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I’m getting close to finishing up the @write31day challenge.  The prompt for day 29 is day.

Have you taken some time today to search for Him.  We have TODAY – yes TODAY.  We have this moment.  We have this time.  I am speaking to myself because as busy as I am, and as hard as I work, I know at times I am lazy and could be doing so much more.

Ever get bogged down in social media?  I certainly have and can.  I’m trying to do better, but I can get caught up in Facebook and blogging and reading my friends posts and commenting and on and on.

He loves us and wants us to search for Him.


Have you searched for Him today.  I do every single day.  I was not feeling well last night and I just looked up at sundown and watched the clouds and how pretty they were.


THIS MOMENT WILL PASS.  Ever heard “this too shall pass”.  Me too, and I’ve used it going through hard times, but do you realize this moment will pass?  You will never have this moment again.  We have so many precious moments, and it breaks my heart to see how they are missed because we are on our phone, on our laptop, and so busy with nonsense when our spouses, children and grandchildren are begging and needing our attention.

Today will pass.  Grab hold of this day – this moment.  Make some vivid memories and moments with your loved ones.     Click here to tweet.

Yesterday is gone.  We find that out when we lose someone.  Today a moment can change our lives forever.  We get a phone call that someone has died, and we realized all that we should have done yesterday.

We have this moment to look for Him.  We don’t even have to go outside to see  beautiful moments.  Have you stopped today to look inside?  I am so thankful for grandchildren.  Do you know how many parents and grandparents don’t have the honor of saying that?  I am thankful for their laughter in my walls, and I am thankful for walls.  We are so blessed in this nation, and so busy we don’t stop and give thanks for all that is going on in the walls of our homes.

Are you thankful today for eyes to see all He has created and ears to enjoy sounds all around?  I love listening to birds, and hearing my grandchildren laugh.  Do you?  Have you thanked Him today for eyes to see and sounds to hear?

Oh how He loves you and me!  Remember hearing that throughout the Bible and in many songs?  He does love everyone of us no matter who we are, what we have done, or where we are today.

The thing that resonated with me in this verse this morning as I was watching a beautiful sunrise was those who search will surely find me.  Are you searching for Him this morning?  Are you searching for Him throughout the day?

The longer I study about the Lord and how much He loves me, the more in love I fall with Him. If you look for Him today He’s not hard to find.  Just look out your door at that morning sunrise or this evening at the sunset.  He colors them different for us each day.  Look inside your home at all you have – clothes that need washing, dishes from that morning breakfast, groceries in the pantry, running water to wash  clothes and dishes, children running around pulling out toys, a butterfly or dragonfly fluttering by, a bird outside singing.

Take a moment to write in your journal this morning, and let Him speak to you through the words you write. Sit outside and listen to Him through the sounds you hear or listen to some Christian music.  Read a devotion or a verse or two in your Bible.  He will speak to You with words you are needing to hear.  No matter how much we have sinned.  No matter how far we have strayed He is always there just waiting for us today.

Are you overwhelmed today?  No matter how you might be struggling, take a moment to search for Him right now.    We have this moment.  Savor it right now.


“And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”  Mark 12:30 ESV

This post is part of the #write31 day challenge.

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8 thoughts on “WRITE 31 DAYS – DAY 29 -DAY – YES TODAY”

    1. Thank you Lauren for visiting. You were in my moderation folder which is full of things I missed. Just popped over to visit you. Blessings on all that is going on right now in your life.


  1. Beautiful, inspiring post you share with us today Debbie. May we cherish each moment throughout the day. God allowed us to wake up this morning. He continues to bless us beyond measure. May we never take for granted all He has done and continues to do in our lives. Thank you for sharing such poignant thoughts. I hope you have a fantastic week and may God continue to bless you and yours.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was just having a similar conversation with my son. That the bad doesn’t last forever, to find the good and keep your eyes on it. God doesn’t want us to suffer, he wants us to enjoy life, but we must also learn from the bad and realize that it’s only for a bit. It will pass, and as we are waiting for it to end we need to keep looking for the good, even if it’s something small, it helps the time go by easier. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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