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Listen, Love, Repeat – Week 1 – Chapters 1 and 2 – My Bible Study Notes

21 Apr


CHAPTER 1 – LIVING ALERT – How To Hear A Heart Drop

What is a heart drop?  Have you ever heard that phrase?  I had not until Karen Ehman introduced it to us in her book, Listen, Love, Repeat.  She is introducing this girl to a whole lot of stuff in ways I have failed to see in the past.  A small group leader shared that phrase with Karen and her husband.

A heart drop is “when a person either directly, or in a cryptic way, gives you a peek into his or hers heart.  It may be through actual words, or you may pick up on a feeling, perhaps sadness or loneliness.”

Karen began Chapter 1 telling us about how she had listened to a heart drop of a friend.   Karen picked up during a conversation about a time in her friend’s life when she had felt significant and safe.  Her friend had a reading disability.  When she was at her grandmother’s house there was a book she could read well cover to cover.  Karen listened and was excited for her friend’s birthday.  She went on to E-Bay and bid on that antique book and got it for her friend.  That’s a heart drop.  It is an art Karen tells us in listening and loving others.

Karen never had a slumber party.  Her mother was single, working and she never had a friend spend the night.  Her hubby told her to get ready to go out and her hubby had invited her 3 best friends. They kidnapped her and her husband had pulled off a party for 30 friends.  He had heard that heart drop.

Have you noticed how obsessed our culture is with me, me, me?  Karen Ehman reminded us this week that we have forgotten the joy that comes when we put others before ourselves.  Do you find yourself doing that whether it be on-line, in your to-do list, in your phone conversations, at work, at home with your loved ones, with your neighbors (do you even know them) and even at church and other areas of your life?  Shouldn’t it be more about Him, less of me?  Shouldn’t it be more of Jesus, then others, then me?  

Think about this one.  Karen says we are seduced by “selfie-centered living”.  It’s all about pictures we post on-line, what we are doing, what we are wearing, what we are eating, where we are going, and on and on and on.   She says “at every turn we seem to care about only one thing:  “What’s in it for me.”

We were reminded how many “old-fashioned virtues” have disappeared.  I was reminded what a sweet man I am married to who always opens the door not only for me but others too.  I don’t take for granted how he opens the car door for me, and how he opens doors wherever we go.  It used to bother me seeing him stand and let a dozen people in behind me while I stand waiting.  Now he opens, I go in and if there are two doors I let those folks go ahead.  Do you “give a helping hand”?  Do you “look out for others?”  Do you say thank you?  We do.

What would Jesus do (WWJD)?  “Jesus was never too busy to notice.  He lived alert.  He could be among a crowd of thousands and yet focus in on one weary soul who needed a look, a word, or a touch from him.”  “Jesus wasn’t about doing big things.  He was about doing the right thing.  And often for him, the right thing was noticing one simple soul.”  Have you, my friend, stopped to notice one simple soul today?  Do you live alert?

Karen shared with us her “magnetic kitchen island” and how when they were looking for a house that was her desire.  Her island is a magnet for others and pulls so many duties during celebrations and holidays.  She reminded us to open our lives so that we can sacrificially celebrate holidays, holy days, and the everyday because it gives us opportunities to serve.

Jesus noticed.  He took time to heal a common woman who had been bleeding.  Just a simple touch from her and immediately it stopped.  Jesus took the time to meet her need even in a big crowd.

As Karen talked about “ordinary holiness”, I not only reflected on my savior, but my husband.  Karen talked about a friend “who loved his friends, his community, his family, and his God.  A man who knew how to hear a heart drop.  And not just hear it, but respond.”  Also, “but he gave quietly” , and “quietly serving the person standing in front of him.  With an audience of only One.”   That’s my man.

We are here to have a relationship with our Father who created us, and we should take every opportunity to point others to Him.  Everything we do should point others to Him, not me, me, me.

Five ways that Karen reminds us to live alert:

  1.  Pray each day
  2. Take notes: mental ones and sticky ones.  Keep a small notebook in your purse, notes app on your phone, sticky notes, etc..  When you hear someone talk about an interest, write it down – birthday, favorite childhood toy, sports team they root for, a deceased’s birthday.  Plan to do something for them when the days rolls around.
  3. Pay attention to special dates.  Surgery, sports tryouts, offer on a new house.  Pray for those situations.
  4. Start stalking.  Check out their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. Look for patterns – likes and obsessions and find ways to encourage and surprise them.
  5. Be a smart shopper.  Stock an arsenal of affection, stock-piling items that will be useful as you share love with others.


