Blessings, Five Minute Friday


WOW!  The word of the day is blessing.  I am to write five minutes and stop.  I have no clue where this will go, and think it will be hard because there is so much territory to cover.

I could sit here for five minutes and count blessings – too many when you get my age and just thinking about little things.  We were sitting here on our reclining sofa the other night in the air conditioning after working outside.  I had showered and sit down and told my husband how thankful I am to be able to recline and relax and enjoy the air conditioning.  But here I’ve moved off the subject of blessing jars and boxes, so here goes.


I love making blessing jars and boxes for people who are going through hard times – loss of a loved one especially.  I’ve given all sorts of jars in the past to a friend who lost her Dad, to a friend going through a divorce, to a teenager graduating about to go off to college, to a grieving widow at school whose young husband was shot and died, etc..

What is a blessing jar or box?  I print off little cards to go in them, or in most cases I’ve got a pattern handed down to me with personalized scripture verses and you just insert the persons name.  It makes it so personal to them.  Here is one pattern that I have used.  Download it and add someone’s name you know who is in need of being lifted up and blessed.

Here are a few picture of jars/boxes I have made:





I hope you enjoy blessing someone.

Join us today at Five-Minute Friday and see what others are writing.  Feel free to link-up.



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