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Worthy – An On-Line Bible Study Based On She’s Still There – Come Join Us


You are invited to Worthy – A Bible Study Based on She’s Still There

Hey y’all I am really excited to invite you to join me in a new study called Worthy based on the book by Chrystal Evans Hurst called She’s Still There.

Are you the woman you want to be?  I am NOT!  The more I am in the Word the more I realize He is constantly working on me to be MORE.

It begins in September, and for six weeks (Sep 5 – Oct 13) you’ll find me in my pjs in the mornings  with a big ole’ cup of coffee doing my study with Proverbs 31 On-Line Bible Studies ,and some cherished friends and women from all over the world.

It’s not too late.  You can still sign up here for this on-line Bible study which is great for anyone including shut-ins, those that can not get to church or have not found a church home yet, or even ladies like me that have a church where they do Bible studies, but craving to learn more about Him.  I realize every single day that where I am today is not who I am or where I should be.

Can you relate?

From the back cover of the book:  “Where you are is not who you are”.  In She’s Still There, Chrystal Evans Hurst shares the secret to loving and honoring your life – even if your road is tough and your story is messy.  From her heartrending journey through teenage pregnancy to her humorous struggle with a Hershey bar, Chrystal explores what it means to find direction, purpose, and beauty especially – when you find yourself living a life you didn’t plan.”

Again I say can you relate?  I certainly can with the Hershey bar.

If you’ve never joined an on-line study here are some reasons to:

  1.  Do it from the comfort of your home in your cute pjs or your granny ones sipping that hot cup of coffee or tea.
  2.  Make connections with other women from all over the world.
  3.  Make precious friends.  I have met so many women across the states and even other countries personally for lunch or coffee.
  4. It can be done 24/7.  Have a hard time sleeping? Do them on your own time, any time.
  5. Because you are bored.
  6. Our studies are there to go back to anytime in our archives.
  7. You don’t have to go somewhere to do it.
  8. They are FREE.  All you need is your book.  We usually provide the first few chapters so if you start late, you still have time to order or go out and purchase a book.
  9. They will change your life.  They have mine.
  10. You don’t need childcare.
  11. Your church doesn’t offer women’s Bible studies or even if they do, like mine,  I am able to keep up with both – well most of the time.
  12. You are so busy with after school activities like football, cheerleading, sports, etc. you can’t attend a study anywhere else.
  13. You have not found a church home yet.
  14. You don’t attend a church, but feel you want to grow in your relationship with God.

Sooooo, what are you waiting for?  Come join the best community of women ever!!  I am so thankful that God led me here.




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