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Who are your neighbors?  Do you even know?  I’m just talking about the people in your immediate neighborhood even though neighbors can anywhere.  Biblically everyone is our neighbor. I am focusing on my neighborhood because ever since I saw the book How to Love Your Neighbor and also ever since I went to a church coffee on Wednesdays at church just called Coffee I have wanted to start something to involve my neighborhood ladies.

I have been talking about just having the ladies over for coffee.  Some of them I know well, and others not so much – I only know them by walking by and stopping to chat a minute or waving when they drive by, or through another neighbor.

I need to plan a date and just do it!

So what can you do to bless a neighbor.  There are so, so many ways.  I’ve baked things, I’ve made jams and shared, I have taken baked goods to new neighbors, take them on an errand, loan the something they need like our tractor gets used a lot because none of the neighbors have one.

This summer on my birthday I decided to be a gift to my community and actually I set out doing things not only in my neighborhood and community, but I also drove south to another town and east to another town to bless others.  I talked about what I was planning that day in Be A Gift.  It was my 66th birthday and I gifted 66 things, but I never came back to share pictures from that day.  I can’t believe that was in June and here it is October, but today is a perfect time to cross that off my list although late.

As I started that day I loaded up the car.  Granted this was before I bought those huge things of cookies, fresh flowers, and nuts.


I started the morning first by leaving our mailman a little gift.  It was a really hot day and I was going to be gone all day so I couldn’t leave a bottle of cold water or anything that would melt.  I settled for a package of Gold Fish crackers.  My grandsons and I love them.  I hope he did.  I wrote a little sticky note to him.



Next, I went to my next door neighbor, my mother-in-law.  I picked a few flowers out of my flower bed and put them in a cute little vase and took her some of the homemade zucchini muffins I made the night before.  She wasn’t real thrilled about the picture without make up and so early in the morning, but it’s cute:


I left Mom’s and headed two doors down to a widow neighbor.  He is always bringing me vegetables and I had some zucchini he gave me.  I made muffins.  He got a bag, my mother in law got a bag and our preacher.


So next I headed to a town about ten miles away – Waxahachie because that is where our Baylor Hospital is, and I wanted to bless a whole lot of nurses.   I stopped at a grocery and picked up some cookies, and bought some flowers to add to some more vases, and gave one of those to the receptionist.  I carried in a newspaper and coloring books and crayons to leave in the visiting rooms.


Stopped at 2 McDonald’s to buy a gift certificate to put in a coffee cup I bought for our pastor because he loves McDonald’s coffee.. He got this cup and a muffin and money for coffee. Neither McDonald’s had gift certificates so I just put in some money.


While at church it was also time for my ladies Bible study class, and since we were doing The Best Yes, I had some calendars laying around I had picked up months before and I presented one in honor of my birthday to our leader.

See those Butterfingers. I went to the credit union – needed money and I made a small deposit as a gift to the grandsons in honor of my birthday. I passed out Butterfingers to all the workers and all the customers.

Next stop Schlotzsky’s and someone behind me got a free meal and then off to one of my favorite stops today. I went to a water area we have at our outdoor mall for kids It was so crowded. I had only 2 very large bags of Tootsie roll pops and a large container of rubber type stickers. I only made it thru a quarter of the park, because all those gifts were gone but everyone was so nice. These kids sang happy birthday to me.  They were a gift.  They are behind that white circle.


I headed from there to our credit union to make a deposit and get some cash and I gave everyone in there working  Pay Days with a cute little note and I passed out Butterfingers to the customers.See those Butterfingers. I went to the credit union – needed money and I made a small deposit as a gift to the grandsons in honor of my birthday. I passed out Butterfingers to all the workers and all the customers.


Off to Costco more, more cookies and large cans of peanuts. I stopped at the post office first to mail our bills and did the drive thru there and a postal lady was emptying the outside mail bins. She took my mail and I told her happy birthday and I was gifting the town and handed her 2 Butterfingers.

Next was our dentist office. They all got cookies but the precious receptionist got flowers.

They all got cookies but the precious receptionist got flowers.


I drove back to my town and stopped at my bank.  I took a vase of those little flowers in to a lady who had helped me with Mom’s stuff when she died.   I also took more Pay Days for the workers and Butterfingers for the customers.

I stopped at our city park and found 2 mamas with their boys and some grandparents with their granddaughters. Left 2 giant bubble blowers and 2 pkgs of chalk.


Next stop the car wash. Passed out quarters in baggies with a message their car wash was on me. Loved the mama and teenager I handed some to.

I went to two fire stations – one in my city, and one down the road in another city.  We are serviced by both – one for ambulance and one for fire.

Here is the first one.  It was awesome, but I barely got to see it except for the computer room, small lounge and kitchen. As we sit down the giant apple pie and cookies all the lights and alarms went off and off they went. I was disappointed I never got to thank them or see the rest of the fire station. Also disappointed I didn’t take a picture of that giant apple pie from Costco. But I did get two of them in a picture as they were pulling out.

Then I went on to the other one and took them cookies and nuts.


And I didn’t forget the ladies at the water department.  I took two vases of flowers to them and didn’t get a picture.

I would love for you to share some ways you bless your neighbors.

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  1. This is SO lovely! What a gift you were to so many different people. Wow. I love these practical ideas. Sometimes I think I’d do more if I could just think of more, but now I have no excuses at all. 🙂 Your ideas are wonderful.

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  2. I love this idea! For years I have been sending my mother a “birth”day gift on my birthday. She looks forward to it every year. Didn’t realize that I was having an effect on my son doing this. He became my son when I married his father after his mother and sister were killed in a car accident. Now on the anniversary of their deaths, I receive flowers saying “Thanks for being my mom” and my daughter receives flowers saying “Thanks! for being my sister!”

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  3. THIS is AWESOME!! We had a women’s discipleship event at our church this spring where we listened to an old recording on youtube, A Man called Norman by Mike Adams and then baked cookies and took them around to our neighbors (had to ones we didn’t know… haha) What a blessing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow – my 65th is coming in May – I DO hope to remember to do this – super inspiring. I give a neighborhood coffee most Decembers and many Springs – so great to open our homes for heaven’s sake (In fact, if you’re on FB please join my Welcome Heart, Welcome Home FB page for all things hospitality! Good to meet you!

    Liked by 1 person

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