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Finding I AM Study – Week 3 Notes -“I AM” The Good Shepherd AND THE GATE

Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you..png


That little fellow in the picture up  and another sheep live across the road from me.  When I go walking, they are usually at the fence looking at me.

I did not know that sheep are mentioned over 300 times in the Bible, and more than any other animal until this week.

Some other things I learned about sheep are that they are defenseless, prone to go astray, their eyesight is poor, they tend to follow other sheep, and they are stubborn.

We sound a bit like those sheep don’t we?   We are prone to go astray, we are stubborn, and well sometimes we follow the wrong people.  We can start to slide away from our Shepherd.  We miss church a week or two or three.  We don’t really go to church to worship.  We go to get what we can get.  It’s not about me or we – it’s all about Him and worship and being prepared to worship when we get there.

We listen to Satan’s lies how we aren’t good enough, what others might think about us, we pull away from others, become depressed, and Satan loves us alone and lonely.  Lysa says that “the enemy knows if he can isolate us, he can intimidate us.  Confuse us.  Deceive us.  And ultimately, make us believe that the safer paths in life are ones apart from God and our friends who serve God.”

We can’t do life alone.  Really, we need our Savior and we need others.  Lysa reminds us that “in the midst of our wilderness the Good Shepherd is pursuing us, calling out to us, bringing us back to the fold, and willing to take back the lead in the journey.”

James 4:8 reminds us to “draw nigh to God and he will draw near to you.”


I humming that song on day 2 as we learn about how sheep are prone to wonder.  Yes, now I understand that old hymn.

On day 2 I learned all about the sheep gate.  It is an enclosure to keep them in so that predators don’t get them, and they don’t wander away.

Sheep know their shepherd’s voice.  They would not listen to any other.  Do you know your Shepherd’s voice or do you listen to the voices of the world – to others that will pull you away?  The only way we will find Him is to spend time in His Word and prayer.  We have to trust Him just like a sheep trusts their shepherd.


I learned that shepherds will lay down their life for their sheep.  In fact, we learned how a shepherd would lay down at the entrance to the sheep gate at night to protect anything from getting in and harming the sheep.  Just like the shepherd, the Good Shepherd laid down His life for you and me.

Lysa talked about sheep as offerings, and a reminder to us how important it is to bring our offering to the Good Shepherd with our first thoughts of the day.  I wake up most mornings and thank the Lord that He awakened me for another beautiful day.

The shepherds were the very first people to be told about the arrival of Jesus.  Ponder on that one a moment.  I sure did.  That tells us how important shepherds are.  It should remind us how important our Shepherd is.

Something else I learned this week was Bethlehem means house of bread.

We studied Peter, the fisherman and how Jesus chose Him to be a caring shepherd to people and the differences in the two.  He chooses the most likely to shepherd and do His work.  I’m so glad He chose me.


Who is the Good Shepherd, the Great Shepherd?  He laid down His life willingly for each one of us.  Oh, ow we should cherish Him and seek Him each day.

John 10:14 says that he Shepherd knows His sheep.   Did you know that He knows the number of hairs on our heads?  Oh my, I would like to know what that number used to be compared to what it is today.  HA!  I see so many hairs falling out in my brush each day.

He also knows my heart.  He knows my thoughts.  He knows every moment of my life.  He wants us to KNOW Him too.

He not just any Shepherd.  He is our GOOD SHEPHERD


A few things I want to remember.  The videos are awesome and taped in Israel and this one was from the Judean hills.  You can purchase them here.

Lysa talks about Psalm 23:1 how the Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not want.  That makes me remember that I lack nothing.  In fact, I sit here and realized how blessed I am.  Are you satisfied with what you have?  We need to be thankful for what we have, and not being unappreciative of what we don’t have.

She explains in this video about the valleys, mountains, gorges of water – the topographies in Jerusalem.  It’s beautiful in these videos to watch her and listen to these stories.

We learned how the shepherd could feel impending storms and how he kept the sheep up high so they would not drown.

It’s in the valleys we find the beautiful water.  I’ve learned in the valleys that I can only be restored by my Shepherd.

See my Week 2 notes for Chapters  here.

See my Week 1 notes here.







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