Kate Matoung Five-Minute Friday, Motivation

#FMF – Staying Motivated


This is my first post of the New Year on Five-Minute Friday – a group of flash writers who get together most Fridays and write for five minutes on a word.  This week’s prompt is motivate.


This first month of the year seems to be all about motivation – motivation to begin new Bible studies,  join a gym, lose weight, save, get organized, date-nights with our husbands, pray with our children, read through the Bible, and the list is endless.

How do I stay motivated?  I admit I can not do it alone.  To stay motivated I have to stay grounded in Him, and to stay motivated it may require us saying no to other things.

Like many of you I have a list, but the last few years I’ve had a word too – one word  that I can reflect back on throughout the year and a planner.  I always had a planner when I worked, but I dropped it when I retired.  It has done a good job keeping me on track.  My one word is love, and you can read about that here.

Many days I start my prayer time in bed.  After breakfast I may spend more time in prayer, then my Bible study, and if I’m not working or the grands coming I get on the treadmill or get out and walk on warm days.

Here is a list of what my motivation is this year so that I prayerfully can stay on top of it all (for the days I’m not substitute teaching or watching the grands – those days it’s mostly getting #s 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 accomplished).  I don’t want to be saying “sigh” come February or March.

  1. Prayer first before I’m out of bed.
  2. Make up the bed
  3. Breakfast
  4. Online Bible Study with Proverbs 31 OBS
  5. First 5 App
  6. Blogging – comments, write a few words with at least one post a week
  7. Treadmill and shower
  8. Something on my 365 list you can find here
  9. Read thru the Bible assignment for the day
  10. Cleaning, Running around chores

Come join us here.

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24 thoughts on “#FMF – Staying Motivated”

  1. It is easy to start with strong motivation and then to drift but I like your goals. I think getting into good habits is really effective- then hopefully they’ll become more automatic!

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  2. Wow, Debbie — great list. I love how intentional you are about it. Very inspiring to read. Thanks for sharing. May God grace your new year with plenty of His love and much continued motivation. 🙂

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  3. Great list. We have lots of items in common on our list. I am also working on becoming more prayerful and being intentional about it. I love your blog, found it through Holly Gerth’s link party.
    Thank you for sharing. I love your blog.

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