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31 Days of Faith, Family, Home and Joy – Day 16 – Anxious for Nothing – An On-Line Bible Study – My OBS Story


Hey friends and family we are about to start a new study.  I wanted to  take a moment to invite you to try it just once, and share my personal OBS story.

Y’all OBS has had the greatest impact on my faith.

I was a little hesitant when I joined my first study in 2012, shortly after I retired, but the study was I Used To Be So Organized by Glynnis Whitwer, and after working for 44 years I needed help.  Yep, I was going to get my home organized. HA!  That has not exactly happened, but I did learn how to organize my life.

I didn’t grow up in church because when I was seven we started moving and traveling with Dad’s work, and well Mom stopped going and taking us.  Before Dad’s change of jobs we were in church.

I became saved and joined church when I was in high school.  I met my husband in high school also and the rest is history – around 50 years of “us” right now if you include dating time.

We married and were really active in church – I mean really active and for me that was Pre-School Director, Church Clerk, choir member, teacher of 4s and 5s, and before kids my husband and I did a nursing home ministry with him leading a devotion and me playing the piano, he was in college full-time and seminary, me part-time college,  and I was up late with him typing all the papers for school.  I was  working full-time, and you see I was busy, and as our children came and with sports  and home work I was even busier.

Honestly people I did not spend adult time in the Word.  What I got was during sermons and an occasional women’s retreat, and that is not enough to grow like I should have.  At times I’ve had regrets about that, but I know in my heart God has a perfect plan, and I was right where He needed me then in ministry, and I’m right where I’m supposed to be now with the biggest desire  and longing to learn and grow and know Him MORE each day.

That first OBS study Facebook Group – I was SCARED because I am or was a little introverted.  OBS has changed that.

These Facebook groups fill up fast.

These groups are AH-mazing.  Here is a link.  If they are full,  you’ll be placed on a waiting list.  If you are reading this and sign up and get in please come back here and let me know.

I was in Small Group 15 – back then there were not too many groups.  Today we have over 100 groups and constantly growing.

I was a little quiet at first, but soon it got easier and easier, and the more I was in my Bible each morning the more I learned, the more I grew, and the more I loved meeting new sisters.

By my second study I became a Group Leader for Group 31.  SAY WHAT!  I was asked to lead and after a whole lot of praying and talking to my family, and I became a volunteer. I personally have met many of the Group 31 ladies for lunch, a marathon, coffee, brunch, and a couple of years back the Proverbs 31 ladies had a huge retreat in North Carolina at the Billy Graham Retreat Center.  I got to meet so many of the ladies as well as touring the Proverbs 31 office.

About a year later I became a Team Leader, and now a Coach.

If you’ve never joined an on-line study here are some reasons to:

  1.  Do it from the comfort of your home in your cute pjs, or your granny ones, sipping a hot cuppa coffee or tea.
  2.  Make connections with other women from all over the world.
  3.  Make precious friends.  I have met so many women across the states and even other countries personally.
  4. It can be done 24/7.  Have a hard time sleeping? Do them on your own time, any time.
  5. Because you are bored.
  6. Our studies are there to go back to anytime in our archives.
  7. You don’t have to go somewhere to do it.
  8. They are FREE.  All you need is your book.  We usually provide the first few chapters so if you start late, you still have time to order or go out and purchase a book.
  9. They will change your life.  They have mine.
  10. You don’t need childcare.
  11. Your church doesn’t offer women’s Bible studies or even if they do, like mine,  I am able to keep up with both – well most of the time.
  12. You are so busy with after school activities like football, cheerleading, sports, etc. you can’t attend a study anywhere else.  Hey you can do these in your car while waiting on the kids in afternoon car lines.
  13. You have not found a church home yet.
  14. You don’t attend a church, but feel you want to grow in your relationship with God.
  15. You are home bound and it is not possible to get to a church.

Our next study is Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado.  You can sign up for the study here and get the daily emails, but don’t forget the Facebook community to meet other ladies in a group of about twenty and that link for small group registration is here.

Sooooo, what are you waiting for?  Come join the best community of women ever!!

REMEMBER!  Your life may be crazy, but your Bible study does not have to be.

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4 thoughts on “31 Days of Faith, Family, Home and Joy – Day 16 – Anxious for Nothing – An On-Line Bible Study – My OBS Story”

  1. I highly recommend trying out these online Bible Studies.
    I did several of these studies. I believe that is where we met. They all were awesome. I haven’t done one since FIRST5 became available. This one is tempting. But I just started a neighborhood Bible Study and it is probably more than I can handle.

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