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29 Mar

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I  thought January zoomed by fast, but February zoomed faster and well today is March 29. The first day of Spring has past.  We’ve had our first hail storm.  Many in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area had golf ball and baseball hail, including our niece so it has been a rough start to Spring,  last night  some horrible wind damage to some homes north of Dallas.  I love Spring, but this is the one thing that makes Spring in Texas rough.

Here I am today just now talking about March goals, reviewing February and yes behind.  Hoping I get April planned out just a little bit earlier.  I have not even taken the time to evaluate how March was going so today may be a shocker.

Since my last post I’ve become a Nana three more times.  I have three week old twin grandsons and a new granddaughter who is two weeks old, and this week I am sitting in a hotel with the pleasure of watching her while he mommy had to go to work to help with an evaluation at the college where she works with a team that was coming in to review them.  Now that’s my kind of life!  Cuddling and not worrying about housework or cooking or even substitute teaching.  A nice break from it all and who cares about goals?  Hmmmmm well I do, but not more than babies and family.


In the day when I cried thou answeredst me, and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul..png


Continue my Bibles Studies from January – Finding I AM and 1 Peter – A Living Hope.  Done.

Continue First Five App.  Done.


Begin Listen, Love, Repeat Bible Study by Karen Ehman.  It’s not to late to join us.  The study starts on Monday, April 3.  Sign-ups are here  You can do the study right there on the blog 24/7, but we also have small groups.  They fill up fast so if you are interested click here and see if that is still an option.

First 5 App Daily Devotionals  – Stay caught up on my First 5 daily devotionals.  I highly recommend the Proverbs 31 First 5 App for a daily devotional.  They have a book for each Bible  study, but it is not required – takes the devotional into a little more depth and so inspiring.  I do both, but if you aren’t in to really digging in then I would suggest you download the app for your first five minutes of the day to spend some alone time with Him.  You can check it out here and see a sample of today’s devotional.


Is that not a house-full of love?  These are truly grandchildren that the Lord has given to us, His servants.  Miscarriages, infertility and years of waiting BUT see what the Lord can do as we stay faithful and pray.  Four boys and one girl all three and under.  JOY unspeakable!!

 And he lifted up his eyes, and saw the women and the children; and said, Who are those with thee? And he said, The children which God hath graciously given thy servant.-2.png


Special Day with grandson, Colt.  Not sure what it will be, and will depend on the weather.  Done – we went to a new wooden park as he calls it.  Stopped at McDonald’s first and picked up lunch.

Lunch with my daughter.  Done.  We had a great lunch together as always with my two-year old grandson climbing under the table.  So much fun having burgers, and doing a little shopping.


I am going to say March is DONE because there has been a whole lot of family time with three new grand babies.   I have been running my daughter places until she could drive.  Kept the toddler while my son took my DIL for her post delivery check, and then went with my DIL to have the twins PKU test, and their post birth check with their pediatrician and then we had lunch together.  Ran my daughter to Sprouts last week and then drove the new baby and toddler around while she shopped for shoes and then we had another lunch together with the toddler dancing in the booth.  On Saturday a week ago we kept the twins while the kids took the 3 year old to Disney on Ice, and then the other kids came over and well I forgot to snap a picture of all five grand babies here for the first time, but I do have a great one the kids took.  March is not over and this last week I am here at the hotel being treated by the kids for staying here keeping our only grand daughter.  FUN, FUN, month and it isn’t over.


Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak_ for your work shall be rewarded.-2.png


Walking – Treadmill and in our neighborhood at least 1 hour a week.  Still some catching up but doing well.  Been on two walks with one of my grandsons, two by myself and tonight on the treadmill.   Small steps are good.    I made several new recipes.  One of them was called Philly Cheese Steak Casserole.  YUM!   I’ve had a protein shake almost every morning during the month of January and now into February.  DONE


My March goals have not been so good mainly because I fell and could not exercise.  For two weeks there was so much pain in my leg, my shoulder, my breast area, neck and head.  Yep it was a very hard fall but nothing broken and today I am a lot better.  I put the baby in a stroller yesterday and we went walking to a shopping area.  May try that again today or take her down to the gym here while she is sleeping and get on one of those fancy machines.  Still doing well on our diet making small changes like more yogurt, salads, healthy muffins, etc..



Lunch with a new friend – one of my group members on my team.  Met up with Donna.  DONE

Visit our Sunday school teacher’s wife who had knee surgery.  DONE

Met up with both of the ladies on the same day.  Was a very enjoyable day.


