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31 Days of Faith, Family, Home and Joy – Day 12 – I’ll Worship Him In The Waiting



Ever been in limbo in a waiting period?  I have so, so many times.  The older I get and the closer I am to my Savior, the easier it is to trust Him in the waiting, the quiet, the wilderness – learning to depend on Him to carry me through.  And, you know what He always has, and I know He always will.

How do you worship in the waiting?  I certainly was not worshiping during many of my waiting times.  If you aren’t in one of those times now, you will be.

I can remember vividly the season in our life when I was in the waiting wanting a child so badly – watching my friends, my sisters, my cousins, my church family, and my work partners having babies, and I was losing mine.    I am thankful I didn’t become bitter.  I worked in the church nursery and loved on babies, was the pre-school director and taught four and five year olds.  Today I look back and wonder how I did it.  How did I handle the pain?  Honestly, I don’t remember but I think at some point I surrendered it all to Him, and we started keeping foster children, and stopped waiting, and it happened – I got pregnant.  He gave us a son and then a daughter.  You can read about that here.

Some years back I fell down the stairs, or actually missed the last 4 as I was carrying down winter clothes, and to save trips up the stairs stupid me carried two huge containers at once, backing down (stupid me again).  Anyway, they put a horrible looking contraption on my arm attached to my wrist.   I looked like someone from outer space.  I remember when I finally went back to work one of the girls almost passed out looking at it.  Actually, I wanted to pass out.  After weeks of wearing that and horrible therapy the wrist had not set and I had little use of it.  I remember that limbo being told I would have to go to Ft. Worth or Dallas to have it rebroken and set and probably some bone taken from my hip.

The broken wrist was a long year of waiting for it to heal and later not knowing if it could ever be sort of normal.  I remember some prayer warriors at work coming in and praying with me day after day that God would heal that wrist, and I remember going to Ft. Worth not feeling comfortable with the doctor and trying to find another on our insurance, and days later driving to Dallas to an unknown doctor and crying out in tears as I drove for God to show me what to do, and He did.  I ended up unknowingly with the Texas Rangers wrist doctor.  Today it’s almost normal, but did require a plate and some bone from the hip all of which should have been done in the first surgery.

We waited for grandchildren for years.  I wonder what God wants us to know in all this waiting for kids and now grandkids.  Our first grandson was born with a disease – a horrible disease – but we have watched God perform miracles of healing on him that just does not happen with EB.  We have watched as our children have walked through infertility and miscarriages, and also watched how he changed infertility to a testimony of birth of another grandson, and just this year our daughter gave birth to a granddaughter and our son and daughter in love adopted embryos and gave birth to twin boys.  We are blessed with five grandchildren now all four and under.

I’ve been in a waiting  when my Mom had surgery for a broken leg and got a horrible bacteria, went septic  which later caused the removal of her leg.  I remember months in the hospital waiting to see if she would ever go home, her being unconscious of anything those months as we sit and waited and sit and waited and watched her sleep.   Waiting to see if the bacteria would take her life, and eventually I truly believe it caused the pneumonia that took her.  But in that waiting each time there were friends coming and family to love on us and minister to us and His Spirit there comforting.

I remember being in limbo looking for a nursing home when Mom could no longer walk and she could no longer stay with us girls.  I remember the heartache of going in all those places and I just kept on through much prayer, and I know the place she ended up that had just opened was where God sent us even though it was a bit further for me to drive.

We’ve waited for  new homes, waited to move to the country, waited for a business to recover, and I could share many, many more limbo stories.  I know that always in the waiting He was going before us and He’s brought us through all of it.

He has never failed us.



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Goal Setting, Time



I’m so glad I live in a world where God created seasons.  I am so thankful for October. It’s cool here today.  The windows are thrown open.  I just got back from a refreshing walk.  

Lord, help me to remember my plan should be your plan.  These goals and plans are yours not mine Lord. When I don’t meet a goal, remind me I’m not a failure.                                               


Each day should be a time of reflection with Him not only in these faith goals, but in all I do.

SEPTEMBER:  Total Success

I continued to pray for the mighty things God is doing in our lives right now, and I’ll share more about that below.  SURPRISE!!! Finish the Romans and 1 and 2nd Corinthians

I continue to love the First 5 App from Proverbs 31 Online Bible studies.  It’s on my phone and such a blessing.  Began Deuteronomy on the App and I’ve also been doing the study Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, and I’ve also been attending one at church called Open Your Bible by Rachel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams.  I do well having a quiet time each day.

