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“Look at everything always as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time: Thus is your time on earth filled with glory.”                                                                                Betty Smith, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn


I don’t want to be so busy I don’t enjoy life.  I want to be enjoying life so much that I am busy.     Click to tweet twitterlogo_55acee

Every moment there is something I can be doing.  I am amazed when I hear someone say they are bored because I don’t get bored.  I can only remember being bored when I broke my wrist and was sofa bound.  With a huge contraption on it, I could do little except watch television and that gets really old.

I am always aware of how short my days are.  Truth be told most evenings you can hear me say it’s already 8:00, or on the weekends my husband usually says, “the weekend is already over.”  We are busy, blessed people.  We know it.  We are aware of it, and we do realize our time here on earth is short.  The older we get the more precious the time we spend with family and loved ones.


I love watching our grandsons.  They walk in here and they are always aware of anything that has changed in the house.  I put up a new picture – they don’t miss it and they are only three and 20 months old.  I flipped my cute calendar the girls gave me for Christmas and the twenty month old walked into the kitchen pointing at it and saying his cousin’s name.

“If, then, I were asked for the most important advice I could give, that which I considered to be the most useful to the men of our century, I should simply say: in the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around.”                                                  Leo Tolstoy, Essays, Letters, and Miscellanies

That’s exactly how we should be when we walk outside – aware of our surroundings, aware of God’s mighty creations.  This morning I sit here listening to thunder and rain sipping a cup of coffee.  I loved hearing the rain hitting the roof, and had some of the windows open because a cool front has ventured in.

I’ve been really aware of some crazy squirrels running around my driveway all day and up our pecan tree.  Last year we didn’t get a single pecan.  This year it is loaded with huge pecans, but I am pretty sure by this evening there won’t be a one left.  I have walked out and hollered.  I have walked out and clapped my hands and off they run, but they are right back.

I am aware that no matter what happens in my life that God is ENOUGH.  He has to be because others will fail us, but He never, ever will.

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11 thoughts on “WRITE 31 DAYS – DAY 13 – AWARE OF AMAZING MOMENTS”

  1. I love that first quote and think it’s so so important to try to be aware of those special moments in life! Sometimes, well, way too often in my case, days go by so fast and at the end of a day I’m trying to recall and be thankful ll those precious moments with loved ones. But sometimes life is so busy and I realize I don’t always. I think your daily writing is great!


    1. Thank you for the comment. We are all so, so busy. Life is hectic, but I stop anytime one of my adult children call and need help or want to do something.


  2. I love your first two lines: “I don’t want to be so busy I don’t enjoy life. I want to be enjoying life so much that I am busy. ” Definitely tweet-able. I think you could make that statement a part of artwork and sell it. It’s certainly a message that we busy Americans need to hear and be reminded of.

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