Met a couple of my girlfriends (Cheryl and Mary Margaret) that  I used to work with before retirement for lunch.  Mary had to leave and Cheryl and I stayed and visited for hours over dessert and coffee.  DONE 



Clean out under my bathroom sink and my bathroom drawers again.   Not touching my hubbies area.  DONE

Clean out two bottom drawers on one of my dressers.  DONE

Clean out some cups in my kitchen. DONE


I’ve done a lot this month trying to clean out more and donate and get things ready for a resale shop.  Making slow progress this month with so much that has been happening.



Lesson 2 – Blogging Course. Continue working on Lesson 2 cleaning up 500 blog posts. It’s going well but the new babies are due soon and seeing all the work designing new pictures on many of the blogs and re-writing some I am going to make this date May.  DONE

Review and clean-up 15 more blog posts plus 50 I already completed so it will be 65. DONE

Linky Page – Continue cleaning  DONE


Lesson 2 – Blogging Course – Continue cleaning up 500 blog posts.  Averaging about two a day.  My date is May and hope I don’t have to slip it.

Review and clean up 15 more blog posts plus 65 already done or 80 total.

Linky Page – Continue cleaning


Write 31 Days – Day 4-Brew – Jehovah, Java and Tea

5 Oct

coffee - picture pumpkinWhat’s better than walking in the kitchen on a dark morning and smelling coffee brewing?  I love coffee.  I love tea too, but love my tea cold during the day, and hot on a night when I can’t sleep.  I added a little non-fat whipping cream and a little cinnamon to my cup yesterday morning.

This morning I went to pick up the boys, and well, before that I stopped for my first pumpkin latte of the season.  Hot or cold it’s delicious, but I preferred it hot this morning, but I would love to try that cold pumpkin chile mocha in that picture.


I see this cute little sign every time I walk in the kitchen.  I love it because my daughter just came walking in one day with it.


Most days I sit down after my breakfast with a cup of coffee and my Bible study.  Right now I am involved in two Bible studies – one on-line and one at church.  Most mornings I am working on my on-line study, and we are currently doing Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst.  I take my church Bible study with me to school because it’s much simpler, and I can get it done during lunch.  Right now we are doing Open Your Bible by Amanda Bible Williams and Raechel Myers.

So what’s your favorite brew?  Are you in a Bible study right now or reading a good book?  Would love to hear about it.

Here are my other #31 Days of Coffee and Amazing Moments Posts.

Day 1 – God Painted The Skies For My Walk This Morning

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5 Habits Book – Are You A Quitzilla?

1 Mar


I am so excited today to tell you about the release of this book:

5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit by Nicki Koziarz

5 Habits


I just finished reading Nicki’s book and I was not disappointed.  I have known Nicki for a while now and love hearing her speak, so I knew the book would not disappoint me. Today is her release day, and we are loving all the excitement.  Next month thousands of us will be joining her in an on-line Bible study at Proverbs 31 Ministries.

When I picked up this book I thought I was not a quitter.  I found out I am, and how to hang in there instead of quitting.  So can you as she walks us through not quitting in our relationships, our jobs, and our dreams.

So what can you learn from this book?  First, check out the five habits.  If they don’t spur you to read this book nothing will:

  1. Habit One – She accepts the assignment of refinement.
  2. Habit Two – She follows through with her commitments despite how she feels.
  3. Habit Three – She stays open to the movement of God.
  4. Habit Four – She gives others what she needs.
  5. Habit Five – She moves forward in faith.

One of the things I loved most while reading 5 Habits was how Nicki walks us through the life of Ruth in practical steps comparing to her life and ours.  It is a beautiful story, and we can be like Ruth impacting generations to come.

This is also a fun book.  I loved all of Nicki’s little stories about  “quitzillas” and her real-life stories about her husband, daughters, pigs and the fixer-upper farm, sitting in car pool lines and all the times she has quit. I loved all the practical, Biblical advise Nicki shares..

Nicki has come up with some acronyms I’ve never heard like “quitzilla”, “see-over prayers”, #humblebrag, “fists open”, “mistake sandwich” and others.  You just have to read it to enjoy it.

I don’t want to quit anymore.  How about you?  Come join us in our next study at Proverbs 31 beginning April 18.  You can sign up here.



21 Aug


How do you find time to spend in studying and learning more about Him?  That’s a question for all of us in the busyness of life. Yes I know that it does not matter what stage of life we are in that today, it is a busy, busy World.  We are taking care of babies, running kids to all kinds of practices or school, taking care of aging parents, working outside or inside the home, taking care of our yards, and on and on and on.  I retired a few years ago, and let me tell you it’s true when they say you are busier retired than you were working.

So I will just share how I have FINALLY found time to really, really study the Word and grow like I have never before.

