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FIVE – Yes FIVE Grandchildren

23 Sep


i-prayed-for-this-child-and-the-lord-has-granted-what-i-asked-of-himWhat a fun prompt today at Kate Motaung’s Five-Minute Friday!!  I thought what am I going to write about with today’s prompt.  Well, we will be welcoming three new grandchildren next March.  Say WHAT?  We will have five ages three and two and three the same age.

I don’t even have to write any further because I shared all about it earlier this week in this post  “We’re Expecting More Grandchildren Soon“.  Grandchildren have not come easy for us.  Children did not come easy for us either with miscarriages, toxemia, two breach babies – one of which was nine weeks early.  I wrote about my Trust Fund babies here.

YES, we’ve prayed just like Hannah did and God is granting our requests.  I’ve prayed He would bless us just as He did Abraham with future generations just like the stars in the sky.

Trying to think of something funny to go with my five.  I’m calling the three due in March triplets – even though they are a set of twins and one.  What’s something cute I could use with Five?  Any thoughts?

So there you go #FMF friends the latest about how God has blessed our family even when there was no hope with my children’s miscarriages, infertility and disease.




17 Jun


This past week I have suffered the loss of my hand.  I have had to learn what it is like to lose the use of two fingers because of a nasty cut and sixteen stitches.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.

I waited so long for summer to get here.  I was excited it was my first week out of school and freedom to work in the yard, take long walks, exercise, and really clean house.  Last Thursday night (a week ago) we were heading to bed.  I picked up my glass beside me to put in the dishwasher and start it.  I walked into the kitchen and picked up my tea glass to empty and fill up with water.  I don’t know what happened but perhaps one was falling and I grabbed it and perhaps hit it on the granite.  It happened so fast and I was bleeding so bad I have no clue.

We spent 3 hours in the ER.  The worst part was the four shots they gave me to deaden the fingers and boy did it deaden for a full twenty-four hours.

Right now I feel like I am losing control – losing control of my Bible studies and writing in my workbooks, blogging, commenting on other blogs, cleaning up old emails, yard work and house work and all those drawers and closets that need cleaning out so I can donate, and that pool is calling now that the days are over 100 degrees.

Next week the stitches will come out.  I’m looking forward to losing the stitches, but not what it may feel like while they pull all sixteen out, nor the tenderness for the next few weeks, but this too shall pass.

Today I am joining Kate Motaung and my five-minute Friday friends.  We are blogging about the word lose this week.




Our Haven Gives Us Rest

3 Jun

When I heard Kate’s prompt for this five minute writing (haven), all I could think about was that old, old song The Haven of Rest, and who can sing it better than the Gaithers.

As I sit here this morning pondering on how I would write about that word, I had to go to the Dictionary to look up haven and it says, “a place of safety or refuge.”  I then went to scripture to see what it said about haven.  There it was right there in Psalm 107.  How many times have I read that verse and absolutely read it so fast I missed this.  Oh Lord thank You for slowing me down each day to dwell in your precious words.  I want to know more about You.


I am amazed daily as I really study what I have missed my whole life.  I sit here with tears right now thinking of all I have missed.  As we lost two precious friends yesterday morning  (Richie and Deanne) both to cancer I know life is not forever, time is short, and there is so much to learn about Heaven and Jesus.  No more rushing to read thru the Bible in a year.  No more rushing to do my Sunday Bible study lesson.  I want to savor every word and study to know more about Him.

I am so blessed to hear words in songs each day on the radio or as I sit here just letting Youtube play Gaither songs as I type this and I hear the words I have read.  The more I am in the Word, the more I see how precious songs today and then were written with scripture in them.  I’ll be reading a scripture and it is like BAM when I hear a song with those exact words.

As I close, look at that verse with me again. He stilled, He hushed the waves, He grew them calm, He guided them.  That is exactly what He will do for you and me when the waves of life rush in on us, when we are in despair with life we need to anchor our souls in Him – the haven of rest and he will still us, hush us, calm us and guide us through those wild, stormy, angry seas we call life.

