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31 Days of Faith, Family, Home and Joy – Day 6 – His Mercies Are New Each Morning

Early this morning before daylight I started out walking.  I love walking when there is no traffic, the moon is still out and the sun will be rising.  As I got down the road a bit I heard a rooster crowing and thought about when the rooster crowed in the Bible as Peter was denying knowing Jesus.  When the rooster crowed,  Peter remembered the word the Lord had spoken to him: “Before the rooster crows today, you will disown me three times.” And he went outside and wept bitterly.”  John 18:13-27

I’ve a lot on my mind this week having to see a doctor with back pain, X-rays and and MRI.  Yep, I’m getting older and hopefully this is something they can fix with therapy.  I cringe thinking about surgery, but the doctor scared me a bit when he said he was concerned and wanted the MRI.  Me, normally a worrier have been at peace.  Our sermon on Sunday was on peace.

I saw a friend post this verse on Facebook this morning.  Isn’t it always like our Lord to know exactly what we need.  He knew Sunday that there sermon I heard would guide me through this week.  He knew the verse I saw posted today was exactly what I needed TODAY.  Lamentations 3:22-23 is one of my favorites, and was on my heart as I walked hoping to catch a picture of a beautiful sunrise.  There was one yesterday, but my iPhone was in download mode for the new IOS 11 update today and well I missed that one.

Lamentations 3:22-23  KJV Verse Mapped

It is of the Lord‘s mercies (compassions, forgiveness) that we are not consumed (destroyed, devoured), because his compassions (tenderness, sympathy, kindness)  fail (dwindle, fade away) not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness (constancy, loyal, steady).

 What does this verse mean to me?
  • It means that every single morning when I wake up His mercies are new for me.  ALL my mistakes of yesterday have been covered.  They are forgiven.
  • He wants to do a fresh work on you and me this morning, every morning.
  • His love never ends.
  • His mercies never end, never cease.   Because of this He is our hope.  He provides us strength each day no matter what we are going through.

Yesterday is gone.  Today is a new day.  Do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow.  He will give each one of us ENOUGH for each and every day.

We don’t know what our future holds, but no matter what it holds we know from this verse that his mercies are new every morning.  What about tomorrow?  New mercies given tomorrow.

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Tough Love Prayer Challenge – Free Ebook and Review

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I am excited to tell you about a free e-book that I had the privilege of reading, called Tough Love Prayer Challenge: Finding peace in the middle of demanding relationships” by Rachel Britton.
Are you having difficulty in any type of relationship?  Do you need to know how to pray if you are?  Looking for some great advice?
The book has some beautiful pictures, Bible scriptures and quotes.   Here are a couple of my favorite quotes in the book:
love into practice
Is there someone you are struggling to love or even to like?  Have you been hurt by someone and don’t know what to do?  Would you love to learn how to have less arguments and conflicts at home, work or church?

This free e-book will help you  learn:

  • why you are never alone in praying for a difficult relationship
  • specific prayer prompts for overcoming negative emotions
  • the benefit of breath prayer in combating stress and finding rest
  • identifying and eliminating obstacles hindering our relationships

Here are some of the contents of the book:

  • Changing your focus
  • Pouring out to God
  • Rising in prayer
  • Hindrances to prayer and more

The e-book is available as a free download by visiting the Tough Love Prayer Challenge page at Rachel’s website:  http://rachelbritton.com/tough-love-challenge/
Rachel is a British-born writer and speaker. She is passionate about helping women know their true worth so they can live boldly. Raised on the east coast of England, she now lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three children. Rachel cannot live without English tea and chocolate. Connect with Rachel at www.rachelbritton.com, and receive her latest e-book, Tough Love Prayer Challenge, to boldly pray for peace in the middle of your demanding relationships. You can also reach her through Facebook and Twitter.

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Real Love Is

It’s Five Minute Friday and I love joining Kate Matoung and the other FMF ladies for a Friday day of 5-minute blogs.  Come join in!

What is “real” love?  Real love is the kind of love Jesus has for us.  It is that unconditional love – love that expects absolutely nothing in return.  It’s about caring about others and expecting nothing in return.  It’s a love that is grace-filled. It’s a love that is self-sacrificing.

How do we find that “real” love.  We have to go to the Bible to find out.  I believe that 1 Corinthians 13 is probably the most quoted love chapter.  My husband uses it at every wedding.  In it you find what love is:

Love is


My Favorite Bible Verses – Day 14 {FREE PRINTABLE}

PicMonkey Image-125.jpg

I love the whole chapter of 1 Corinthians 13.  Go read it – It is the love chapter.  My husband always reads this chapter at weddings and I’ve memorized it over the years.  I love when he gets to the last part – LOVE.  The greatest of these three is love.  Jesus loved like no other.  He loved us all!  He loves us all!