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My husband loves salad.  Since the #write31days word for day 30 is cut I could not come up with anything else.  Here’s a salad I recently made and he loved it.  It had assorted healthy lettuces, boiled eggs, cucumbers, bacon, corn, carrots, black beans, black olives, chicken breasts, red bell pepper, and tomatoes.


Hopefully Fall will be here in a few days or so they say.  We had a record setting October for temperatures in the upper 80s.  I can not wait to make up our first pot of soup with lots of cut up veggies.  This is my favorite hamburger soup.

IMG_4155[1]You can find the recipe here

This post is part of the #write31 day challenge.

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5 thoughts on “WRITE 31 DAYS – DAY 30 – CUT – SALADS”

  1. Hey debbie! You’re almost finished. I applaud your perseverance. I’M only at 21 posts. I’LL be continuing but at a much slower pace.
    Two trips to medical clinics, our son buying a house, and the holidays things are goona get crazy around here!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve not done much writing this month either. I’ve got to get busy. I’ve been contracted to write a series of devotions. And while I’ve thought much about it, I haven’t got much on paper yet.

        Liked by 1 person

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