Karen started this chapter with a new term for me – summum bonum.  It’s meaning is the highest good.  She was writing a paper in college and decided that she would write about relationships.  She decided that nothing was more important in life than people.  How about you?  Is it really people or are things more important to you than people?  One thing I’ve learned myself the older I get is it truly is people.  Things will rot, things will be blown away by tornadoes, things will burn, things end – memories with people do not.

Her mentor, Pat led her to the Lord  and shared the two  reasons why we are on earth – have a relationship with our creator who offers us a place in heaven and to tell other people about Him so they can go to Heaven.  Relationships with our family members, friends, co-workers even those we meet only a few moments and even relationships our enemies.

Jesus performed miracles – He healed the bleeding woman, He healed a demon possessed man.  Immediately the bleeding stopped.  He healed, He was alert, and as Karen said, “he didn’t Instagram it.”  Even when peopled crowded around He noticed, and we are reminded that when people and projects bid our attention that we Jesus is calling us to stop and notice and give a special touch to that one person who might need some cheering up.

Often it seems like Jesus was going to be these big grand things, but for Jesus  ministry usually  was the person standing right in front of Him.Not the big thing he was going to do but the person standing right in front of them

Who is in front of you longing for you to notice them.  We have to start making relationships our big why.  We value possessions over people or maybe it’s a position or popularity among our circle of friends.  About a year ago she spent 3 weeks in a hospice with her SIL after a battle with breast cancer and bone cancer.  She never talked about the things they accumulated, the big house, the cars.  Her sister-in-law asked her to tell her about the time we were kids and the boat turned over, her son in a Christian rock band.  It was about people, not things.

Safety and Health at Work-4.png

Matthew 5:14-16 you are the light of the world.

“If you want to find your big why you have to lose it.  In order to bring joy to yourself first you need to be concerned with bringing joy to others.  The reason God brought us to earth in the first place was to have a relationship with him so we will enjoy him forever in heaven and take other people with us.  We want to be a mirror that lets his light shine so that he gets all the glory.”

Karen shared with us when she got away to write in the quiet at a friend’s home without distractions, and how a neighbor working in the yard kept coming over and interrupting.   She reminded us that “often interruptions,  especially of the people sort,  are God’s agenda for our day.  Sometimes we get caught up in what we think is big ministry like writing a Bible study but most often for Jesus true ministry was the person standing right in front of him.”

Is someone standing in front of you today?  Would you even notice if they were?

Our Bible verse this week reminded us why we should let our lights shine.  I’ve done it using the KJV.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven..png

Heart Drop photo designed using Pixelscrapper and Canva.

Max Lucado quote photo used free Canva photo.

Matthew 5:16 – Personal photo taken at Billy Graham Rooms



29 Mar

Haute Chocolate Photo.png

I  thought January zoomed by fast, but February zoomed faster and well today is March 29. The first day of Spring has past.  We’ve had our first hail storm.  Many in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area had golf ball and baseball hail, including our niece so it has been a rough start to Spring,  last night  some horrible wind damage to some homes north of Dallas.  I love Spring, but this is the one thing that makes Spring in Texas rough.

Here I am today just now talking about March goals, reviewing February and yes behind.  Hoping I get April planned out just a little bit earlier.  I have not even taken the time to evaluate how March was going so today may be a shocker.

Since my last post I’ve become a Nana three more times.  I have three week old twin grandsons and a new granddaughter who is two weeks old, and this week I am sitting in a hotel with the pleasure of watching her while he mommy had to go to work to help with an evaluation at the college where she works with a team that was coming in to review them.  Now that’s my kind of life!  Cuddling and not worrying about housework or cooking or even substitute teaching.  A nice break from it all and who cares about goals?  Hmmmmm well I do, but not more than babies and family.


In the day when I cried thou answeredst me, and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul..png


Continue my Bibles Studies from January – Finding I AM and 1 Peter – A Living Hope.  Done.

Continue First Five App.  Done.


Begin Listen, Love, Repeat Bible Study by Karen Ehman.  It’s not to late to join us.  The study starts on Monday, April 3.  Sign-ups are here  You can do the study right there on the blog 24/7, but we also have small groups.  They fill up fast so if you are interested click here and see if that is still an option.

