How to Share Christ While Decorating for Christmas

I love decorating my home to reflect Christ at Christmas.  It’s so very simple. and such a tool for teaching little ones, and hopefully big ones.

As I look at my tree, one of my favorite things is the word JOY.  I have a number of ornaments, decorations and dishes with the word Joy.  It’s one of my favorite words – well I do love hearing Mom and Nana too, and Babe when my husband says that.

PicMonkey Image-134.jpg

I love collecting ornaments that have special meanings.  The tree has crowns, faith ornaments, cross ornaments, peace ornaments, heart ornaments and so much more in memories from the kid’s childhood until present day, and then there are ornaments Mom gave us.

I love nativities and have at least one in most of my rooms except maybe the kitchen.  I shared my largest nativity in a post here.  It was from my Mom.  This one is in my bedroom – just a platter but speaks loudly.


I love, love, love these  pillows that say Fall on Your Knees.  I think those will stay out from now on.


For years it’s been a tradition of mine to buy an ornament for the kids – let’s say 38 years and 36 to be exact that say son/daughter.  Sadly, I’m giving that tradition up this year as well as some others.  I did pick up a few for the grands, but this is the last.

Remember He is the only reason we have this season.  Rejoice.  Spend some moments on your knees and thank Him.





10 thoughts on “How to Share Christ While Decorating for Christmas”

  1. This is the first year i have given my kids ornaments after 28 years. Its sad to put away traditions but just not able in many ways to do it. The kids have pretty much done all the planning. Mike andi will just show up an enjoy.

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  2. It was humbling a few years ago when I realized I had decorated the mantle and bookshelves in our main living space space with more Santas and snow folks than the Nativity. Most of those have either been weeded out or relegated to less conspicuous spots. Now, I start with representation of our Savior’s birth. Isn’t that where He longs to be in our lives? Thank you for sharing a gentle reminder and your beautiful pics.


  3. Merry Christmas! I love your emphasis on joy, on nativity scenes scattered through your rooms, the way you bring Christmas to your home.

    Blessings to you, Debbie, as we move ahead through this Christmastide season …


  4. I love all your decorations! It is great to have so many things that are pretty but also point to the real meaning of Christmas! I really like the “Fall on your knees” pillows- o Holy Night is my favourite Christmas song. Hope you had a lovely time!

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