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When I’ve Done Everything I Can


Do you have days where you’ve done everything you can, but you feel like you have not accomplished anything?

I know for me some days I have done everything I can, and I feel stretched thin.  It is in those stretching times that I can really look back over the day and see all I have accomplished.  The washing and ironing are done, clean sheets on the beds. kitchen counters are clean, floors mopped, but there is still so much clutter lurking in closets and desk drawers and I can’t get to it.  And then, you look outside at all the work to do in the yard and flower beds. Why is that?  What have I done?

  • Spent and hour or two in Bible study.
  • Read a chapter in a current on-line Bible study I am in.
  • Posted and loved on my Bible study Facebook group.
  • Blogged a few lines or finished up one.
  • Visited some blog parties and posted encouraging comments.
  • Kept a grandson or two.
  • Substitute taught at school
  • Attended Wednesday coffee at church
  • Exercised
  • Cooked a gourmet dinner
  • Spring and summer I may have mowed for 3 hours on all this acreage
  • Spring and summer I may have been outside moving water hoses all over

Days are never the same at my house.  There is no scheduled routine because my schedule is not based on me, but others and serving.  I’m doing everything I can since retirement, and honestly can’t get enough of the Word, the grandchildren, blogging and teaching.  The weeks fly by and I want them to slow down a bit so I can savor it all.  Sometimes I just want to sit down and watch a movie or just read a historical fiction book out by the pool, but that does not happen as often as I would like.

Am I doing everything I can?  I think so.  The organizing is going slow, but I did throw away a whole lot of papers this week going through the office, and set aside a box of stuff to donate.  The more I do, the more it seems there is to do, but the house didn’t get this way over night.  It sit here while I worked outside the home for 40 plus years, raising a family, going back to college for my degree, and working in church.

I think God would say “well done”.  I think He would agree I am doing the things that bless and honor others.  I sure hope so because on those days when I can’t get it all done and feel stretched thin, I can look around and see that I am doing those things that really matter in the Kingdom.

When I’ve done everything I can each day, it feels GOOD.  Sometimes when I can’t do all I want to do each day, it’s a bit frustrating, so I figure out what is important and what is not and do what I can do, and not worry about the rest.  BUT, whatever I do, I know that I am heartily doing it as unto the Lord, not unto me.  How about you?

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Real Love Is

It’s Five Minute Friday and I love joining Kate Matoung and the other FMF ladies for a Friday day of 5-minute blogs.  Come join in!

What is “real” love?  Real love is the kind of love Jesus has for us.  It is that unconditional love – love that expects absolutely nothing in return.  It’s about caring about others and expecting nothing in return.  It’s a love that is grace-filled. It’s a love that is self-sacrificing.

How do we find that “real” love.  We have to go to the Bible to find out.  I believe that 1 Corinthians 13 is probably the most quoted love chapter.  My husband uses it at every wedding.  In it you find what love is:

Love is