First 5 App Daily Devotionals  – Stay caught up on my First 5 daily devotionals.  I highly recommend the Proverbs 31 First 5 App for a daily devotional.  They have a book for each Bible  study, but it is not required – takes the devotional into a little more depth and so inspiring.  I do both, but if you aren’t in to really digging in then I would suggest you download the app for your first five minutes of the day to spend some alone time with Him.  You can check it out here and see a sample of today’s devotional.


Is that not a house-full of love?  These are truly grandchildren that the Lord has given to us, His servants.  Miscarriages, infertility and years of waiting BUT see what the Lord can do as we stay faithful and pray.  Four boys and one girl all three and under.  JOY unspeakable!!

 And he lifted up his eyes, and saw the women and the children; and said, Who are those with thee? And he said, The children which God hath graciously given thy servant.-2.png


Special Day with grandson, Colt.  Not sure what it will be, and will depend on the weather.  Done – we went to a new wooden park as he calls it.  Stopped at McDonald’s first and picked up lunch.

Lunch with my daughter.  Done.  We had a great lunch together as always with my two-year old grandson climbing under the table.  So much fun having burgers, and doing a little shopping.


I am going to say March is DONE because there has been a whole lot of family time with three new grand babies.   I have been running my daughter places until she could drive.  Kept the toddler while my son took my DIL for her post delivery check, and then went with my DIL to have the twins PKU test, and their post birth check with their pediatrician and then we had lunch together.  Ran my daughter to Sprouts last week and then drove the new baby and toddler around while she shopped for shoes and then we had another lunch together with the toddler dancing in the booth.  On Saturday a week ago we kept the twins while the kids took the 3 year old to Disney on Ice, and then the other kids came over and well I forgot to snap a picture of all five grand babies here for the first time, but I do have a great one the kids took.  March is not over and this last week I am here at the hotel being treated by the kids for staying here keeping our only grand daughter.  FUN, FUN, month and it isn’t over.


Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak_ for your work shall be rewarded.-2.png


Walking – Treadmill and in our neighborhood at least 1 hour a week.  Still some catching up but doing well.  Been on two walks with one of my grandsons, two by myself and tonight on the treadmill.   Small steps are good.    I made several new recipes.  One of them was called Philly Cheese Steak Casserole.  YUM!   I’ve had a protein shake almost every morning during the month of January and now into February.  DONE


My March goals have not been so good mainly because I fell and could not exercise.  For two weeks there was so much pain in my leg, my shoulder, my breast area, neck and head.  Yep it was a very hard fall but nothing broken and today I am a lot better.  I put the baby in a stroller yesterday and we went walking to a shopping area.  May try that again today or take her down to the gym here while she is sleeping and get on one of those fancy machines.  Still doing well on our diet making small changes like more yogurt, salads, healthy muffins, etc..



Lunch with a new friend – one of my group members on my team.  Met up with Donna.  DONE

Visit our Sunday school teacher’s wife who had knee surgery.  DONE

Met up with both of the ladies on the same day.  Was a very enjoyable day.


Met a couple of my girlfriends (Cheryl and Mary Margaret) that  I used to work with before retirement for lunch.  Mary had to leave and Cheryl and I stayed and visited for hours over dessert and coffee.  DONE 



Clean out under my bathroom sink and my bathroom drawers again.   Not touching my hubbies area.  DONE

Clean out two bottom drawers on one of my dressers.  DONE

Clean out some cups in my kitchen. DONE


I’ve done a lot this month trying to clean out more and donate and get things ready for a resale shop.  Making slow progress this month with so much that has been happening.



Lesson 2 – Blogging Course. Continue working on Lesson 2 cleaning up 500 blog posts. It’s going well but the new babies are due soon and seeing all the work designing new pictures on many of the blogs and re-writing some I am going to make this date May.  DONE

Review and clean-up 15 more blog posts plus 50 I already completed so it will be 65. DONE

Linky Page – Continue cleaning  DONE


Lesson 2 – Blogging Course – Continue cleaning up 500 blog posts.  Averaging about two a day.  My date is May and hope I don’t have to slip it.

Review and clean up 15 more blog posts plus 65 already done or 80 total.

Linky Page – Continue cleaning


Finding I AM Study – Week 2 Notes -“I AM” The Light of the World

15 Feb


Week 2 – I AM The Light of the World

Day 1 – The Festival of Tabernacles And The Living Water

Do you sometimes look for signs from God?  Are you wondering what He wants you to do?  Sometimes we aren’t even paying attention to what is in front of us.  Lysa shared about a neighbor who lost his wife to cancer and his loneliness.  With his words how he was not doing so well, Lysa invited him to dinner. She knew it was an assignment from God.  A tradition started at her house on Monday nights.  Her family has continued this tradition of Monday night dinners where they invite others.

