobs
  • Great neighbors
  • Friends many of whom we don’t get to see often, but we still love them and wish we could.
  • Food on the table, a warm bed and someone to snuggle with.
  • Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Puppies, Kittens
  • Good health




  1. How exciting to be expecting all these babies! Some day I’ll get my children married off so I can have grandbabies!

    Saying thank you is so important. I started telling my daughter “say thank you” before she could talk. Some laughed at me but today at 20 she is the most thankful person I know. She says Thank you for everything.

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