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Say What?


Lysa TerKeurst says in her workbook for What Happens When Women Say Yes to God that “Every day we have an opportunity to move beyond the normal ruts and routines of life, and we can be on the alert for divine adventure as we listen for God’s voice and say yes to His invitations.  When we recognize God’s promptings and act on them, we no longer have to settle for a normal life.  We get to be different – and make a difference – in the lives of the people God leads us to.”

God is looking for each one of us to say “Yes”!  I looked back over the last two years at the growth that has occurred in me and realize what a difference saying yes has made.  Every day if we will only listen, God speaks to us.  Have you heard Him, have you heard His whisper – not audibly but a tug at your heart, have you heard Him call you?  I have many times and even more so the last few years as I have grown closer to Him.

For many years I wanted to retire but could not get the courage.  I kept feeling God nudging me because my Mom was sick and had been.  My best friends at work retired at the same time, and again I felt the nudging but did not heed the call.  I prayed about it, but did nothing about it.  Finally, on the spur of the moment one day God nudged me to move, to get out, to do what was important.  Say What? WHAT was the future going to look like?  How could we live like we had been living if I retired and my salary was much less?  What would it be like being home all the time if I said Yes to God.   I said yes, and I retired with only two months notice.  I spent the year of 2012 visiting my Mom, taking her meals, reading to her out of the scripture and devotionals.  I also joined Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies, now a part of Proverbs 31.  I wanted to go to studies at church but they were only at night and I wanted to be home with my husband so I found these studies convenient and God led me there one day searching.

In September 2012, I was approached to be a leader for a Facebook group in the studies.  I thought I am not equipped and no way.  SAY WHAT Lord – You want me????  I prayed, talked to my family and finally said YES to God.  What happened is He took my radical obedience and equipped me to lead a group.  At first my groups were quiet.  One group I had only one lady responding and she was growing in the Lord because she was working so hard to help me, and little did I realize until later that God was grooming me for something big and preparing me for sad days ahead.

In February 2013 I lost my Mom.  Proverbs31 ladies all over the United States and the World mailed cards, sent messages, and loved on me.  My group and our team leaders were there to walk me through it.  Melissa Taylor even took the time out of her busy schedule and called me one day knowing the pain of losing her Mom.

I have seen this year through my radical obedience that God was preparing me for 2013,  Today in August 2013 as I write this blog I am about to leave for the hospital.  Our daughter-in-laws water just broke.  I believe I am here growing like I have never grown in my life to minister to a grandson, to minister to ladies all over the world, to minister to my family.  I have the most awesome group I have ever seen.  Every one of them now participate – some days it is hard to keep up with all their enthusiasm and love.

Years ago I prayed for God to send me just one friend to share my heart with – someone to tell all and it not be repeated.  I kept praying and praying for one person I could call sister and share – I mean really share.  I have many friends in Christ at church but God put me in with a group of sisters, and we share our deepest hurts and joys because we have built a bond and love for each other.  I thank God today that He answered my prayers for one “sister” by sending me a group of “sisters” that love me know matter what.

So what has God done because of my “radical obedience” as Lysa calls it.  First I retired.  That had to happen before all the rest.  Second, much time with my mom not knowing it would only be a year.  Third, blessings upon blessing leading Group 31.  Fourth, the love of a big ministry team within Proverbs  31 that love us no matter where we’ve been, no matter where we are going, but for who we are – just like Jesus does.

Have you had a “Say What” moment?  I would love for you to share here.

Hosea said in Romans 9:25-26 (KJV) “As he saith also in Osee, I will call them my people, which were not my people; and her beloved, which was not beloved.”