Mother's Day

Missing Mom This Mother’s Day

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Are you missing your Mom this Mother’s Day?  

If your Mom is still here with you, are you savoring the moments?  Are you spending time with her today?  If not, have you called and told her you love her?

This time of the year brings back so many memories of my Mom because this is also her birthday week – the 12th.  I was so glad on Friday that I was at school subbing to keep my mind off it, but tonight she’s been in my thoughts and yes I want to selfishly cry, but I’ve held back the tears so far.  I know she is with my Dad, but how I miss them both.  Wish they could have had one glimpse of our five grandchildren.
I remember the first year Mom died.  It was Valentine’s week 2013. That first Mother’s Day service at church was hard.  I had to force myself to go. I only did so because I felt ashamed not going.  I grabbed kleenex.   I was ready to let the tears roll.  A few tears spilled out  during the music, but then we had a guest speaker.   He was so, so funny that I laughed and laughed, and laughed.  I was so thankful that I had gone.  I love how our church takes care of everyone and honors even those that are going through infertility, those that have no children, those that have lost children, some adopted folks, etc..
I miss so many things about Mom.  Just seeing everything on television -the ads for flowers, and Facebook feeds are enough to make you dwell on the fact you never really knew your Mom like you wished you had.  So many unanswered questions I wished I had asked, but I am thankful I did on some days when I was visiting and she was feeling well.  I learned a lot sitting with Mom at the nursing home after she lost her leg from a horrible infection she got during a surgery.  Before that we were honored to have her staying with us three girls.
I am choosing to honor Mom this year as I have in the past with blessed memories.  Here are some special things I remember about my Mom:
  • How she would dress us girls up.  She would dress my middle sister and me alike in the cutest little dresses for Easter and Christmas.  See those little pearl necklaces.  I still have mine on a decorative pillow my mom and my middle sister below made one Christmas and they added our necklaces. Hope my kids don’t throw away that pillow when I’m gone.PicMonkey Image-100.jpg
  • How she curled our hair or put it in a pony tail.  She was so good at it.  I never have been.  Look at those curls in our hair.
  • Her chocolate pies. Yes, I have her recipe.
  • Her roasts on Sunday evenings.
  • Her enchiladas back in the day when there were not Mexican food restaurants around.  We would have lots of company over and Mom would have pans of enchiladas.
  • Her giving spirit.  She would give her last dollar to help someone.
  • Her unending love for my Dad even up to the time she died.  She died Valentine’s week, and I remember my husband saying as we sit there waiting for the funeral home to come that Mom would be spending Valentine’s Day with Daddy.
  • She was strict which caused me to be the person I am.
  • The way she celebrated Christmas and Easter and how family was so important.  I used to think she was selfish sometimes for demanding our presence as we ran around two places with kids and worn out.  Now I know why it was so important to her.  It’s important to me, but I don’t demand it.
When Mom died I wrote a poem in her honor.  My Dad was always writing poems for holidays and family.  I wrote this one and wanted to share here in memory of Mom.
Missing You Mom
by Debbie Williams
This for us has been an unimaginable day
Mom we are missing you more than words can say.
This week we have had so many fears
And we have shed thousands upon thousands of tears.
So many sleepless nights and a heavy load
So many stories we’ll miss that were never told.
On this the last day to celebrate you
You would be so proud mom those who are here honoring you!
You’ve been so sick and so strong for so so long
And even missed hearing Leslie’s beautiful song.
Your poor body has been through so much
Sometimes you hurt so bad we could not even touch.
So sick for so long, fighting battle upon battle and always winning the fight
We didn’t think we would get a call so soon that night.
Oh Mom we missed holding your hand and saying goodbye
It seems so unfair we weren’t by your side.
But we know God was there alongside.
We are giving our Father thanks and glory today
That He chose to call you home for Valentine’s Day
Oh we know there will be moments of great grief
Sadness, and missing you – right now it’s unbelief.
Thank you Mom for your pride and great joy and for
 loving on all your girls and boys.
We will have moments when we are wishing you were by our side
But we will pause and ponder on those memories of you with pride.
With thanks we give God today for His gift of you
Thank You Jesus this life is all about YOU!
With Love – Debbie, Delores, Danna, Sandra and your Precious Son-in-Laws and Grandchildren
Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.  Exodus 20:12 (KJV)
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