I know in my heart God has been telling me to invite my neighbor women over for a tea/coffee.  He has placed my neighbors right in front of me.  I know that and yes, I do things for them.  We have ice cream, have had a widower over for a New Year’s meal, other neighbors over for meals and ice cream,  and so many other things.  God’s stirring my heart.  Somehow I have to find the time, and I think that God wants me to write that on my calendar for Spring break and start it as a monthly thing.  I let busyness get so in the way of ministering right here where I live.

How about you?  Has God spoken to you about an assignment and you are missing what is right is in front of you?

A story that Lysa has shared before is when Ken walked out of her house that evening and he picked one of her flowers and told her, “Don’t miss this.  Don’t rush through your life, Lysa.  Make time to stop and breathe it all in.”

I am reminded of that story so many times – when I walk out my door and see all the beautiful plants, the trees, the clouds, birds, fruit growing on our trees, bird eggs,  a sunrise this morning from my den, or sunsets in the evening from my kitchen,   and just so many other things.  I looked out a bit ago when I was getting another cup of coffee this morning and saw six doves sitting outside my kitchen window – six big doves – a family of them that have been here a very long time.  Actually, the first dove we ever saw showed up the day we pulled in the driveway from one of our nephew’s funerals.  He was sitting right on top of the eave where we enter our home.  It was like a sign of love from God, and I guess he/she has been here ever since and now we have a family of six.

Eventually  Lysa’s friend Ken remarried, but Lysa says they still invite friends, family and co-workers over on Monday nights.  They pay attention to breathe it in even with to-do lists and schedules that are tugging at them.  They “don’t allow anything to take priority over these moments. They refuse to let people that have been entrusted  get their “less” instead of their”best” because of distractions.

Don’t be distracted.   Be engaged.  Breathe it ALL in.  It can change your life, and others.

Now on to the Feast of the Tabernacles.  It was a joyous and the longest festival celebrated by the Jews.  Can you imagine an eight day festival?

Lysa shared the three major events of the feast:

  • Participating in a procession of psalms;
  • Observing as the priests daily poured water from the fountain of Siloam onto the altar;
  • Illuminating four large menorahs each night int he temple courts.

There would be a sacrifice, pouring of water on the altar, and a torch at night – thus water and light.

It was at this time that Jesus, it says in John 7:37-38  that Jesus stood, cried and said “If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”

Last week we studied how Jesus Christ was The Bread of Life, and this week how He is The Living Water.  What are you filling up your bucket with?  Let Him be the one that quenches your thirst.  Keep your eyes on The Bread of Life, the Living Water.


Day 2 – I AM The Light Of The World

Today we learned about the end of the Feast of the Tabernacles where they have a torch dance.  Women stand on a roof and men below, and there are four large menorahs with seven lights each, and they light up the whole area.  Lysa said they would light up all of Jerusalem.

She said this happens every night of the feast and that the light “symbolized not only what God had done in the past (pillar of fire/light that led the Israelites through the wilderness) but also pointed forward to what God was going to do, specifically through the coming Messiah.”

During the feast, Jesus told the people that He was the light and that once we have that light He would take away the darkness.

We were reminded that each one of us have dark places in our lives where we refuse to let Jesus shine in.  Had a little soul searching time during this week.  What darkness do I have?  The only thing I can think of is food and I am finally realizing what an addiction food can be.  It’s got to be almost as bad as drinking, but God isn’t finished with me yet.  He keeps talking, and I haven’t been obeying – listening yes, but not obeying.

Day 3 – Light Word Study

We started day 3 going back to Genesis when God created light – He separated the light from the darkness.

We took some time to think about light and it’s functions of illumination, sustaining life, causes things to grow, provides warmth, and dispels darkness.  I can associate with everyone of those and really all of them today.  I love sitting here in the morning in my Bible when the sun rises and how beautiful it illuminates the earth, how in the Spring it causes things to grow and even right now the days have been close to the eighties and buds are starting to come out on the trees,  one of my plants already has flowers on it and my bulbs are blooming.  The warmth felt so good today at the park last week.  I took my grandson and when we sit down for our picnic lunch he said he was cold.  I was too.  The wind was blowing hard and clouds covered the sun.  I said let’s pray God sends us son and soon He did,   and we had a wonderful time playing in the wooden park as he calls it.  I was home alone two  weekends ago, and well I don’t sleep well when my hubby is gone so I dispelled some of the darkness by leaving a couple of lights on in other rooms.