Join us today at Kate Motaung in #FMF or #Five-Minute Friday.


Easy Ways To Memorize Scripture

15 Apr

I laid in bed tonight and could not go to sleep thinking about all sorts of things like I wonder what the word for tomorrow will be on Five-Minute Friday.  I should have been laying there quoting scripture.

Well I am up and the word is easy.  I keep hoping I will come up with an easy way to sleep on those nights like this.  For awhile I could lay there and pray and that worked.  I found myself falling asleep praying.  I tried that tonight praying for a dear friend I heard from today whose husband has cancer.  Her name is Linda and his is Rick.

Write them on the tablet of your heart.png

As I pondered on something to write about I thought why am I not quoting scripture at night when I want to sleep.  I am trying that next time.  In the meantime, I’ll share easy ways I memorize scripture:

  • I say it over and over and over.
  • I type up a pretty card and put it in my kitchen window over my sink so I am seeing it throughout the day.


  • I usually print out three and I put another in my guest bathroom which is the one closest to our den and kitchen so I used it mostly.  I also tuck one in my purse to carry with me to appointments or school.


  • I write them on a ceramic tablet in my dining room.


  • After I’ve memorized them I keep them in a photo album or the small spiral note cards.
  • I type out part of the verse leaving blanks.  Sometimes I type a few words and add to it each day.
  • Type it or write it over and over and over.
  • Verse mapping.  Here is a post I did on how I verse map.
  • Say it out loud.

Here are a couple of things I have not used, but some of mine friends say they have:

  • Use and app:
  • Keep it posted on your dashboard.
  • Use music with scripture songs for children.
  • Make a recording and take it with you in the car.

DO YOU MEMORIZE SCRIPTURE?  I would love for you to share in the comments how you do it.

NOW, it’s 12:15 and I think I’ll go to bed and quote some scripture and see how it goes.


Canva photo – Proverbs 7:3

This post was featured on Counting My Blessings on 4/22/16.

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8 Apr

Joining Kate Matoung in #FMF and the word to blog about for five minutes is WHOLE.

What does loving God with ALL our hearts mean?  I looked up the definition of all in Merriam Webster.  Here is what I found:

  1. nothing but, only
  2. the whole amount
  3. completely taken up with, given to, or absorbed by
  4. as much of

Deuteronomy 6:5 is the first commandment.  It tells us we are to love God with ALL we have – our hearts, our souls, our minds.  I come short of that every day.  How about you?

As I think of all the ways that I am trying to improve on loving my Lord and being wholly committed, I think of ways that I strive to do that:

  • Getting out of bed each morning, and as soon as I finish making the bed, washing my face and eating breakfast, I grab that first cup of coffee and spend time seeking to know Him more through Bible study and prayer.
  • Worship Him as I go through my day thanking Him for the little and the big things.  Have you stopped today to gaze a sunrise, a sunset, blooming spring flowers, a mother holding a baby, the rain, the sun, the moon? There is so much to be thankful for each day, but sometimes we are too busy to notice.
  • Seeking fellowship with other Christians.   For me it is at church, in on-line Bible studies, and with other bloggers.
  • Acknowledging Him in every situation – good and bad.  He is always there whether we feel Him or not waiting for us to call on Him.  He sees everything that is happening in our lives every day, and He knows how we are hurting.
  • Acknowledging Him in my daily conversations and daily activities.  Sometimes it’s hard especially at public school, but I can say bless you when someone sneezes, and I can find other ways throughout the day and sometimes that is just sitting there and praying one by one as the students work on a paper lifting them in prayer, praying for their salvation.  Sometimes just a smile to a passer-by or someone checking us out will change their day.
  • Tucking scripture away in my heart by memorizing and pulling it out to witness to another, bless another or even myself.

Being wholly committed is letting the  Lord be LORD of all  in my life – not only portions of my life.

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