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7 Jun

Be A Gift-4

My birthday is Wednesday, June 8th and I hope you will join me in being a gift to others.  Oh my goodness I have been shopping and planning all day long trying to dream up 66 ways to bless others because I am going to be 66.  My pedometer has 15,000 steps.   I am having a ball dreaming up things to do so I can bless others this year.

Will you join me?  Will you be a gift?  Will you blitz your town with some random acts of kindness?

Give one gift. It can be something as simple as a hug, a smile, or word of encouragement, or a wave to a stranger or something big. Find a stranger and be a friend. Go to a neighbors and share something with them. Allow God to place someone on your heart – your mailman, someone where you shop, a nurse, a neighbor, your child, your spouse, a soldier, a fire man.

Give one gift or even more, and come back here and share. Your stories will be a gift to me on my birthday. If you are on Facebook I have an event page set up if you want to visit there and share with your friends and family.  Let’s change our World.   You can find my Facebook page  here.

My inspiration came from Ann Voskamp when she did this on her birthday and one of my friends Shelly Faust who did this some years back also. I have wanted to do it each year, but have not had the time. Here are the links to Ann’s blog posts. Enjoy reading about her experience, and get some ideas.  There are a whole list of simple things to do, and if you want to get real simple open a door for someone, let them in front of you, take some doughnuts to your office – simple acts of kindness that may bless someone’s heart who so needs it today.…/how-to-have-the-best-birt…/

Some of the things Ann shared that blessed my heart:

Be the G.I.F.T. and Give.It.Forward.Today — and you get the gift of forgetting yourself. Say the day was as ridiculous as, oh, your birthday — and you will forget yourself and forget what day it is and you’ll end up throwing your head back and laughing because when you lose yourself is when find yourself and you can’t believe if it’s ever happened so clearly as this G.I.F.T. Blitz.

G.I.F.T. Blitz your town. And you defeat your own dark. You defeat a bit more of the dark of the whole world.

Be the G.I.F.T. and Give.It.Forward.Today — and you get the gift of forgetting yourself.

“Unless our lives are generous — our faith is starving to death.”

“There’s a turn of the calendar page and what are our lives really about and adding up to and where are the leaves and the fruit and the signs of His life unfurling and ripening in us?”

“Jesus says that to get in on the best life — give the best of your life away”

Love you all!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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