God is always there to shed light during our dark times.  We just need to remember to call out to Him.  Stop and look for glimpses from Him during those times.  He’s right there every moment of light and darkness in our lives.

Day 4 – Healing The Man Born Blind

This chapter spoke a lot about the dark places, discouragement , the light, and a blind man.

The disciples thought the blind man was blind because of sin.  Jesus responded the man was born blind so that the work of God would be seen in Him.

Our first grandson was born with a disease called EB.  It’s horrible, but God has performed miracles on him – toes grew, feet straightened up and sores disappeared.  When I read Jesus’ response I guess this is the first time I’ve really let that sink in, and probably because of what we’ve been through wondering, worrying and asking why.

Only Jesus can illuminate our dark places.  Only Jesus can perform miracles.

Lysa ended this day saying, “And because of Him even my darkest of nights aren’t so daunting and confusing.”

Day 5 – Optional

We read John 5-9.  You should too.  These are the things that I wrote down that spoke to me.

  • That I need to always put my trust in Him, and that I need to bow down and worship Him.  (I do that prayerfully some days, but need to do it so much more.)
  • We know the Word but are blind to it.   (Really I know so much of the Word, but there are new truths every single morning as I open my Bible.)

Video 2 Notes

Lysa’s videos are filled with so much truth that I can’t share here on my blog.  You can purchase them here.

Just a couple of notes I want to remember:

She shared the Samaritan woman in this video and how many times have I read and heard sermons on the Samaritan woman.  You would think I would be tired of that woman, but the story never grows old and always has some new truths for me.

I loved today’s video where Lysa took us to Shechem where the well is that the Samaritan woman visited.  It was such a blessing to watch Lysa at that well.

She talked about how we are all broken cisterns like the Samaritan in some way.

She reminded us that fifteen minutes with the Living Water can change our lives.



Finding I AM Study – Week 1 Notes -“I AM” The Bread of Life

2 Feb


I am so, so loving the study of Finding I AM How Jesus Fully Satisfies The Cry of Your Heart by Lysa Terkeurst.

This is  my week 1 thoughts.  We are now in week 2.   It seems every study I am going to blog so I don’t have so much to keep up with like all those notebooks sitting around,  but this sweet, beautiful life gets in the way, and I get behind and I quit.  This study is so good I want to hold on to these nuggets of truth for the next few weeks.

Do you have some kind of desperate cry – something that you’ve prayed and prayed about and longed for over many years – something that keeps you up at night?  I think most of us have, or at least I have had those times just laying there and finally getting out of bed, and before I know it morning has arrived with no sleep.

Last week  as I was starting this post it was only day 3 of the study, but between the videos of Lysa teaching in Israel, the conference call, and the Proverbs 31 Blog well I am full, and I have learned so much.  You can find the first week’s chapters right here for free.  Read them and see what I am talking about.  Go to the blog to capture the free videos available only for about a month of Lysa in Israel.  Yes, it’s the next best thing to being there.

Week 1 – I AM The Bread of Life


Lysa’s teaching videos share so much and are free only during this study.  One of the things I learned from this first one was that “first came His name, and then His promises.”  His name is the most important.  She shared the first place in scripture where His name was used  in Exodus 3:14 where He calls himself “I AM who I AM”.

I love how Lysa shared  how He doesn’t just want to be “what we need, but all we want.”

I want MORE – I want Him to be all I WANT, but I’m not there yet, but He is never finished with us as long as we are in the Word and on our knees.  Like Lysa, I have side stepped God’s opportunities with my lists of excuses.

You can purchase her videos here.

Chapter 1

Day 1 – Bios and Zoe Life

I learned about two words used for life in the Bible.  Lysa shared the words, bios and zoe.  I’ve never heard either of them.  I’m sure my husband has.  Here is what she shared in the book about the meanings of these words.

  1. Bios – “breath in your lungs or physical life”.
  2. Zoe – “possess with vitality looking to the fullness of life.”

Zoe is used 125 times and bios 10 times in the Bible.  I think that’s because He wants us to have more than breath in our lungs.  He wants us to experience Him – not things, not others.  He wants us to experience the fullness that only He can provide.  But, Lysa also reminded us that we need both – a little bios and a whole lot of zoe.

We were reminded about the broken world we live in.  I don’t enjoy watching the news anymore, but we do.  I am not sure our world is as bad as the news would want us to believe.