Be still and know that I am God. ~ Psalm 46:10


Complete all my studies – Deuteronomy devotions, and the Uninvited and Open Your Bible studies.


My priorities should be family first.  I want to be that wife, mom, mother-in-law,  Nana and daughter-in-law.


We got to go to the lease with our son and his family, and we were able to keep our two grandsons, and even had the privilege of taking them both with us to Sunday School one Sunday after they spent the night.  We got to our niece’s Dad’s house and are almost through with the clean-up so that she can sell it.


We have a trip planned with our son, daughter-in-love and her family to the coast to fish.

I hope to get a day shopping in my daughter for her birthday and who knows, maybe lunch.

Gender reveal of the twins


SEPTEMBER:  Did well except for the treadmill.

My husband and I both got in to the doctor for our physicals, and so thankful everything was good.  We also got into the dentist for our semi-annual cleaning.  I did well wearing my pedometer and getting my steps in, but did not get on the treadmill once a week.  I’m doing well on my water and healthy meals.


Healthy meals, lots of walking, and now that it’s cooler I can take the grandsons walking.  Shooting again for the treadmill one day a week.  As of today I’ve lost seven pounds since May.  YEA!  Working out, eating healthy and drinking lots of water to decrease this weight and waistline.


SEPTEMBER:  Partial Success

Try and meet a friend for lunch or coffee.  We didn’t meet up for lunch or coffee, but we did get to meet up with about five couples at a friends house for dinner.  These were old high school friends and when your are all in your sixties that’s been a very long time.  It was great.

Have some neighbor ladies over for tea/coffee. This has been on the list forever, and now it’s back to being hard again with school having started.  FAILURE right now, but this will be a success.


I’m not giving up on having my neighbors over for coffee/tea, but honestly it is probably going to be November.

I hope to meet up with a friend for lunch.


SEPTEMBER: Partial Success

Decorate for Fall – Done.

Finish cleaning and organizing master bedroom closet – Nope.

Catch up on filing in office – Nope.


Finish cleaning and organizing master bedroom closed.

Catch up on filing in office.


SEPTEMBER:  Moving All of these to October.  Not calling this a failure anymore.  In God’s timing it will get finished.

Lesson 2 – Blogging Course. This is the 6th month I’ve had this as a goal. Not sure I can get it done even this month because the school is calling a lot for substitutes. It is a big lesson, but I am working on the first part and that was going thru all of my old blogs. I cringe thinking it is already the 8th of the month. How can that be? Where does the time go?

Review and clean-up 15 more blog posts plus 20 I already completed, so it will be 35.

Delete at least 500 more emails.

Linky Page – Work on a few more days of this project with a completion date of October.


Lesson 2 – Blogging Course. This is the 6th month I’ve had this as a goal. Not sure I can get it done even this month because the school is calling a lot for substitutes. It is a big lesson, but I am working on the first part and that was going thru all of my old blogs. I cringe thinking it is already the 24th of the month and I’ve not even gotten this blog post up, but sure has been a fun month, and I cleaned up a few more blogs with tags, categories, better photos, and rewrote some with better thoughts from now.

Review and clean-up 15 more blog posts plus 20 I already completed, so it will be 35.

Delete at least 500 more emails.

Linky Page – Work on a few more days of this project with a completion date of November.

Joined the #write31 days group.  I am going to try and blog all 31 days of October.  I think I can even though I am already behind I know I can.

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July Goals and June Recap

July Goals and June Recap-3



Pray More Worry Less – I’ve done well praying more and really not worrying.  I have  peace because I know God is doing some mighty things in our family right now.  I can’t wait to share how God is going to show us His glory just as He said in John 11:4 to Lazarus’ sisters “for the glory of God, so that the son of God may be glorified by it.”  

You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.                                                                                                                                         Psalm 30:11 (NIV)

Five-Minute Daily Devotion on Acts – First-Five App – Stay caught up and not get behind. Finish Acts and begin Numbers on June 6th.  Oops it is June 6th today.  (It’s June 15th.  I’m just trying to finish this up,  and I can’t write so I am already behind on Numbers and Acts had a couple of days to finish.)  (Failure – the stitches, and then food poisoning kept me behind on all my devotions.)

