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Joy has to be my favorite word .  I buy ornaments each year with the word joy.

But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.  Luke 2:19 (KJV)

Just as Mary was pondering these things – the birth of her baby boy, I am blessed to be pondering this season and picking up little things for two twin grandsons and a granddaughter all due in March.

As I reflect on Christmas I ponder all the beautiful things about it. I think back on past Christmas’ when I was so stressed and worn out.  Honestly, I may be a tad bit worn out this Christmas, but oh how I am loving everything about the season this year.

You know the older you get the more you realize this could be your last or at least I do.  Perhaps much of that stems from my word that God spoke to me this year – SAVOR and oh how I’ve tried to do that – savor each moment.  I’ve savored decorating, shopping, Christmas programs at church, finishing up my Bible study and anxiously anticipating the next one in the New Year.  I am savoring time with family, cooking for family and most of all my precious Savior’s birthday.

Christmas is more than trees, more than decorations, more than presents – it’s the gift of His presence in all we do not only during this season but every day.  I’m so glad I get that.  How about you?


Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker;  Psalm 95:6 (KJV)

NOVEMBER  (All Done)

Begin new Bible Study called Wait and See by Wendy Pope.


Complete Wendy’s Wait and See study.



Trip to deer lease with our son and daughter-in-love.  We had a whole lot of fun and cooked our Thanksgiving meal there on Saturday and had some friends over too.  Great trip.


What an awesome month for time to spend with family, and we have so, so many plans.  I’m as excited as a six year old.  Can’t wait for all the food, fellowship and games.

Another trip to the deer lease with our son and daughter-in-law, and maybe a final one for awhile.  She’s pregnant with twins and well we don’t want to be four hours away from a good hospital.

Christmas Eve with my husband’s family for dinner.

Christmas Eve at home with the kids and grandkids.

Christmas morning breakfast and celebration of Jesus’ birthday and also our son-in-laws at home with our kids and grandkids.

Christmas day lunch with my family.

It’s gonna be busy around here, so this girl better get busier.  Menus to make.  House to finish cleaning and decorating and I will be so glad when school is out so that phone quits ringing for substitutes.  Yep I’m headed there today after the yearly mammogram.


NOVEMBER (Well not so well)

Working out, drinking water, and eating healthy to decrease this waistline.  This is still a hard goal for me although I did make a whole lot of trips upstairs and in the attic (too many to count), and I did walk down to the end of the block several times, and then there were shopping trips and lots of walking at the lease.


NOVEMBER  (I totally forgot to add friend goals on my November goals, but we did have some precious friends over on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a Thanksgiving meal.)


It’s hard to meet up with a friend at this time of the year, but this past week I was honored to meet up with an aunt who lost her husband a few months ago for lunch so I call this one done already.

Call at least one friend on the phone.   (Done.  I have a sweet friend going through a divorce and one day when God laid her on my heart (a heart drop as Karen Ehman calls it), I picked up the phone and called.  We talked, we laughed, we cried and we prayed for a hour and a half.)

The neighborhood tea still has not happened.  If only I could finish decorating, shopping, and cleaning maybe I could have them over next week before Christmas, but it’s looking doubtful this morning.



Finish cleaning and organizing master bedroom closet. (Probably not happening this week.  I’m starting the Life-Changing Habit of Tidying Up and seeing where that takes me in they say the next six months, but starting with the clothes in the closet.)  (Not done)

Catch up on filing in office. (Not done)

Buy new mattress for master bedroom and move our old one upstairs to a new king bed frame my mother-in-law gave us.  (We got the new mattress and moved the other one upstairs, but the shopping for the things to go on that oversized bed was a wee bit of stress with all that is going on for Christmas.  It was hard but it’s done.)

Take down Fall decorations. (Done)

Begin Christmas Decorations.  (Done)


Finish cleaning and organizing master bedroom closet.  ( I hope this can happen but with all the extra cleaning and organizing and the bed and everything else it might not happen.)

Catch up on filing in office.

Finish decorating, shopping, and cleaning.

Plan dishes for all the Christmas meals.



Lesson 2 – Blogging Course. This is the 8th month I’ve had this as a goal. Not sure I can get it done even this month because the school is calling a lot for substitutes, it’s time to Christmas decorate now and who has time to write.  I just would love to be ready and be able to sit down and read a good Karen Kingsbury love love.

This is a big blog lesson, but I am working on the first part and that was going thru all of my old blogs. I cringe thinking it is already the 15th of the month and I’m just getting this blog post up that should have been up on the first, but sure has been a fun month, and I cleaned up a few more blogs with tags, categories, better photos, and rewrote some with better thoughts from now. (Partially Done)

Review and clean-up 15 more blog posts plus 20 I already completed, so it will be 35. (Done)

Delete at least 500 more emails.  (Done)

Linky Page – Work on a few more days of this project with a completion date of  January.  (Accomplished a bit of this, but haven’t had time to blog nor participate in any of the parties)


Lesson 2 – Blogging Course. This is the 9th month I’ve had this as a goal and it sure is not going to happen this month, but I must keep it here or it will never get done.  I am adding a planned date of March because with Christmas and planning for the 3 new grand babies in March and showers and school it will be at least March, but part of that is the next goal so I am working on it each month, and it is progressing well, but there are over 500 blogs to go back and clean up, tag, and pretty up.

Review and clean-up 15 more blog posts plus 35 I already completed, so it will be 50.

Delete at least 500 more emails.

Linky Page – Work on a few more days of this project with a new completion date of February.

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Christmas is Full of JOY – Not Filling the Calendar

Is your calendar full this Christmas season?  Are you running around shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, and decorating?  I find myself in that frenziness, but I am also finding time to stop and spend time in the Word, in church services, and much prayer as it seems so much is going on with friends and family and in this World.

Christmas should not be stressful – it should be CHRIST full!

As you run to and fro this time of the year pause and reflect on these things:


God wrapped up Jesus – a baby – our JOY!  Jesus was the coming of our JOY!

blog - John 1713

He came that my joy may be from Him, not in filling up the calendar!  Joy in Him in all times – dark times, sad times, happy times.  Our joy can only come from Him.

Blog John 1511

To have joy we have to rely on His strength.

Until we realize that we are NOTHING and that He is EVERYTHING to us, our joy will not be complete.

Wishing you a worshipful, restful time with Him this week!

May you be swaddled in His JOY this Christmas and the coming year..