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23 Oct

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I love weekends – always have and think I always will even in retirement now.  This weekend was no exception. We went with our son, his wife and our grandson and his in-laws to Galveston to fish for big reds, and it was an amazing time.  As our son says this will probably not happen this way and marvelous again.

That’s a catch of one of mine on the second day.  It was 22 pounds.  I caught a 26 pound the day before and well you won’t believe it, but I had forgotten to put my card in my camera that morning when I was posting pictures from the day before.

Here is a small one I caught on the first day.  These boys wore us out.  My hubby reminded me I have been wanting to strengthen my arms.


And here is the last bad, bad boy.  I moved away while my son unhooked this one.

PicMonkey Image-29.jpg

This is our second year to catch big reds in Galveston.  Our son knows just where to guide the boat to find them. We didn’t even have to move all day.  Thanks to him and Whitney and Colt for treating us to this awesome trip and sharing with us.  Memories we will savor for a lifetime.

And yes we threw most of them back in.  We could only keep them if they were between so many inches so the smaller ones we measured each time.  The big ones got to go back in.

So what did you do this weekend?

This post is part of the #write31 day challenge.

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#write31days – Day 8 – Sometimes Life Seems Like A Muddled Mess

10 Oct


picmonkey-image-21Sometimes life does seem like a muddled mess even when we know it’s not because God always has a perfect plan, and eventually we will see that what we thought was a muddled mess was actually the time we should been grounded in our trust in Him.  Have I always?  I have been a failure in many of those seasons, but the longer I know Him the more I see how He has turned these messes into beautiful things.  He can turn our trials into triumphs, messes into beauty, victors into victorious.

What are some of my muddled messes/trials:


      Watching my Mom suffer depression when Dad died.  Watching her suffer from a bacteria she caught during a broken leg repair and then she lost her leg and spent months in the hospital.

     Seeing a grandson born with a horrible disease not knowing if he would live.

     Watching children suffer through infertility and miscarriage


Lessons I’ve learned in the muddle:

    God is always in control.

    It’s may not be okay, but I am going to be okay as long as I lean into Him.

    He is the only one that will never hurt or harm me.

    He makes my messes a testimony, a story, His story.  My history is His-story.

    He gives me strength to power through those muddled messes.

Are you in a mess today?  How are you turning it over to God?

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Blessed – Some Days I Forget!

29 Jul


The last few days have been hard.  Sometimes life is just hard even though our lives are going well, we seem to dwell on the little things and sometimes a couple of big things rather than dwell on all the good.


Today I was reminded by someone very SPECIAL to me that even with all that is going on in my life, that I have my health, a wonderful marriage, \ two beautiful kids, two AMAZING kids-in-law , a grandbaby on the way who is healthy and will only be 3 miles away (something I’ve prayed for for so long!), a beautiful home, a fun dog, and cute granddogs, an awesome Bible study ministry through which God is using me to touch many lives (even though it can feel stressful at time), beautiful memories to cherish forever of my parents and those in my family who’ve passed on, a great church, the hope of Heaven, salvation, knowing that God will never leave me nor forsake me, knowing that everything that comes into my life first passes through the hand of God (nothing is out of his control, so if He brings me to it, He can/will bring me through it!), tasty food, retirement, an opportunity to serve and love on the families in my community (subbing), Hallmark movies … the list goes on and on! Many reasons to smile and feel blessed today!


27 Jun


Mary and Martha were two sisters in the Bible and Jesus was on the way to their home. Do you resonate with either one of them? Honestly sometimes for me I am Mary and sometimes a Martha.

Martha was busy.  I can be or I can be too, but I also know how to relax and there are times I am lazy.  Martha was a worrier and oh I am too when company is coming.   Is this you too wanting everything to be special for them?  Oh you should see me getting ready for company.  I am frantic – I clean baseboards, flower beds, cabinets, floors, closets, plan a menu and cook up until the moment they walk in, and then I am finishing up the food and on and on never sitting down until after the dishes are done.  I know me and how I act when family or friends come.  What would I do if I knew Jesus was coming to my house?  Now that scares me, but I realize He is here every day seeing my messes and my hurrying and those times I am lazy and should be cleaning and organizing.

I would say in years past I have been more of a Martha.  I worked,  raised a family,  went to college, all kinds of jobs at church.  I liked “to do” lists.  Oh yes I did and I felt so satisfied and delighted to mark a task off my list.  Today even though I still have “to do” lists if that list is not finished, I have learned there is no need to worry about it – it is just a list, just a plan.  I have learned it is o.k. if something important like being with  people  I love comes up.   I honestly strive to keep a good balance between getting things done and loving people.  My to-do list should not get in the way of relationships.  If it does, something is wrong!

