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31 Days of Faith, Family, Home and Joy – Day 12 – I’ll Worship Him In The Waiting



Ever been in limbo in a waiting period?  I have so, so many times.  The older I get and the closer I am to my Savior, the easier it is to trust Him in the waiting, the quiet, the wilderness – learning to depend on Him to carry me through.  And, you know what He always has, and I know He always will.

How do you worship in the waiting?  I certainly was not worshiping during many of my waiting times.  If you aren’t in one of those times now, you will be.

I can remember vividly the season in our life when I was in the waiting wanting a child so badly – watching my friends, my sisters, my cousins, my church family, and my work partners having babies, and I was losing mine.    I am thankful I didn’t become bitter.  I worked in the church nursery and loved on babies, was the pre-school director and taught four and five year olds.  Today I look back and wonder how I did it.  How did I handle the pain?  Honestly, I don’t remember but I think at some point I surrendered it all to Him, and we started keeping foster children, and stopped waiting, and it happened – I got pregnant.  He gave us a son and then a daughter.  You can read about that here.

Some years back I fell down the stairs, or actually missed the last 4 as I was carrying down winter clothes, and to save trips up the stairs stupid me carried two huge containers at once, backing down (stupid me again).  Anyway, they put a horrible looking contraption on my arm attached to my wrist.   I looked like someone from outer space.  I remember when I finally went back to work one of the girls almost passed out looking at it.  Actually, I wanted to pass out.  After weeks of wearing that and horrible therapy the wrist had not set and I had little use of it.  I remember that limbo being told I would have to go to Ft. Worth or Dallas to have it rebroken and set and probably some bone taken from my hip.

The broken wrist was a long year of waiting for it to heal and later not knowing if it could ever be sort of normal.  I remember some prayer warriors at work coming in and praying with me day after day that God would heal that wrist, and I remember going to Ft. Worth not feeling comfortable with the doctor and trying to find another on our insurance, and days later driving to Dallas to an unknown doctor and crying out in tears as I drove for God to show me what to do, and He did.  I ended up unknowingly with the Texas Rangers wrist doctor.  Today it’s almost normal, but did require a plate and some bone from the hip all of which should have been done in the first surgery.

We waited for grandchildren for years.  I wonder what God wants us to know in all this waiting for kids and now grandkids.  Our first grandson was born with a disease – a horrible disease – but we have watched God perform miracles of healing on him that just does not happen with EB.  We have watched as our children have walked through infertility and miscarriages, and also watched how he changed infertility to a testimony of birth of another grandson, and just this year our daughter gave birth to a granddaughter and our son and daughter in love adopted embryos and gave birth to twin boys.  We are blessed with five grandchildren now all four and under.

I’ve been in a waiting  when my Mom had surgery for a broken leg and got a horrible bacteria, went septic  which later caused the removal of her leg.  I remember months in the hospital waiting to see if she would ever go home, her being unconscious of anything those months as we sit and waited and sit and waited and watched her sleep.   Waiting to see if the bacteria would take her life, and eventually I truly believe it caused the pneumonia that took her.  But in that waiting each time there were friends coming and family to love on us and minister to us and His Spirit there comforting.

I remember being in limbo looking for a nursing home when Mom could no longer walk and she could no longer stay with us girls.  I remember the heartache of going in all those places and I just kept on through much prayer, and I know the place she ended up that had just opened was where God sent us even though it was a bit further for me to drive.

We’ve waited for  new homes, waited to move to the country, waited for a business to recover, and I could share many, many more limbo stories.  I know that always in the waiting He was going before us and He’s brought us through all of it.

He has never failed us.



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