Begin Bible study at church on June 8 (Happy Birthday to me) – It’s called The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst.  I’ve done it before as a volunteer team leader for Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, and I can not wait to do it with my church family. (I attended on June 8th but again I am behind because I can’t write in my workbook, and we were out-of-town today so I missed the video.)  (Failed due to stitches, food poisoning, and travel)

Begin the Bible Study The Husband Project by Kathy Lipp with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies on June 20 –  This one has been a total success and keeping up with my husband projects.


Pray Reverently and Fervently Every Day – Several things on our hearts right now and I’m believing God is going to do some mighty things.  I can’t wait to share.

Finish The Best Yes Bible Study at my church.

Finish The Husband Project Bible Study with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies.

Catch up on Numbers Devotions with the First 5 App from Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies.

Start the Romans and 1 and 2 Corinthians Devotions with the First 5 App from Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies beginning July 25 – September 24.


From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.                                                                                                                          JOHN 1:16 (NIV) 


Walks in the neighborhood with both the boys, and yes continue snuggling on the sofa with my husband – Total success


Mini-trip with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson –Success

Fishing Tournament with our son, daughter-in-law and grandson –  Success and our 2.5 year old grand son won 3rd place.

Family Reunion with my husband’s family.  Can’t wait –  Success


Continue walks with the grandsons and alone, and yep a whole lot of snuggling with the husband.

Lots of swimming with whoever.




Wear pedometer (7,000 steps a day), Exercise 3-4 days a week, eat healthier, walk the boys at least twice and plan one week of meals.  Lose 2 pounds –   Although I got behind I’ve done well eating healthier and I am putting 10,000 steps on the pedometer and I did not lose the  2 pounds, but did not gain with all the sitting from the hurt fingers.


Wear pedometer (moving up to 10,000 steps a day).  Exercise 3-4 days a week, eat healthier, walk the boys at least twice and plan one week of meals.  Lose 2 pounds.  Keep a log of all exercise.

Drink 4 large glasses of water.  Record it.  I recently read this article on the benefits of drinking water.    I think I would feel so much better if I drank more water instead of coffee, tea and sodas.  This cup was a gift from a friend who sells them here.

Plan and prepare healthier meals.

Exercise 20 minutes at least 3 days a week in addition to walking.  Keep a record in my planner.

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.                                                                                                                                         1 Corinthians 10:31 (ESV)




Be The Blessing – OK I am going out on a limb here because it is June 6th and my birthday is in two days.  This year I am 66.  It seems impossible.  I wish I was 30 and knowing all I do now, but we don’t get do overs.  Anyway two days from now if I can get it all organized I want to be a blessing and give 66 things.  I was up until 1:00 this morning making a list of 66 things and I have not been able to come up with that many, but maybe my friends and family can help.  (Did it and it was great.)  (Here is my planned post.)- I haven’t been able to write about all the wonderful things that happened.)  Would you join me on my blog post for my birthday and share how you have performed a random act of kindness.  Here is my post on that.

Lunch With Friends – I had planned to have lunch with some friends I used to work with on June 10th, but I cut my fingers on June 9th so they were still deadened and I could not drive, but I did meet up with a church friend on Wednesday this week after Bible study and have lunch.

Unplanned Friend HappeningsWe had a friend come from Louisiana to fish with my husband and son.  We got to go to lunch with him and both our kids and their families.  FUN!


Meet one of my girl friends who I used to work with.  We are both retired and it’s been hard lately meeting up.

Have some neighbor ladies over for tea/coffee.  God’s been speaking to me about doing this for months.



House goals  – Total failure.   I could not do anything with my fingers.  Still not able to get out into the flower beds, but hopefully in July I’ll be able to do something.

Clean the front flower beds, mulch them and trim all fifteen azaleas –Total failure and I hesitate to keep putting this on the list, but it needs to be done so I will.  The fingers totally prevented this, and now I’m worried I’ll see that five-foot snake again.

Clean out winter clothes.  Bring summer clothes downstairs – I was able to do some of this partially, but it’s better.  Will finish in July.

Clean out make-up drawer – Failure


I’ve added lots of things to do in July.  Eeeeek

Clean the front flower beds, mulch them and trim all fifteen azaleas.

Clean out make-up drawer. 

Clean and organize kitchen pantry.

Clean seven of the kitchen drawers.

Clean and organize master bedroom closet.

Donate clothes, shoes and purses



Blogging Goals

Continue to pray about where my emphasis should be.  So many questions on my heart right now as to how I should proceed.  (Still no firm answers as to where God wants me, so I keep moving along.)


Lesson 2 – Blogging Course – Failure

Review and clean-up my first 15 blogs – Partial success.  I got 10 finished)

Linky Page – Complete cleaning it up – Partial success.  I worked on a few days of the link page.

