Kate Motaung 31 day challenge


ROUTINES – REALLY? I’m sitting here thinking about routines - those chores, duties, and tasks that I do each day or regularly.  I’m laughing a little because at this season of my life (retirement), you would think I would have a routine.   It’s all over the place, but mornings for me are routinely relaxing.… Continue reading ROUTINES – REALLY?

Faith, Kate Matoung Five-Minute Friday

All I Need – His Hands Provide

When I saw the prompt PROVIDE on FMF today , I just started singing that song "Great Is Thy Faithfulness", a great old hymn we used to sing more in church.   I love the words. This song reminds me of how much I owe Him in return for all He has done for my… Continue reading All I Need – His Hands Provide

Kate Motaung Five Minute Friday

I’m Tired

I'm tired.  How about you?   If you come to my house, you might just find a mess.  Trust me, that does not mean I am tired, but it might mean the grands have been here for a few days, or I am out substitute teaching ministering to students, or helping out a teacher who… Continue reading I’m Tired