Kate Motaung Five Minute Friday, Uncategorized

Past Regrets

REGRETS! Most of us have past regrets. We can not hide from them. God knows every stinkin' one of them. God's grace will cover them. Not a thing in our lives that He does not know and care about.  In fact He knew our sins/regrets before we were born. I can't think of a lot… Continue reading Past Regrets

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Show Me What Is Important Today

The closets are overflowing with clothes that need to be donated.  Okay, I've really been working on it this summer while school was out but if you know me, my summer was busy, and now the phone is ringing again for subs.  Books I want to read, and was going to read this summer are… Continue reading Show Me What Is Important Today


Aspen Tree Facts

We just arrived home from a vacation in Estes Park, Colorado.  We  spent a lot of time in the Rocky Mountain National Forest. One evening we took an adventure sunset ride to the Roosevelt National Forest. During that trip we stopped in a big grove of Aspens, and one of our drivers told us a… Continue reading Aspen Tree Facts