Are there things you have been praying about a very long time?  I’m raising my hand because I have several.  We were reminded that those hurts, those aches are not the source of our satisfaction, and even if they were solved today, Satan is always lurking to hit us with another thing.  Even The Bread of Life was tempted.

Day 2 – Feeding The 5,000

I call this my thankfulness chapter.  Yes, yes I am so thankful most of  the time, but read on.

We spent some time in John 6 and reading back over the feeding of the 5,000, where Jesus performed the miracle of taking 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and fed 5,000 people.  This was also where His first “I AM” statement is found in the Bible.

What I learned this day was about how to really pray about thankfulness and more about the Passover and that it was a springtime festival.  I already knew that the Israelites  celebrated their escape from bondage.  Lysa reminded us not to miss the point of God’s provision of manna (nourishment – food) from heaven during their wandering.

Jesus asked Philip and Andrew  where they were going to buy bread to feed all the people.  They thought it was a hopeless situation, but Jesus performed a miracle after He gave thanks to God who causes bread to come forth.

That spoke to me as Lysa shared how a simple blessing opened up this miracle. How differently I should be praying.  I thank the Lord as I enter into prayer, but I need to pray more like Jesus did that day.  He is the Lord that causes miracles and oh He has so many times in my life.  We were asked to share how God has shown up in our lives in impossible situations.  I wrote down:

  1. The miracles of my children and grandchildren.
  2. The miracle He has performed on Colt.
  3. The miracle of 46 wonderful years of marriage, and the man I know He gave me.


This day was also a little lesson on humility.  We all need that, don’t we?  I love that word.  It was our word of the year with Proverbs 31 studies in 2016.  Lysa reminded us that “the hushing of humility will be the rushing in of pride.”  The disciples had been doing ministry successful and Lysa said, “would they still serve Jesus in the quiet places that weren’t so glamorous”?

Those were words to prick a heart.  Is our service about pleasing Him or serving our egos?

We took a look at Mark and saw all the things that disciples were telling Jesus about all they had done and taught.  They were telling Jesus to send the people away to surrounding areas to buy themselves food.

And then we visited Jesus walking on the water.  This is an old story I’ve heard so, so many times, but this time I heard and saw how the disciples didn’t know Him.  They didn’t know who was walking on the water.  This truth pricked my heart once again to realize how I have MISSED Him so many times with my busyness.  He was right there, He is right there waiting on us to fellowship with Him, to see Him, to know Him.

Right after that event, our Lord revealed himself to the disciples as the Bread of Life.  Right after reading that story again He’s revealed to me the bread I need each and every day.

Day 3 – Bread

Bread was first mentioned in Genesis.  After the sin of Adam and Eve,  bread became a part of the consequences.  At this point it would be by the sweat of their brows that they were able to get food.

Lysa went deeper and shares with us how  bread was a staple and how hard it was to have bread.  The Israelites had to gather the grain,  sift and clean it, ground it into flour and then knead it into cakes to bake.  Can you imagine?  We have it so simple today.  I crave bread.  It’s a staple especially to my man, but lately I’ve been trying to be a little gluten and sugar-free.

After the end of their 400 years of slavery they journeyed for a very long time, and well they began to panic because they had no grain.  They grumbled and complained rather than cry out to God.  God did hear their grumbling and He graciously rained down manna.  God provides!  He provided for the Israelites and He provides for you and me.  Lysa said that this helps her to “lift my eyes when my heart aches over my not-yet-answered prayer.  Looking at His faithfulness to provide helps me see if He did it before, He will do it again.”

There is so much more in this day’s reading – too much to share and I cannot really give justice to how beautiful this book is but I have to share one more thing that Lysa shared so as not to forget, and to be able to come back here and be blessed:

“We’ve only just scratched the surface of the fascinating references to the word bread in the Bible, but this will be our last exercise on the subject today.  Jesus was born in Bethlehem.  The word Bethlehem means, “house of bread.”  Don’t lose the significance here:  The house of bread was where the Bread of life was born.  God knew Jesus would be the Bread of life, and He chose for Him to be born in the city bearing that same name.

Day 4 – The Bread of Life Walks On Water

Lysa takes us back to John 6 and walking on the water.  She reminds us that before Jesus “said any I AM statements He first performed five miracles.”  On day 4 we studied the fifth miracle.