Find a Bible study at church or on-line.  Our Bible studies at church are in the evening, and honestly I do not want to be gone in the evening because that time is for my husband.   Shortly after I retired I found Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies and my life changed and changed.  I thought I was very close to God, but I found out I was NOT.  Check out the P31 website.  You won’t regret it.  Our next study  starts September 8th and is called “Taming The To-Do List”.   tamingtodolist2.  Spend some time in prayer each morning or evening or better yet, how about both?  Actually, I try to spend time on my knees in the morning before I lead my team of group leaders with Proverbs 31.  Yes I was just a group participant a few years ago, but I fell so in love with these studies and when I asked to volunteer as a leader, I did.  I love to start the morning before I enter my team in prayer for them, my family, my friends, neighbors, church and country.  I love running to Him no matter how my day starts – joyful or struggling with the pains that come with life.

3.Choose a time to study and try and keep that time commitment.  Maybe it’s early morning before the family gets up.  For me it is as soon as my husband walks out to go to work, but if I am subbing at school it may be a little in the morning, and a little at lunch.  Try to be consistent, but also be ready to adapt.

4.  Find a place to have your quiet time.  Most days I am just sitting here on my den sofa, but occasionally I’ll go out on the front porch or out by the pool.  I have been known to sit at the kitchen table.  Make it comfortable and relaxing with no distractions.

5.  One of my favorite things that I recently started is called the First 5 App.  It is offered for our phones and downloads each morning with a five-minute devotional.  They are absolutely the best devotions I have ever followed.  They are transforming and who can’t give their first five minutes to God.  Check out the First 5 App here or just go to your phone and search apps.  It’s FREE.


5.  Know how to study and research.  They have taught us a whole lot about how to study our Bibles using search tools, etc..  We learn a bit each study.  Here is just one amazing example.

6.  Keep Notes – I love keeping notebooks of what I am studying.  I love all sorts of pens and markers and I DO highlight my Bible favorite scriptures and write notes in the margins.

7.  Memorize Scripture.   I love memorizing scripture.  We are given one verse a week during our Bible studies.  While we have breaks I will go back to be sure I’ve memorized.  Here is an example of how I post scriptures around the house to help me.  Store up His Word.


Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalm 119:11 (KJV)

Joining Kate Motaung in Five-Minute Friday today.

This post was featured on Grace At Home on 9/3/25 and on Meandering Mondays on 9-6-15.

Out of My Own Substance

28 Sep

blog-John 20.18This week in our on-line gap Bible Study, we are studying Mary Magdalene who followed Jesus, ministering to Him from her own resources.  Jesus has taught us that whatever we do to even the least, we are doing for Him and His glory.  One of our suggested topics this week was to write about how we give back to ministry in our homes, churches, communities, online, etc and what gifts we feel God has given us to use for His kingdom and if we feel a tugging to step out of our comfort zones and say yes to something more.

I loved this topic this week because for me after working for years and years, trying to always keep my Christian perspective and watching people

For many, many years I have felt God nudging me to lead women but my pride, or lack of it, kept pulling me back.  Not me, not me it’s too hard.  I dabbled with it – took women around the state and even out of state to Beth Moore conferences or weekend retreats where she would be one of the speakers – let her speak, not me – I am not qualified. I bought some CDs and had women over to the house for women’s lunches/brunches and played the CDs – not me – I cannot teach.

Almost two years ago I I said Yes to my Lord and retired.  I know it was a word from Him because normally I would have given a year’s notice for a hard to fill job, but early one November He whispered to me and I listened and I retired just a little over a month later because I felt my Mom needed me.

A few months later I wanted to join a Bible study and those at church were in the evening so I surfed and God led me to Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies.  My first was “I Used to Be So Organized by Glynnis Whitwer”.   I had joined the OBS and was awe-stricken with so much honor and respect for these ladies at Proverbs 31 and Melissa Taylor’s on-line Bible study.  If only I could be like them – just a little like them would be nice.  I wanted to be a Proverbs 31 Lady but thought to myself – who me?  Never.  I continued through the study, and sometime near the end I was asked about being a leader.  Wow I don’t think I have been that happy since my children were born, but I was afraid.  How in the world would I lead women?  I certainly am not qualified.  I said I’ll pray about it and let you know.  I prayed for a few days and talked to my family who all were thrilled, and encouraged me, and eventually God spoke to me and I dove in and I said YES!

I am so glad I  said Yes humbling myself by giving up that pride of thinking I couldn’t teach so that He could become greater through me.  I know now without Him I can not do it alone.  I know when I am leading I may only be an audience of one.  I learned through that experience that God can and will enable the unequipped if we will exalt Him and let Him do it through us.

