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Listen, Love, Repeat – Week 3 – Chapter 6 – My Bible Study Notes


This study is over, and yes this girl is so behind on her notes, but before I put away this book I have decided I will finish up my notes.  I don’t always get my notes done as we study the chapters.

This chapter is about living a life of welcoming.  Our home has always been a place of welcome.  

Chipped cracked pots and stained carpets.  You bet I have them.  When we bought this home over twenty-five years ago, we prayed that God would use us here to bless others.  We are so blessed knowing all that He has done inside these doors.

Karen talks about “who owns our stuff”, and how we think that “owning these objects will make us happy”.  I have learned cars, homes, things don’t make me happy.  What makes me happy is my loving husband and family and spending time with them and loving others around us.

Karen reminds us how David praised God.  If you read 1 Chronicles 29:10-17 (KJV), you’ll find David in front of a congregation saying things like “Blessed be thou……..for all that is in heaven and earth is thine, Yours, Lord, is the kingdom……..both riches and hour come from thine…….for all things come of thee……….

Because He has done so much for us shouldn’t we be using it for His glory to bless others using our homes and wealth as a ministry?

Karen tells us that when she has others over that, “we don’t offer hospitality to them, in order to impress them with our house or our food or our decorating prowess.  She says she wants to “refresh them”, “give them a place where they can relax and unwind”.  Most of all she says she offers her home to God to be used as a ministry tool in building his kingdom-temple here on earth.

And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves_ for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.9 Use hospitality one to another without grudging.10 As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the.png

We’ve been opening our home lately, and it’s been a little hard because we have furniture all over and can hardly walk with removing wallpaper and painting two rooms.  I’m sitting here now and can’t recline because we are cleaning carpet tomorrow so furniture can’t go back in the rooms until late Wednesday or Thursday.  I’m sitting with grands on Thurs and Fri so not sure who is going to get all this done, but I bet I can put it in high gear.

Last week my sister and a great nephew came to visit our new grand babies, and I loved treating them to my homemade chicken salad.  It’s good stuff!

This weekend we had our adult children and their children over.  They spent time in the pool with the toddlers following up on what they had learned in swimming lessons.

In three days we are having company from out of state with their three children, and our kids will be back over for a hamburger/hot dog cookout and more swimming.  I sure hope we get everything back in place and I have time to clean, but really I don’t think any of these special people will worry about how the house looks, and if they do well that’s okay.  Karen says that “well-used items often mean that we have loved well.”  My carpet is a stained mess in one of my main living areas.  It’s been loved well by two special little toddlers drinking juice and eating snacks.  Yes, I could make them eat in the kitchen, but why?  And several months back I spilled nail polish on it.  Sure hope that stain comes out tomorrow.

Honestly, I haven’t been in the pool yet.  With all the rain in this unusual Texas summer it’s been a little cool, and on Sunday I was watching our three new grand babies that are about four months old.  More rain came this morning, and it looks like more in the morning.  Yes, I am loving it because I am not having to water yet with everything else that has been happening

I am hoping next week that I can have some neighbor ladies over for some girl time.  I’ve been trying for months, but it just hasn’t worked out.

In August we will have another swimming party to celebrate our oldest grandson, Colt’s fourth birthday.  Where has time gone?

If you are longing to open your home and your heart Karen shares some ways to:

  • Prepare your heart – For me I try to prepare mine for babies, toddler (yes, we have 5 grandkids under 3), with diapers, swings, toys, puzzles, and books.  The toddlers love coming.  Comfy places to sit and watch tv for the adults and magazines.
  • Prepare your home – I try to have a clean home and work especially hard when others are coming to visit.  I remember the first time my daughter-in-love came and how she said she felt special with little things I put in the dressing area and fresh flowers.
  • Stock the pantry – My pantry is always ready for kids, grandkids and friends.
  • Roll out the welcome mat – My door is always open.  Sometimes I may cringe if I need to clean or somedays I might still be in my pajamas.
  • Refrain from preaching – I never preach when others want to share and open up.  I need to refrain and pray for them in the coming days.
  • Perfect the art of follow-up – I have not been the best at this.  I need to start texting ,  phoning them or sending a Facebook message and follow-up and let them know I’m praying for them

Karen shares much more in this chapter including some ideas for cooking for a crowd and what to serve.

Are your carpets stained and your pots cracked from love like mine?  If not, it’s time to use them for His glory.



2 thoughts on “Listen, Love, Repeat – Week 3 – Chapter 6 – My Bible Study Notes”

  1. Such a good reminder that “stuff” isn’t what makes us happy. Maybe temporarily but not ultimately and true happiness is in knowing Jesus and loving everyone around us. Glad I stumbled upon your blog this morning 🙂

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