Names of God – Finish my blog posts on the names of God from Wendy Blight’s study of I Know His Name – Failure, and not sure when this can happen.  I hope to blog about them all one day.


Lesson 2 – Blogging Course.  This is the 3rd month I’ve had this as a goal.  Not sure I can get it done.  It was a big lesson but I am working on the first part and that was going thru all of my old blogs.

Review and clean-up 15 more blogs plus 5 so it will be 20.

Delete at least 1,000 emails.

Linky Page – Work on a few more days of this project with a completion date of August.

Attend the Declare Blogging Conference.

Names of God – I have failed at finishing the Names of God posts.  It’s been hard keeping up and I thought it would be easier this summer, but so far it hasn’t been.  We will see how the month of July progresses and if I run out of subject to blog about, I’ll pick this up.

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None of my links are affiliate links.  They are for your information only in case you might want to do a study, etc..

A couple of the pictures for blogging goals and the recap are courtesy of A Prettier Web and complimentary when you sign up.

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Clock blog

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.  Where does time go?

Calendars, alarm clocks, phones ringing, message and Facebook notifications, appointment books, watches, bells ringing to begin and end school days.  Time just keeps flying.  The older I get the faster the days are going and I am retired.

One thing I have learned about time is it goes faster and faster.  People always say that, and trust me it is true it is going faster and faster.  Sometimes I just want to slow down and do less, and God whispers to me to keep going, keep going forward, keep telling others; so I do.

How do you spend your days?  I have to admit I am constantly on the move.  Sometimes I have so much on my mind it is hard to go to sleep.   I’m busy running around looking at the clock, glancing at my watch, and I know at the same time God is busy too watching me, going before me and behind me.

For some reason I thought retirement would be relaxing watching Hallmark movies and reading books and it was for a month or two, but I felt God whispering and nudging in all sorts of ways, and I did things I did not think I could do, or was qualified to do.  I know in my heart that as I started spending more time personally with Him each morning praying and in Bible study that I was able to hear Him like I had never before.

So, what am I doing with my precious time right now:

  •  I am involved in the World’s largest on-line Bible studies with Proverbs 31.  I love it, and it has grown me more than any that I have ever done at church. Don’t get me wrong, I love my church Bible studies and go to them every chance I get, but with these I am not just a participant, I am a team leader.  Who would have thought this shy introvert could do that.
  • I substitute teach.  I felt that calling to be a light in my community in the public school system.  It is certainly not for the money at minimum wage.  Some days I don’t feel like a light, but I’m working on it.  I cannot believe I followed through with this one.
  • I get to work my dream job – unpaid in dollars, but paid in love and a whole lot of joy – keeping my two grandsons while my daughter and daughter-in-law work from home.  It’s the job I always wanted when my two kids were growing up, and now God has allowed me this precious time with those boys.  I pray I will live old enough to watch them grow up, and perhaps I will get to see them marry someday.
  • Getting my house organized.  Eeeeek.  Oh my after 46 years working outside the home, running kids to and fro, doing every job at church I was asked.  You know sing in the choir, church clerk, pre-school/nursery director, teacher of 4s and 5s, coordinating women’s ministry and on and on. The house does not look like something in a magazine YET, but hey it is looking better than ever.

We all have choices of what we do with our time.  For me it definitely resolves around Jesus and Him on my mind.  I love this quote:

“For the next twelve hours I will be exposed to the day’s demands. It is now that I must make a choice. Because of Calvary, I’m free to choose. And so I choose.
I choose love . . .”.  Max Lucado\

Joining Kate Matoung today at Five-Minute Friday and the prompt is time.

Check out these small groups cards.  I am hoping to win them to use in my small groups.  






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Family or Messes – What Really Matters????


The laundry room overflows with clothes.  The office desk is full of papers and “stuff”.  The kitchen counter is full of mail and a few smudges.  Things are scattered here and there.  The bookcases were cleaned out at Christmas, but now again running over with books I got at the half-price book store, and I don’t make the time to read.

I know for many of you this would send you into a cleaning frenzy, and sometimes it does me also.  It has been a hard year subbing, staying up with my Bible study, leading a facebook group through the study at MelissaTaylor.Org, losing my mom and cleaning out her house after her being ill for 18 years,  trying to sell all her personal stuff, clean out Dad’s three sheds as well as the house, and at the same time keep two yards mowed that are 35 minutes apart and take care of bills for two households.