Are you busy with too many things (raising children, working outside the home,   church,  sports, caring for elderly parents), and are those things keeping you so busy that you do not even have time to spend in God’s word?  I was that woman, I was Martha just like many other Christians,  who believe that their busyness is important.  I was so exhausted all the time I did not have time to do much more than read a few scriptures or a daily devotion – but really I was not studying them or  breaking them down to see how they could speak to me if I studied.  Mary sit at Jesus’ feet and focused on him.  How my life has changed when I started really focusing on a scripture or two.

I believe there is a lesson to be learned from these women and that is balance – a little Mary and a little Martha.   I need to know when to work and when to sit at Jesus’ feet and Jesus has finally taught me that.

It makes me laugh sometimes when I look at my list and nothing is crossed off, and I know  it is okay.   I trust that it is God working to make me what He would have me be and I just have to stop and say “THANK YOU JESUS” for allowing me to be a blessing today.  My to-do list that day may not have included a telephone call or text to run to help a loved one, to take a meal to someone coming home from the hospital, to bake something for a new neighbor, to go with my husband to take a freezer of ice cream to neighbors (one of which is in bed with alzheimers), to rush to the hospital to be with hurting friends or family, to meet friends for lunch, to go to a funeral home to love on friends who are hurting deeply, to jump in the car on Sunday afternoon and take my mother-in-law for a ice cream treat. That unplanned thing not on my to-do list is what is important in my  life and to my Lord.

 I know  how hard it is to change “old habits”.  I started small and so can you.  I started in an on-line Bible study (OBS) because of flexibility at MelissaTaylor.Org where I can go on-line 24/7 with women all over the world.
Another small step was sitting aside a specific time.  Make your time with him before your feet hit the floor – spend some time in prayer or reading your Bible, or do it when your feet hit the bed in the evening.  Make time with Jesus a priority.   Mine starts as soon as my husband walks out the door to go to work.  I spend my first few hours each morning in study before I do any “Martha” house cleaning.  I am “Mary” first, “Martha” second, and somedays I would love to be Mary all day in my pajamas.
I hope you too will make some kind of commitment to being more like Mary.  If so I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions right here.  Please SHARE!

My One Word – 2013

13 Jun

.PicMonkey Collagemoreofhim

He must increase, but I must decrease.  John 3:30 (KJV)

Do you have “one word” for 2013?  Mine is LESS – less of me, MORE of Him!  Does that verse speak to you like it does me?

It is sort of like a New Year’s resolution, and my first time to do it, but it is so much more.  For me,  it is working well in all areas of my life this year.  With resolutions in years past they lasted maybe a month.  I am finding it is working in all areas of my life – my spiritual life, leadership, organization, cleanliness, exercise and health and so on.  Guess what – I already have a new word picked for 2014.

Last year I was led to Melissa.Taylor.Org.  One of the topics for several weeks has been blessings and I have been writing about my blessings but deviating a bit because the other topics have been awesome these past few weeks.  Today I wanted to look back and write about at least this blessing.

I am blessed that through this study I heard about the “one word” concept and there is even a book, and no I have not had the time to read it.  It is on my to-do list.  I have looked at it when I am in the book store.

So how have I been blessed by my one word this year:

1.  As a leader in a Facebook Bible study group, I have learned to stop and pray for guidance before posting to my group.  I can not live nor serve the way I should without His perfect leadership and guidance.  More of Him each morning, less of me.  It is not about me,  it is about doing for others which is in turn for Him!  I pray that the light of the Lord would shine through me and people would see Him and not me.  I do not want to get wrapped up  in doing great things for Jesus, and feel any pride welling up inside me but rather humbly serve and honor Him.

2.  As a leader in our group of many leaders sometimes it can be hard not to compare myself to other leaders – some have been a leader longer than me, some are authors, some are more creative, some can vocalize so well,  and yes the list goes on.    But you know what God did not call me into this leadership to be like anyone else on the team.  He did not call me to be better.  He called me to be the “me” that He created “me” to be, and let Him work through me.  He only wants a willing servant, and He will do the rest.

2.  For my health I have tried many times to lose weight only to gain it again.  I have found this year I am making healthier choices in snacks and meals.  I have even started making shakes with kale leaves and I love them.  More of Him when I am planning meals, less of me.  I am learning to crave Him and not food, and learning I need to be fit for Him – not me.  I know now it does not matter what others think about my weight, it does not matter what I think – what matters is I am a child of the King and I need to be making wise healthy choices with my food and exercisedaily as a reflection of Him in me.

3.  As a wife and mother I want to be all I can be.  When it talks about the Proverbs 31 Lady in the Bible – yes that is who I want to be.  I am not there yet, but I am working on it and God will not let me rest until I become the Godly wife and mother He desires me to be.

So how about you – do you have one word this year?  If so, please share.  If not, I pray you do next year.

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