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We’ve got mail.  I remember when I was a little girl I could not wait for our mailman to walk up on the porch and put the mail in our mailbox.  It’s not that I got a lot of mail, but for some reason there was excitement in it.   I can still remember to this day when I was in the fourth grade and we moved.  I received a letter from our neighbors who did not have children and she would have my sister and I over to bake cakes and cookies.   I remember writing them and asking him to be an usher in my wedding, and getting a “yes” response back.

Even after I married I could not wait to get mail.  Today that is another story some days. Forty plus years later most days I dread the mail and love the mail.  I dread that most of it has to be shredded or paid and stuff stacked up to file (because hey by the time I pay the bills, I don’t want to file the bills and I toss them in my “to file” basket).  Now, let’s talk about that basket.  I’m trying to improve on my filing tactics and file at least once a week, and this week I filed after I paid, but I was home a day to do that, but there is still a basket waiting on me.  PROGRESS!  I know some of you are saying why doesn’t she do auto pay or pay on-line.  I’m not there yet (do auto pay the newspaper and one life insurance), but I like controlling and my husband is not into technology, and I’ve already had my identity stolen through secure Government records at work  I trusted along with thousands of others, so I’m sure not going to pay on-line.

I love mail too.  I love receiving mail from friends, my Bible studies from  Proverbs 31 On-Line Bible Studies, and then there are books and magazines that I love.  I LOVE to read, and two books came this past week that I can’t wait to read during our break of our Bible studies.

Look what came in the mail this week.  I love this kind of mail.  Four books and a tea/coffee package from a friend.

I love sending mail to my friends and family like cards and yes books I sent just last week to some of my Bible study team.

I love getting personal mail from friends and family – birthday cards, texts, private messages, etc..

How about you?  Do you like mail?

Joining Kate Matoung in Five-Minute Friday and the #write31daychallenge.

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15 thoughts on “WRITE 31 DAYS -DAY 14 – WE’VE GOT MAIL – I LOVE MAIL”

  1. So Funny! As a kid, I too loved when the mail would arrive either through the slot in the door or in the hanging box outside the door. It was just fun! To this day, I enjoy walking out and picking up the mail after work, although it is seldom ‘fun’ mail, it is still a bit of a rush, just hoping!! Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings, Cindy xo


    1. Thanks Cindy. It’s still exciting, but somedays I get there and it is all stuff I need to shred and I’m too busy to go through it all.


  2. Wow, that’s a scary thing, getting your identity stolen. We do everything on line. So far no problems, but we never know. I don’t blame you for not wanting to. Oh, I love to get goodies in the mail too. Looks like you had a good mail week. 🙂


  3. I have a friend who said to me, “I asked God one day to send me an handwritten note this week from a friend.” And that very day, a notecard arrived for her from me. I love to handwrite notes to people!! And I love to receive them as well! There is a reciprocity in this art that is being lost today. I don’t want to lose it!


  4. When I was young I loved the mail. I had pen pals from each state and many different countries. I would run to the mailbox each day. Now that I’m older, it’s mostly junk mail and bills, it sets in the box for a week at a time, then I file it, mostly into the trash file. LOL I’m happy to hear that you are still receiving lovely things via the postman!

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    1. Wow Nikki so many pen pals. That had to be fun. Yes mine is mostly junk mail and bills. I am really good about shredding but not good about filing. I’m trying to change for the better.


  5. Prior to WW II the mail was delivered twice a day by a walking mail man. If it was real important – he would ring our bell. Otherwise it went into a mail box in our yard. I had a pen pal in another country, and also wrote poems and stories for the children’s page on our newspaper. We were notified if our story was to be published and often there was a prize. So even as a child, I loved to get mail. Not like a lot of us, most of my mail gets shredded, but even so I like to find mail in my box. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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    1. I didn’t know that Hazel about mail delivery. I get so much mail today that is not mine. That didn’t used to happen.


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