I know we are all busy – life is just busy and for all of us it is a different set of circumstances.  Life is unpredictable and sometimes just hard especially if you are dealing with a health issue, elderly parents, or a special-needs child.

Last week we were at Mom’s every day trying to get ready for a garage/estate sale.  One of my sisters suggested we all needed to get together more and it should be at my house.  Well you know my “Martha” self kicked in but I could not do anything about it and Martha was saying there will not be any time to clean.  No, no, no! I was at Mom’s all day, every day and by the time I got home in the evening and got some dinner and a few clothes washed I was tired.  But then my “Mary” self kicked in, I sit at Jesus’ feet on Thursday morning thinking about the true meaning of family, and what I should be doing and realized I needed to focus on what is really important and that is not my messes.

Do you take your family for granted?  I do!  I am really good with my kids and our mother-in-law,  but we stay so busy we leave family out for the most part except for special occasions (Christmas, Thanksgiving, graduations, Easter, Birthdays, etc.).  Soooo I decided I didn’t have to be Martha and they were not coming here to see my house, but me.  I do not want to miss the moments that really matter.  I want to spend time with family, some of whom could be gone today or tomorrow.  We never know what tomorrow holds.  After losing Mom this year unexpectedly, our fathers also unexpectedly and two nephews, you come to realize how life can change in an instant.

Today is July 1, a new day and today I have decided to let some of it go. I want to jump in the pool with my husband when he gets home after dinner  but I think it would be a little chilly with this unexpected cold front in Texas on July 1.   Today I am making some “me time” too.  That is something I seldom do – so I am going to pause this afternoon and read some historical fiction and leave the messes for tomorrow.    I did get stuff cleaned up off the top of the dryer and yes I am working on that desk for an hour and two loads of clothes are done.  Maybe I will get outside and water and trim after lunch and then read.

Do you  crave organization/cleanliness in your house?  I find I do – it is just hard with so many responsibilities.  I want simplicity and organization and I am finding I am doing a better job of throwing out and donating.  I brought eight glasses from Mom’s house so I took six out of the pantry.  I have lost a little weight so I am boxing up clothes that are too big to take to a drop box and donate.

When it comes to messes or  to make dinner for a friend who just had a baby and leave the dishes on the counter, I am at a stage where the friend comes first.  Family comes first.  The dishes will stay, but life goes by, we lose loved ones and we can never get a single day with them back.  Have you lost a loved one or loved ones?  Do you have regrets?

Have you rushed through your days just looking forward to them to end?  Have you longed for some quiet time just wishing your children would play so you could get the house clean. or perhaps sit with Jesus?   Friends I want to tell you those precious moments go by quickly.  Those nights you did not savor with a new born when you were being awakened to feed.  Those moments they wanted to sit in your lap and you were too busy to stop and hold them, hug them, read to them.  Those moments the adult children invited you to do something and you could not find the time.  Those times you don’t want to answer the phone to talk to a loved one because you are busy.  Those visits to visit your grandparents or parents when they are lonely.  Those moments you can never get back – only memories – are you making them moments to savor, precious moments to remember?

Be careful that someday you don’t regret that you were more worried about the laundry then  sitting  to read a story or to get off the computer to be with your children.  And speaking of computers, how many times do I go out to eat and see a couple both texting, or a young lady with what appears to be her grandmother ignoring her and texting.  Can we not put our phones and ipads down for a short meal to love on our loved ones?  It breaks my heart when I see this.

The truth of the matter is that someday you will have quiet moments and peace and time to yourself.  You will be remembering the moments with children, family and friends who have either grown up, moved out, or are no longer with you.  Are you making the moments – both bad and good – matter???  Stop and play with the kids.  Go meet a friend for lunch with your phone turned off.  Send an email or text to brighten someone’s day, but even better call them and spend some time chatting rather than that quick text.

Yesterday we had around twenty-five family members here for lunch.  Do you know I never heard anyone say you need to clean, look at those weeds in that one flower bed, the house needs some paint, the pool needs remodeling?  What I heard was that peanut butter cup ice cream was amazing, loved that brisket, I need the recipe for those salads, love your new kitchen, let’s do this every year, your dog is so cute and fun, your house is beautiful and thanks.

So to friends and family I want you to know that a mess at my house means that I am busy with what really matters and that is savoring the moments with you, finding some “me time” for me and being like Mary and sitting at Jesus’ feet.

 So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.  Psalm 90:12 (KJV)