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31 Days of Faith, Family, Home and Joy – Day 19 – I Lost My Socks


Where are the socks?  That’s a frequent question for me.  When our kids were home I thought maybe they just didn’t make it to the dirty clothes.  Now they are grown up, and well my hubby and I still have lost socks.  I wish I knew where they disappear.

I thought the old washer might be eating them up, but now we have a new washer and I still have missing socks.

Occasionally they will turn up in something that was folded up, or I find that I folded two brown or two blue socks, and they really didn’t match, but sometimes those socks just sit in that basket for a year so it’s time to toss them or what?

I’ve been thinking about what I can do with the leftover socks instead of throwing them away, and here are some ideas I have come up with.  If you have some please SHARE!

  • Use them to dust.
  • Store breakables in them like Christmas ornaments and Fall pumpkins.
  • Wash a vehicle with them.

Do you have lost socks?  Any ideas where they go, or how we can use the ones left?




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