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WORTH – Is Blogging Really Worth It?

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Is blogging really worth all the time I put into it, or don’t put into it?  That’s a question I have pondered many times.

I sit here and think why am I really here.  I started during some on-line Bible studies with Proverbs 31.Org because they had a weekly blog hop, and I loved writing about what I was learning.  At some point they did away with the weekly blog hop, and I continued to blog about life and studies and recipes and joined other hops like this one.

I have dreams of one day writing a children’s book.  I even have a few words written, but the subject I was writing about died, and so did those dreams.  I know that a book may never happen now with the busyness of life, and it has been hard to even think about writing because of the loss.

I don’t know how bloggers do it all.  Honestly I see so many in business, having books published and sometimes I feel so far behind.  I have occasionally wished I was as far along, because a woman in her mid sixties is thinking how much more time will I be able to continue.  But it is in these times I hear the Lord whisper to me and I know I am exactly where He planned for me to be, and this is all in His timing, not mine.

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TODAY I know why I continue to blog.  It’s not about me.  It’s not about fame.  It’s not about publishing a book.  It’s not about followers.  It’s all about Him.  It’s about me becoming to know and love Him more.  It’s an audience of one even if no one else ever clicks on my posts.  It’s about leaving a legacy so my kids, grandkids and future generations know a little more about who I am or was, and a whole lot more about Him.  It’s about maybe touching one heart here and there.  It’s about my friends and family coming to visit (maybe), and just perhaps they will receive a little encouragement exactly when they need it.

It is ALL about my my Lord.  It’s not about me, and where I want to be.  It’s why I blog and continue even in those drought times when the words don’t come.  I come here, open my laptop, and hope the words that He would have me share will come to life and touch my heart and others.

Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake..png

May my story be HIS story!  Not unto me Lord, but unto you!

YES, YES, YES blogging really is WORTH it!

Welcome to Five-Minute Friday #FMF.  This week’s prompt provided by our host, Kate Motaung is worth.  This is a free-write – not editing, no over-thinking, just write for five minutes.

Thank you Kate Motaung.  Your prompts make it so much easier to blog.





20 thoughts on “WORTH – Is Blogging Really Worth It?”

  1. I can completely relate to what you’ve written here. I have similar feelings at times. I see what so many other bloggers are doing (guest posting all over the place, some even writing books) and I too feel like I will never “catch up.” But I love how you just come back to what really matters: doing it for God and the people we love. At the end of the day the # of followers or commenters doesn’t matter; what matters is was I using my gifts as God’s calling me to do. So yes I think it is worth it! Thanks for sharing – I’m happy to have connected with you this morning.

    Jeannie (next door to you at #36 in FMF today)


    1. Jeannie thank you for stopping by. Howdy neighbor. Yes, I have so many blogging friends (some I am meeting tomorrow) and I am so far behind, but I am blessed so much more than I deserve with family God has given to me including 3 precious grand children born this March making 5 now under that are 3 and under. We have new twin grandsons and our first granddaughter.


  2. I feel the same way as you! It is hard sometimes to see all the success of other writers and wonder my little blog is worth the time and effort. But I love writing and know that I am just supposed to write and stop striving to “catch up.” Thanks for a great post! (I am stopping by from the Five Minute Friday Link-up.)

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Dana. I have finally come to a point to relax and stop stressing and just write when I can find the time. God is in control of my words and thoughts, and not worrying about what everyone else is doing.

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  3. I agree, I often feel so far behind when I look at other bloggers and see what they are doing. It is important to keep focussed on God- to do it for an audience of one- and it is a blessing when he uses our words to encourage others.

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  4. Great words on worth. Yes, whatever we do,may it all be for His glory. Just letting our light shine, encouraging others, and praying for those in need. This is the reason I started. Really enjoy your blog.

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  5. Love your post! I am right there with you. I really want you to write the book in memory of the one you lost. I know you have great things to share with the world. I have been writing for almost 4 years because the feeling that I am supposed to be writing a book just won’t go away. Unfortunately, I haven’t finished anything I have started. I keep writing because I know the urging to do so is from God and when I am meant to figure out how to finish and edit and everything else, the ability to do so will be there, in HIS time. So please give the writing a try, someone out there needs to read what you will write. I want to read it.
    #76 FMF Linkup


    1. Thank you for the encouragement Karen. I had that feeling too until our loss. Hopefully, I can pick it up and move on. You’ve struck a cord for me again.

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  6. I believe you’ve nailed it how many of us feel about blogging! Often when I write a post, afterwards I think, “Wow, I learned something here. I didn’t know that…” Writing seem to be a tool God’s given me to learn more about Him, and then the bonus is that it may just serve someone else!

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  7. Debby, I loved your post. I struggle with the time it takes to blog. And yet, it’s been through blogging that I have met so many incredible people. An entire online community (or three) that I never would have met if I hadn’t begun blogging. And you’re right. Ultimately, it’s not all about me at all. I hope the words that end up in each week’s posts speak to hearts, challenge people to draw closer to Jesus and bring Him pleasure, and not in that order.

    Thank you for putting into words some of the thoughts I (and obviously others!) have been thinking about.


    1. Jeanne thank you for you sweet words. Me too with the online community and going to a blogger’s conference and meeting some of them. I’ve enjoyed stopping by to visit you.

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  8. Excellent post! Thank you so much for being so honest and for the truth of your words to encourage me. I just found you and look forward to reading more of your encouragement, as I too have a very small blog and wish immensely to use it for God’s glory.

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