Year in Review

Looking Back on 2017 – My Year in Review


Looking back on 2017 and how fast it went.  I remember people saying that time flies the older we get.  It does.  I retired in 2011, and it has not slowed down a bit, and it seems to get faster each day.

This time last year I was praying about a word for 2017 and chose INTENTIONAL.   I went back a few moments ago to review that post to see if I actually accomplished what I set out to do on January 1, 1017, and it looks like it did make a difference in most areas.  Still have a few areas to work on especially in exercise and health.  I’ll be sharing my 2018 word of the year soon.  Still praying about what it will be this year.

It’s been a wonderful year for us.  Three new grand babies – twin boys and a girl.  Our hearts are full and they will all be ten months old in a few days.  Christmas was so much fun. Actually, the whole year was fun.  I am praying 2018 will be.  I received a phone call today with not so good news, but praying it will turn out okay.

We don’t often take real vacations, but this year our son and daughter-in-law talked us into going to Estes Park, Colorado in August.  We celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary while there.  I love this guy more and more each year, and this Christmas was our 50th together.  We started dating in high school.

Christmas was such a joyous time this year.  The kids gave me a calendar they designed with pictures of all the family – designed with love and their precious time.  It is a perfect gift.


, and to top it all the girls made a box and ornaments using fabric from one of my Mom’s old jackets., and they wrote on the back of each one. This one made me cry.  So much love because it’s from Mom’s jacket, and the time they spent, and even my favorite word – Joy (after Wife, Mom, and Nana).  Look at this:



And my sweet hubby did several things, but I think my favorite was a heart bracelet from Brighton with words of love hidden inside, and then the card he bought and forgot that I found on top of the refrigerator yesterday as I was putting away kitchen Christmas stuff.  We laughed – I might never have found it and he forgot where he put it.


This is one Christmas I will never forget because I realize life is short, and each year as I spend decorating and sadly taking it all down today I think this could be the last and it makes it more and more special.  I’m thankful!  I’m blessed more than I will ever deserve.

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15 thoughts on “Looking Back on 2017 – My Year in Review”

  1. This is so true; furthermore, as we get older time seems to move much faster. Also, trusting God for your strength regarding the bad news that you received over the telephone. His strength is perfect in our weakness. When we are weak, we are strong in HIM. Yes 2018 new aspirations, vision, expectations, and purpose for Christ! His Kingdom Come in 2018, may many souls come to Christ this coming year!

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    1. Thank you Joanne. May your year be blessed too. Our days are numbered aren’t they, but it causes us to savor each one.


  2. Debbie, I could go on and on and on, in response to all that I have read here in your blog! We have MANY things in common! (teacher, grandmother, grown son, Texas, crafts…. the LORD) How fun to meet you here! I found you through Sunday Link-up at the The Mom Gene. I look forward to coming back. God bless you and your family. I will share that prior to becoming a public blogger (May 2017) I kept going to my computer searching for “empty nest” fellowship. Only after I joined support group (Christian Women Bloggers United) did I find it, and it is still special to me……….. I blog at GRANDMA MARY MARTHA.

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  3. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your 2017 reflections. Just like you I am contemplating what my word for the year will be. I have a desire to grow more in my relationship with the Lord and want him to take charge. So, my word will likely be Growth and Abundance.

    Shanique |

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