Remember some of the disciples were fishermen.  My son and husband love to fish so I can really associate with these guys, and yes my son would love to do it for a living.  If you remember the disciples were fishing when a big storm came.  The winds were rough.  Don’t you get afraid when the winds rise and the weather is on talking about 70 mph winds?  I can’t imagine being out there on a boat.  It’s scary here in the house in those storms.  Jesus had left long before that after feeding the 5,000.  Well here comes Jesus walking on the water and He climbed into the boat.

 “He became the answer to their need.”

He climbed into the boat and Lysa reminded us in verse 21 which states that  at once they got to the other side.

She asks us why we are following Jesus.  Ponder on that a moment.  Why are you following Jesus? She asked, “is it so that I can get something from Him?  Am I like the crowds who simply want their bellies filled? Or am I coming to Him because He is Bread to me?  There is a difference in coming to Jesus for bread and because He is Bread.”

Day 5 – Optional

Day 5 was an optional lesson where we were to read John 1-4 and record thoughts, prayer, or things to remember from that reading.  Here are a few I wrote down:

In Him is life

In Him is light.

He made all things.

The Word is flesh, is God.

Through Him all might believe.

Those who believe in His name have the right to be called children of God.

He is glorious.

He gives grace.

He has never been seen.

He changed water into wine.

He stopped buying and selling the house of God.

He gave his only begotten son for the world

Video 2 Notes

Lysa takes us to Capernaum.  I didn’t know it was not mentioned in the old testament, nor that it means city of comfort.  Jesus was known as the Comforter.

I learned the Sea of Galilee is not salt, but more of a fresh water lake, and that Jesus traveled about 85 miles south of Capernaum and it would have taken Him four days.

Capernaum is where He revealed His first I AM statement in John 6:35 – I AM the Bread of Life.

Lysa said if the sounds of millstones were not heard grinding wheat it would have meant no more bread and desolation.

Oh sweet sisters as I heard her say that “when we no longer hear that grinding, that daily bread, we NEED Him everyday.  Are you hearing that grinding today?  Are you seeking that daily bread?


I love the Proverbs 31 OBS Conference Calls.  They are available here.

These are a few of the things I want to remember:

John 6:35

  •  Come to Him with my hunger
  • Believe in Him – bring Him my thirst.
  • Align with Him – bring my desires


Seek means to crave

If I am thirsty, if I am hungry .

Sometimes that secret sorrow causes our greatest faith.

A point to ponder Lysa shared was “God is everything we need.  But is He everything we want?”




January Goals and December Recap

21 Jan


As usual this post didn’t happen on the first.  I got sick and got behind.  Yep, I was doing so well.  Those Christmas decorations came down the first week after Christmas.  I had so many house cleaning goals and blogging goals, and they crashed when my husband and I came down with bronchitis, fever and one of the worst coughing times of our lives.  I’m still not over the cough completely.  Doctor said it would probably hang around at least three and a half weeks or more.

My ONE WORD for this year is INTENTIONAL.  You can hear how I came up with my word, and how you can too here. How about you? Do you have a word for the year or a resolution?

It is funny that I chose that word, and then we had some training in a team I am a part of, and it was called “The Law of Intentionality” by John Maxwell.  What a confirmation from my Lord that I am right where He wants me to be this year.  One of the things that John said that is part of an intentional growth plan is making a commitment, making it public and identifying the areas you want to grow in personally (that’s what these monthly posts are all about), investing in those areas one hour a day (exercise, blogging, family, faith – and I think I can do more than one hour with my Bible studies and all the rest), reflect and write an hour a week on what you are learning (a great goal to write and blog an hour a week for me because honestly it is hard to fit in an hour these days.)  He also said to share our growth with someone who is thrilled (I hope you, my readers, are thrilled with this type of post each month.)





Complete Wendy’s Wait and See study.


Begin Finding I Am Bible Study by Lysa TerKeurst – When I retired I wanted to do an on-line Bible study.  God led me here to Proverbs 31.  You can do these studies 24/7 and meet women all over the World.  There are even Facebook Groups which fill up fast.  Here is the registration form.

Begin 1 Peter A Living Hope In Christ by Jen Wilkin Bible Study at Church

First 5 App Daily Devotionals  – I highly recommend the Proverbs 31 First 5 App for a daily devotional.  They have a book for each Bible book we study.  I do both, but if you aren’t in to really digging in then I would suggest you download the app for your first five minutes of the day to spend some alone time with Him.  You can check it out here and see a sample to today’s devotional.



DECEMBER – ALL DONE as our grandson, Colt says.

