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This is just too funny, and it fit with this #write31days word for day 25.

We see this sign almost every Sunday on the way to church.  We usually go through the post office to mail our bills, and pull out and see this.  It’s a school crossing sign to watch for children.  This is what we saw on September 2.  It’s hard to believe they don’t keep this tree trimmed or move the sign a few feet behind the tree.

I looked this morning as we pulled out of the post office again.  NO CHANGE!

This post is part of the #write31 day challenge.

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8 thoughts on “WRITE 31 DAYS – DAY 25 -SIGN”

  1. How neat that you’re writing for 31 days. I love it, Debbie. How are you finding it? It’s always intriguing to me, but I’m a little nervous to start for fear I won’t be able to keep up. And yes, Mr. Tree needs a hair cut, for the children’s sake! 😉

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