As I grew more and more through those studies walking along beside some very precious women of God, I began to choose my one word for 2013.   God placed on my heart my “one word” for this year – not a New Year’s resolution but one word and that word was Less as I reflected on being less of me and more of Him.  At that time we were int he study, Greater and just a few days later I read God’s confirmation of my one word – “Jesus must become greater: I must become less.”

I see Mary Magdalene a lot like that and a wonderful role model for all of us.  I’ve looked at the Proverbs 31 Lady and wanted to be like her, but as we studied Mary this week, I think she is another good example of a woman to desire to be more like.  Christa Hutchins shared today that to her “the hallmark of Mary Magdalene was her capacity to love by supporting His ministry, serving Him, standing by Him through the toughest times, refusing to abandon even to the bitter end, and ministering to Him even after His death”.  I had to pause to think about that.  Am I there yet?  NO I am not.  Am I loving others through serving Him, standing up for them in good times and bad? I do know that God has brought me further the last two years of my life than ever before and I believe it is because I want to serve Him.

Last September 2012, I took a second plunge in saying “YES”.  One I was also very scared and timid to do, but again I felt God nudging me to go out and minister to my immediate community.  We had lived here for many years but had attended church and a Christian school and our jobs all 45 minutes away.  We really only knew our immediate neighbors and I just felt God calling me to get out and serve Him here.  I decided I would substitute teach, meet new women and children at school and be a light – so off I went to train where I listened as they begged for teachers to work with the “special needs” children.   I sit there  and said no way, Jose’ could I do that.  I’ll stick with reading, writing and arithmetic  A few weeks later the automated phone call came for my first teaching job.  Excited I left and called my husband on the way to school.  I said I hope it is not a math class.  I walked into the school office and they said you are in CBI today.  My heart SUNK!  I wanted to CRY!  What could I say?   I wanted to RUN out – forget about ministering to my community.  But with God I said “YES” and I  walked down that hall and walked in that class and my life was forever changed.

Have you ever worked with a “special needs” child?  I came home that day wanting to cry because of my stinking thinking.  I was so humbled, so over-joyed and exhausted.  Last year and most of this one so far I have been in “special needs”.  I love those teachers and those kids and I do cry – cry for joy that God chose me to work with them.  Humbled each time I watch one of them learn something new and it stick.  Every time I teach a simple color or number or something in our PE or computer class or get a child to eat with a spoon, or throw a ball, play a game, work a puzzle, I am thrilled – absolutely thrilled – that my God would take someone like me to help a child grow in Him.  And I am thrilled that He knew that Colt, my grandson would need some special needs this year.  God planted me early to grow and be prepared for this season of my life.

As Pastor Furtick said last year in our study of Greater, “The only path to greater heights in the things of God is to get lower.  The lower you get, the higher God can take you”.  It’s not about me, it’s about Him.  Less of me, MORE of Him.   My one word.  LESS!  blog - one word

As I have studied about Mary this week and her obedience, I wonder where God is calling me next.  I wonder if I can have that same obedience like Mary in Luke 23 who rested on the Sabbath in obedience with the commandments.  At that moment she was mourning, confused, and angry at what had happened to Jesus.  Do we find ourselves obedient during these times?  I find that sometimes I DO NOT trust God when it does not make sense.   Sometimes my obedience is delayed – I usually come around but not like Mary did.  In Luke 23:55-56 …… we are called to take advantage of the opportunities given us, doing what we can do and not worrying about what we cannot do.  Are we missing moments with the Lord because we are worrying about what we cannot do?  How many moments did I miss for so many years thinking I could not lead/teach women.

In Mark 16:1 it read “Amongst all the overwhelming problems and obstacles, the women faced them and went on out with love, and gratitude for Jesus and leaving the big obstacles to God.”  What are my obstacles in the coming year?  I am not sure, but God knows.  This year it was losing Mom and then having our precious grandson born with a horrible skin disease called EB.   Was God preparing me for these obstacles?  I have no doubt.  He placed me with some precious women to love on me and He placed me with some beautiful children to teach me.  Moving on to 2014 with love and gratitude and preparing for what is ahead.  Some of what is ahead I know and that is ministering to my daughter-in-law as I help her with her home and Colt in the coming weeks, subbing in other areas (this week a lab and it was frightening because it was ALL subjects and we do not know who is coming in next) but I did it and last week I looked in our church bulletin an opening for a women’s director – just for a moment I paused – but I know without a doubt I am where God wants me today – ministering at school and to my family and my OBS ladies.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be more like Mary Magdalene.    Mary said in John 20:18  “I have seen the Lord!” Have you seen the Lord?  Are you missing moments with Him?

blog - John 20.18

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