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I love to read and I stay busy with housework, on-line Bible studies, substitute teaching, yard work, blogging and playing with grandkids but today I am home.

I am off, the television is off, my shoes are off  and my 21-month old grandson is napping.

I hurried through my ironing  and hurried through vacuuming yesterday, and then propped up my feet to continue reading this beautiful book cover to cover.

I finished the book this afternoon,  got up to fix a glass of tea with some wonderful lemon on this unusual warm Texas day before someone wakes up, and writing a bit about this beautiful book about God’s love story to us.


Jennifer has taken all sixty-six, 66 books of the Bible and shares with us in every single book how God loves each one of us.  I could not put it down and finished it in two sittings.  Really, I am usually reading a book for weeks at a time, and some of them that are not Bible studies may take me a month or longer trudging along on my treadmill for twenty minutes at a time.

Each chapter Jennifer shares a beautiful teaching on the message of that particular book as well as a simple takeaway that brings that message as something to bless your heart and something easy to remember.  It’s a way as the front of the book says to, “Experience God’s Love for You in Every Book of the Bible.”

Here are just a few of the chapter titles:

  • In Genesis God Fashions Me With His Hands  – “God used His hand, His touch, to craft us – the crowning jewel of all His handiwork.” Jennifer Rothschild
  • In Judges God Shows Mercy in Spite of My Repeated Failures – “The King of kings loves you and gives you mercy and faithful love.  He does it when you least deserve or expect it.”  Jennifer Rothschild
  • In Job God Sustains Me In My Suffering – “Possibly the oldest book in the Bible, the book of Job – every page of it – is stained by tears.  It tells one of our oldest stories – we all suffer, and suffering hurts.”  Jennifer Rothschild
  • In Malachi God Pours Out His Blessings On Me – “God’s blessing pours out of His heart of love for you.  Even when you talk back like an ungrateful child, God holds back His anger and gives you kindness instead.  “‘I have always loved you,’ says the LORD” Malachi 1.2 NLT”  Jennifer Rothschild
  • In Philippians God Gives Me Joy – “Joy is a seed God plants in the hearts of His children so the sweet assurance of His presence will blossom in our lives.”  Jennifer Rothschild

If that doesn’t give you goose bumps I don’t know what will.  Imagine the other sixty chapter titles.  They are all good!  Sixty-six chapters, two pages each, easy to read and all in one incredible message.  From Genesis to Revelation Jennifer shares how special we are go God.  It’s a beautiful book inside and outside.  Uplifting, inspiring, and fun!

This is the cover and it’s as beautiful inside!  Some of the flowers on the outside are foiled.  Inside each page has flower designs too.  It’s just simply so cute.


Here are just a couple of ways of how I felt God’s love through the book and you will too :

  • A beautiful, meaningful story of how He fashioned me when it said I am the crowning jewel of His handiwork.  Yes I knew I was His handiwork and His masterpiece, but I’ve never read that I was the crowning jewel of His handiwork.
  • Knowing Him and making Him known was a church slogan for us for years, but this book just brought so much beauty to that.  Jennifer said that “Jesus said, “Whoever practices and teaches these command will be called great in the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:19).  You have been given the magnificent purpose of living out the words of Jesus and sharing them with others.  Thank God for giving you the highest purpose-knowing and loving Him and making Him known”.  That right there is what it is all about, and it is what we need in this country and our real purpose to love Him so much we make Him known.
  • I loved being reminded of all the many different ways that God loves me as I read each and every page.

This book isn’t a Bible study, but if you have never read the Bible, and even if you are a scholar, it is so simple and easy to read and  will help you understand a little about what each chapter of the Bible shares about love and what that chapter is about.

Experience His love in sixty-six beautiful loving ways. HE.LOVES.YOU.

This book would make a perfect gift for a birthday, a shut-in, someone in the hospital,  or with Christmas coming up you might want to pick some up for stocking stuffers.


I am giving away one copy of this wonderful book to one of my readers.  Everyone that comments below or on my Blogger Loves The King  or personal Facebook page on this blog post from now until next Tuesday, November 1 will be eligible to win.  I will print out your comments, put them in a bowl and one of my grandsons will be drawing. I will announce the winner next week in my last #31 day writing.



29 thoughts on “66 WAYS GOD LOVES YOU {GIVEAWAY}”

  1. What an awesome book and basically just what I need during this time in my life. This year has been very hard with my precious Nana’s passing.. some days you just need that little reminder. It makes a huge difference! xo


  2. Thank-you for sharing this review. I recently heard Jennifer Rothschild speak–she participates in Kirk Cameron’s film Revive Us. So encouraging to pay attention to God’s love. The book looks great!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This sounds like such a great book! I always loved it in when the worship pastor in my church growing up would go through all the books of the Bible telling one of God’s prominent names or characteristics in each one and then would finish up with the “I am” song – so powerful! This sounds like a book version of that!


  4. This sounds like a wonderful book. I love books like this.

    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #FridayFriolity party. We hope to see you next Thursday at 9pm EST.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Debbie, I’ve done a couple of Jennifer Rothschild’s Bible studies and love her writing. I wasn’t aware of this book and you have piqued my interest with it. Have been enjoying reading your #31 days posts. Keep on writing…you have a beautiful gift.

    Liked by 1 person

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