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365 Days to Declutter Things in 2018

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This year I was so busy getting ready for Christmas.  I know you are laughing.  What else is new?

Do any of you clean and decorate as you go.  I do – dusting and tossing.  It feels good, but it does slow down the decorating, and when it’s over I’m dusting, vacuuming and cleaning again.

I have decided that in 2018 I will be decluttering something every single day.  I’m not just talking about decluttering the house because I need to declutter a lot – including my weight, sometimes my thoughts, things on my to-do list, and so much more.

I’ve asked myself what responsibilities are most important that God would have me do in my faith, family, home, talents and finances.

I spend a whole lot of time on faith in my Bible studies and using my talents to volunteer in on-line Bible studies.

I spend a whole lot of time on family and helping with our five grandchildren.

I also spend a whole lot of time substitute teaching to minister to my community.

NOW,  I’ve asked myself the hard question of how do I organize to make my housekeeping easy with all that is on my to-do list already.   Decluttering every single day.   Sounds impossible?  Maybe, but it is worth a try.  I have done well spending time with Him in Bible study.  I need to do a bit more on my knees, and so much more in organizing.  It does not come easy for me.  I’ve been a pack rat my whole life because I might need that, and sometimes I’m ready to toss and my husband decides we need that or might need it SOMEDAY.

I have never thought of decluttering every day.  I mean who has time, but what if each day I declutter one thing – a magazine or two, a shelf in my pantry, a drawer in my kitchen, a pair of shoes or organize all the shoes.  Simple tasks like that take so little time, but I sure can procrastinate.  One thing a day to toss, give away, donate – seven things a week, thirty things a month, and I bet it is a whole lot more than 365 at the end of the year because some days that clutter in the upstairs closets needs to go to someone needy..  Maybe I’ll blog once a month to share how I am doing.

What if I spend time reading through the Word in addition to all my on-line Bible studies and those at church?   What if I spend time planning meals and snacks a little better?  What if I add exercise on my to-do list?

Here are some things I’m starting to work on and not in any specific order.  This is a rough draft as I go through my planner and set up specific tasks.  Yes, I’ve done that this morning and yes, it’s January 5th and I haven’t started any of them, but they start on Monday.  Don’t laugh.  I’m home, school is still out, and those tasks are going to be crossed off, and I’m getting on the treadmill when I hit post.


  1. My kitchen note and pen drawer.  It’s a mess and some of those pads need to go in the trash along with some pens.
  2. That top shelf in the mudroom closet.
  3. Those remaining three shelves in the mudroom closet.
  4. The wire shelf and floor in the mudroom closet.
  5. All of the master bathroom drawers which would count as five – throwing away old makeup, old hose, etc..
  6. Underneath the master bath sinks and the other doored shelves.
  7. The medicine cabinet or actually two of them – throw away expired meds. (Done)
  8. The linen closet – 4 shelves of them.  Purge and donate.
  9.  The towel shelves in the small downstairs bathroom for guests.  Donate those that haven’t been used.
  10. Master closet bookcase.
  11. Master closet shelves.  Clean out purses.
  12. Master closet chest
  13. Master closet – my clothes.  Organize by color, donate those I haven’t worn in a year or are now to large.
  14. Master closet – my shoes – throw away scratched shoes, donate good ones I don’t wear, and stagger those I do with unseasonable stored in shoes boxes.
  15. File Cabinet – Shred old statements
  16. Desk Drawer in Office
  17. Laundry Room Shelves
  18. Laundry Room Bookcase
  19. Bedroom A – Desk
  20. Bedroom B – Desk
  21. Bedroom A – Chest
  22. Bedroom B – Chest
  23. Kitchen Cabinets – Upper by stove
  24. Kitchen Cabinets – Upper Left of Sink
  25. Kitchen Cabinets – Lower Left of Sink
  26. Kitchen Cabinets – Lower Right of Sink
  27. Kitchen Cabinets – Upper Right of Sink
  28. Kitchen Cabinets – Lower next to pantry
  29. Kitchen pantry Upper Shelves
  30. Kitchen pantry – Lower Shelves
  31. Television Entertainment Center – Den
  32. Television Entertainment Center – Master
  33. Downstairs Coat Closet
  34. Bedroom A – Closet
  35. Bedroom B – Closet
  36. Bedroom B – Closet Chest
  37. Bedroom A – Closet Chest
  38. Bedroom A nightstands
  39. Bedroom B nightstands
  40. Master nightstands
  41. Go thru the hundreds of mailing labels that come from donating to organizations, and shred those as well as new ones coming in I don’t need.
  42. Continue to delete old emails.  This has been an ongoing project unsubscribing and deleting.  I am doing great because I set up some milestones of where I wanted to be at the end of each month, and it’s working.

And I’ve decluttered already this holiday.  I sent two boxes of stuff with my daughter for a garage sale, and a couple of baby jumpers.  Sacked up two gallon bags of old reading glasses, a box of coffee cups, some old Christmas decorations, and donated four bags of clothes.  PROGRESS.

So today I start, and starting small getting my planner ready, and the toddlers and I are going to the movie to see Ferdinand.  Our first movie together with both Colt and Cal.  Can’t wait.  I’ve got loads of laundry to do because we’ve been out-of-town so that’s on the agenda this morning and when I get back from the movie.

Do you have any decluttering ideas you can share?


15 thoughts on “365 Days to Declutter Things in 2018”

  1. I can relate! Something about the New Year goads me to want to declutter! Thanks for sharing your journey. It made me smile this morning. This process feels somewhat like spiritual transformation: slow and almost invisible at first, as drawers of pens and basement boxes are put into order, but sometimes the unseen first steps are the greatest miracles of all!

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  2. I had this goal for my summer last year. One box a day (I may be moving boxes with me in our many moves and some haven’t been opened. I didn’t get it done. But I HAVE stuck with the one thing a day, like you’re talking about. Just walking by things: magazines on the end table, books no one has touched in forever. I’m cleaning and changing. VERY slowly, but very surely. You have great goals – my prayers for success ascend as I post! 🙂

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  3. This is a fantastic project to set for yourself for 2018. I’ve found that doing a little every day is a great way to accomplish a lot by the end of the year. I’m still working on decluttering my digital photos and it’s taking me a LONG time, but I am making progress!

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    1. Lisa I have not even started that. I don’t know where to start. I have old 8MM videos I say I’m taking to get converted each year and haven’t. Maybe I can get those done this year. Great reminder.


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