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Because of Christmas – He Is Near

Blseptember 9, 2019 | 2_00 pm | findlay residence.pngAdvent begins this Sunday.  It is about the joy we have because Christ entered the world.  That is what Christmas is all about – Jesus’ birth and Jesus in us-not only at Christmas but every moment.  Jesus is our joy and without Him I am not sure how you hang on to joy.  I know I could not.

In His presence we can find joy no matter what we are going through.  In His presence as I am working frantically to get all the decorations out of the attic.  In His presence when I am out shopping in crowds.  In His presence as I am addressing cards and praying for each family as I do.

I am savoring the moments with Him.  Jesus is my joy.  If He is not present I find no joy.  He is near if I call on Him.

He is near as I pull those ornaments out of the boxes and place them on the tree, and think about cherished family and friends that gave them to me.  Mom shared so many ornaments with us over the years.  How can I not think of her and give Him thanks for all the years we had, and I pause and remember how much she loved Christmas and passed those traditions and that love down to me.  That nativity above is one she gave us over several Christmas’ piece by piece.

In your presence Lord.   This December will not become a production in my home, in my life – it’s all about You!  May I remember that not only this Christmas season, but every day of the year.  May I reflect on YOU this day as I decorate for this season and pause to give thanks for all You have done in my life.

Joining Kate Motaung in Five-Minute Friday today.  The word is near.



8 thoughts on “Because of Christmas – He Is Near”

  1. I too love to collect Christmas ornaments that have deep meaning to people we love or places we’ve visited, and it’s good to remember Christ near us as we unwrap the many decorations and prepare to celebrate his coming. Thank you.
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  2. I love the nativity- that’s such a lovely idea to receive it piece by piece each Christmas! so important to remember God’s presence with us in everything we do as we get ready for Christmas.

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