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WORTH – Is Blogging Really Worth It?

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Is blogging really worth all the time I put into it, or don’t put into it?  That’s a question I have pondered many times.

I sit here and think why am I really here.  I started during some on-line Bible studies with Proverbs 31.Org because they had a weekly blog hop, and I loved writing about what I was learning.  At some point they did away with the weekly blog hop, and I continued to blog about life and studies and recipes and joined other hops like this one.

I have dreams of one day writing a children’s book.  I even have a few words written, but the subject I was writing about died, and so did those dreams.  I know that a book may never happen now with the busyness of life, and it has been hard to even think about writing because of the loss.

I don’t know how bloggers do it all.  Honestly I see so many in business, having books published and sometimes I feel so far behind.  I have occasionally wished I was as far along, because a woman in her mid sixties is thinking how much more time will I be able to continue.  But it is in these times I hear the Lord whisper to me and I know I am exactly where He planned for me to be, and this is all in His timing, not mine.

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TODAY I know why I continue to blog.  It’s not about me.  It’s not about fame.  It’s not about publishing a book.  It’s not about followers.  It’s all about Him.  It’s about me becoming to know and love Him more.  It’s an audience of one even if no one else ever clicks on my posts.  It’s about leaving a legacy so my kids, grandkids and future generations know a little more about who I am or was, and a whole lot more about Him.  It’s about maybe touching one heart here and there.  It’s about my friends and family coming to visit (maybe), and just perhaps they will receive a little encouragement exactly when they need it.

It is ALL about my my Lord.  It’s not about me, and where I want to be.  It’s why I blog and continue even in those drought times when the words don’t come.  I come here, open my laptop, and hope the words that He would have me share will come to life and touch my heart and others.

Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake..png

May my story be HIS story!  Not unto me Lord, but unto you!

YES, YES, YES blogging really is WORTH it!

Welcome to Five-Minute Friday #FMF.  This week’s prompt provided by our host, Kate Motaung is worth.  This is a free-write – not editing, no over-thinking, just write for five minutes.

Thank you Kate Motaung.  Your prompts make it so much easier to blog.




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Blog Isaiah 431-3

It’s Five-Minute Friday and I’m joining Kate Motaung and the FMF party to write for five minutes.  Come join us!

But NOW – not tomorrow, not next week, not next year – NOW! I have summoned you.  The NKJV says, “I have called you by your name”.  Oh my goodness!  I have been summoned by name by our awesome Creator.  He knows me intimately and I am important to Him.  Our awesome God, our Lord summons each one of us.  Does that make you feel special?  It does me.  I watch our asst. principal at school.  He knows every child by name and it is amazing to watch him in the hallways and at lunch calling out to each and every one of them personally by name – not “hey you”, not whatchamacallit but by name. That is how our God knows us – by name!

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you and the rivers will not sweep over you.  Not if you pass through waters, but WHEN!  Remember how he parted the waters when the Israelites crossed the  Red Sea.  He went before them and behind them as well as parting the Sea.  We have the promise of Him before us, behind us and with us during all those troubled waters we go through in our lives.

When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.  It says WHEN we walk, not if we walk through fires, but when!  Do you remember the story in Daniel of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego who were thrown in the fiery furnace?   They were not afraid. God extinguished that fire and He will extinguish our fires.

So to sum it all up.

  • God created me and He called Me by name.
  • He redeemed ME and I am His.
  • He knows everything about me.
  • He knows what I am going through so I shall not be afraid of the fire or the water, the loss of a job, the chemo, or prejudice because He is with ME., formed ME, redeemed ME and calls ME by name.
  • I am HIS and he knows exactly who I am. He knows my voice, he knows my trials, my insecurities, my fears.

He tells us 365 times in the Bible “do not fear”. Say what!  365 times for 365 days – “DO NOT FEAR”.

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Plans change

I’m a planner.  I make lists. I don’t like to veer off my lists, but oftentimes I have to, or God takes me or shows me a different direction.  My plans may change, but my God never does.

In 2014 my “one word” was simplify, and I chose it knowing who is in control of all the intimate details of my life, knowing He establishes my steps.  I wanted some simplicity so that when those trials and storms come I would be prepared, and my house would not suffer or my heart because of neglect to them both in a way that is unpleasing to the Father. Did I get there?  NO!

Many times our plans, our dreams, our hopes, and our future are crushed sometimes by death, sometimes by a cheating spouse, sometimes financially, sometimes a horrible illness/disease, sometimes terrible storms, but God has a plan and He will bring back that hope, that prosperity and that future.

I have a precious friend, Genoa who has been through so much – cancer, a divorce she did not choose, having to relocate, but she knows God has a plan, and she is constantly a bulwark of faith.  She shares a lot of pictures that bless my heart of barns since she had to move from Texas to West Virginia.  Here is one she took, and in honor of her  I had to add a verse that reminds me of her and share it.  She blesses others all the time even through her trials, she has never forgotten her one true love.


♥We plan our course, but He establishes our steps, and we must be obedient in whatever steps He chooses for our lives, and allow Him to guide us.♥

In 2014 we were in the midst of remodeling a pool which is still being tweaked, I was subbing a lot when a teacher left unexpectedly and that lasted for 5 long months, and so many other things that were IMPORTANT to me and honored God. This year I chose the word “focus” to remind myself to focus on what really matters and that is God, family, friends, people.

We’ve all heard that term “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  I have not found that verse in my Bible (it’s not there), but I do know that He wants me to have a pure heart and love others even more.

I am focusing more on people and at the same time doing small things to make my home more organized.  I’ve been working through 40 Days of LENT and acts of kindness.  You can read about my initiative here, and what I’ve done so far here.   I’m still trying to get organized, still trying to do some decorating in the house and it’s all on the “to-do” list (get more wallpaper down, more painting done, more popcorn off the ceilings, new den furniture and on and on),   proverbs 169

I look back at how God has blessed us through so many “storms” and literally big storms in our life and seasonal storms that wreaked havoc on our house and trees, but I look at all He has allowed us to accomplish in the midst of it all and how we can look back today and thank Him for all He has done.

♥He puts us in situations to change us!♥

That picture is me sitting for hours on a warm August day in Texas to meet some precious friends in Austin.  Well, I never made it.  I left early that morning excited to meet them for the first time, but a horrible accident had happened during the night and we were stranded for many hours.  They ate and left before I was half-way there.  But God is good, in September I met them both at a retreat in North Carolina and even shared a room with one of them, and who knows what would have been ahead had that accident not happened.

He puts us in situations to change us.  The plans He has for us are seldom what we planned.  I look back and see how perfect his record for me has been.

matthew 2239

Today my “to do” list includes at least one phone call to someone I haven’t talked to in a long time and a letter – yes a real hand-written letter to a dear friend I used to work with when my kids were small.  Last night I talked to a cousin I have not seen in probably thirty years.  I’m writing that hand-written letter on some pretty stationary to my friend in Oklahoma, got the recycling in the car to take to church tomorrow and a handful of notes to mail on the way, and baking a gluten-free banana bread for my hubby and a big caesar salad for him when he gets home from fishing.

What are you doing today to bless someone?  How has God changed the course of your life today, and are you using it like Genoa for His glory?

Joining Kate Motaung at Five Minute Friday.  The one word prompt this week is PLAN!

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