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Listen, Love and Repeat – A Review and A Give Away


Karen Ehman is one of my favorite authors.   I have read several of her books and also done the accompanying Bible studies with them.   I love Karen’s heart and all she has to teach us about living like Christ did by finding joy and doing intentional acts of kindness.  She cares in this selfie world how we are obsessed with ourselves online and what’s in it for me.

This is such a timely book for such a season as our nation is in right now.  What better way to change the world by listening, loving and repeating, and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to read the book during these last couple of weeks.

She shares her own real-life stories, recipes, scriptures, and even provides scripture tags to copy and use on gifts

.Chapter 1 – Living Alert – How To Hear A Heart  Drop

In Chapter 1, Karen talks about a heart drop, and shares that hearing heart drops is actually an art that we have to be willing to cultivate.  What is a heart drop? It’s when a person through their words or feelings like sadness or loneliness causes us to peek into their heart.  We have to stay alert and Jesus was our greatest model for that.

Karen shares Hebrews 13 and how it is a perfect example of how to love others:  hospitality, entertaining angels, treating our spouses properly, honoring leaders, keeping away from false teaching, etc..  She ultimately broke it down into three simple ways to spread love:

  1. Praise God by professing his name with our lips.
  2. Do good.
  3. Share with others.

Chapter 2 – Find Your Way – Pssst……It’s All About Relationships

In this chapter she shares a three step plan that is the entire teaching of God.

  1. Love God
  2. Love others
  3. Love yourself

Karen reminds us how hard it can be taking care of a family and with all of life’s demands that we have to find balance loving others and ourselves, but who comes first?  God has to come first.  If we love Him and seek His will, and listen to Him to communicate with us He will show us our to-do lists for the day.

She reminds us that first she is a wife and mother, and goes on to share other family and relationships, and then what she referred to the “necessary people” like our mail carriers, doctors, garbage collector’s etc..

I was reminded that “honoring others means thinking of their desires, wishes, and welfare at those time you want to put yourself first.  It is trusting God as you let go of what you feel is your right to be right.  It is speaking kindly and respectfully.”  Honestly, sometimes I am so good at this, but at other times I am a total failure.  We have to also mingle with them in their pain and joy just like Jesus did.

Chapter 3 – It’s About Time – Giving of Yourself

In this chapter there is much truth about our planners and how we fill them up with activities, but are they void of time spent loving on others?

She shares all kinds of practical, easy examples of how to bring joy into the life of others and suggested that they could be done on the weekends when we generally have a little more down time.  I got lots of good ideas to use to bless and love on others and give of yourself.

Chapter 4 – Who Makes Your Day – Noticing The Necessary People

This chapter was all about noticing those necessary people she mentioned in Chapter 3 and many more and bringing them to the forefront.  They are people who help us.  She shares some ways to reach out to them, and reminds us not to try and love on all of them at once, but to pray about it and select one to begin with.

Chapter 5 – The Sick At Heart -What To Say Or Do When You Don’t Know What To Say Or Do

This chapter is about those who are grieving, have heartache during the holidays.  She shares lessons gleaned from The Book of Ruth and how we can apply those to help those who are hurting, and even provide five points to keep in mind when we are dealing with those who are sick at heart.  Don’t know what to say or do.  Karen shows us in this chapter.

Chapter 6 – Chipped Crock-Pots and Stained Carpets – Living A Life of Welcome

This chapter is all about opening our homes and our hearts and reminds us that our culture values ownership of things like cars and homes, but she reminds us who really owns our stuff.  Want to know how to make your home a haven?  Karen shares that too and how we can be used by God to bless others through our homes.  She also shares some really neat ideas for cooking for a crowd.

Chapter 7 – The Lonely and Unloved – How To Be Their Family And Bless Yours Too

We have to take time to intentionally look for the lonely and unloved or we will miss them.

Chapter 8 – The Cranky and Cantankerous – How To Love The Hard-To-Love

Yes it’s easy to love those who are lovable, but not so much those who are not.  Jesus taught us how to and He modeled the how to.  He loved those who hated and despised Him.  She gives us some thoughts to keep in mind when trying to share love with those who are cranky and cantankerous.

Chapter 9 – Nearest and Dearest – How To Really Care For Your Clan

You can learn all about what Karen calls her “unbirthday” stash in this chapter.  It’s all about loving our families and those we hold dear and also about connecting.

Chapter 10 – Scatter Kindness – Other-Centered Living In A Self-Centered World

Years from now how do you want others to remember you?  A great chapter on how we want to be remembered and how we can scatter kindness each day.

I’m giving away two copies of this book – one from Karen Ehman herself and one from the Blog About.  One of you will also win along with the book a study guide and DVD.  All you have to do is comment below or on my Facebook Page – Blogger Loves The King why you would like to read this book.

“Disclaimer, I was given and ARC in exchange for an honest review by Karen.”

I’ll announce the winner on December 13th.







1 thought on “Listen, Love and Repeat – A Review and A Give Away”

  1. I recently saw a video of Karen speaking at a conference and now would love to read her book. Sounds like the perfect book to help me work on showering love on those around me.


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