What an awesome month for time to spend with family, and we have so, so many plans.  I’m as excited as a six year old.  Can’t wait for all the food, fellowship and games. (All Done except celebration with daughter and family – they have been sick and now we are sick so haven’t gotten together)

Another trip to the deer lease with our son and daughter-in-law, and maybe a final one for awhile.  She’s pregnant with twins and well we don’t want to be four hours away from a good hospital. Done

Christmas Eve with my husband’s family for dinner. Done

Christmas Eve at home with the kids and grandkids.  Done

Christmas morning breakfast and celebration of Jesus’ birthday and also our son-in-laws at home with our kids and grandkids. (We got to have breakfast with our son, DIL, and grandson, but our daughter and her family was sick.

Christmas day lunch with my family.  Done

We were blessed to get to go to Six Flags with our son and his family.  It was not on my goals.  I love how God changes our plans.




Baby Shower for the TWINS my daughter-in-law is carrying.

Have Christmas with our daughter and her family.

Special Day with our grandson, Colt. I think we are going to a movie like Sing or Monster Trucks.  I’m sure he will choose Monster Trucks.

Still need to have all the family over to pay the games we missed on Christmas Eve with our daughter and family being sick.




Working out, drinking water, and eating healthy to decrease this waistline.  This is still a hard goal for me although I did make a whole lot of trips upstairs and in the attic (too many to count), and I did walk down to the end of the block several times, and then there were shopping trips and lots of walking at the lease.


Walking on treadmill at least 1 hour a week.  Starting small and trying to work up.  Being REAL here.  Keeping a running tally on the refrigerator and I’m behind already.  Yes I’m catching up.  Learning to be intentional – my One Word for the year.

Reading Trim Healthy Mama Book and trying some of her recipes

Adding lots of protein and shakes.


DECEMBER  (Partially Done)

It’s hard to meet up with a friend at this time of the year, but  I was honored to meet up with an aunt (Susan) who lost her husband a few months ago for lunch.  Done

Call at least one friend on the phone.   (Done.  I have a sweet friend going through a divorce and one day when God laid her on my heart (a heart drop as Karen Ehman calls it) I picked up the phone and called.  We talked, we laughed, we cried and we prayed for a hour and a half.)

The neighborhood tea still has not happened.  If only I could finish decorating, shopping, and cleaning maybe I could have them over next week before Christmas, but it’s looking doubtful this morning. (Not Done.)


This month I am meeting up with several church friends for a dinner at church to kick off our ladies ministry for the year.  I can’t wait!

Hope to meet up with one of my new Bible study friends for lunch.


DECEMBER – My December goals crashed after Christmas.  I got all the decorations down and then got sick so the last week of December I got little done with all the fever and now coughing.

Finish cleaning and organizing master bedroom closet.  ( I hope this can happen but with all the extra cleaning and organizing it just might not happen.  (Not Done)

Catch up on filing in office.(Not Done)

Finish decorating, shopping, and cleaning. (All Done)

Plan dishes for all the Christmas meals. (All Done)


Finish cleaning and organizing master bedroom closet.  I wonder if this will really happen.  Like it’s already January 20th and well I’ve been subbing at school, busy with Bible study, and keeping my awesome grandsons.

Catch up on filing in office.  Same as above, but I’m sure going to try if I can get one day at home.



Photo:  Canva

I pray you are exhorted (encouraged, prompted) by my blog each and every time I write.  I am exhorted as you read and comment.


Lesson 2 – Blogging Course. This is the 9th month I’ve had this as a goal and it sure is not going to happen this month, but I must keep it here or it will never get done.  I am adding a planned date of March because with Christmas and planning for the 3 new grand babies in March and showers and school, it will be at least March, but part of that is the next goal so I am working on it each month, and it is progressing well, but there are over 500 blogs to go back and clean up, tag, and pretty up.  (Worked a lot on this, but it will take months.)

Review and clean-up 15 more blog posts plus 35 I already completed, so it will be 50. (DONE)

Delete at least 500 more emails. (DONE)

Linky Page – Work on a few more days of this project with a new completion date of February.


Lesson 2 – Blogging Course.  Continue working on Lesson 2 cleaning up 500 blog posts.  It’s going well but the new babies are due soon and seeing all the work designing new pictures on many of the blogs and re-writing some I am going to make this date May.

Review and clean-up 15 more blog posts plus 50 I already completed so it will be 65.

Linky Page – Continue cleaning up linky page with a new March completion.  Just being REAL here.

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