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Show Me What Is Important Today

31 Aug

You can't turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again. Bonnie Pruden-2.png

The closets are overflowing with clothes that need to be donated.  Okay, I’ve really been working on it this summer while school was out but if you know me, my summer was busy, and now the phone is ringing again for subs.  Books I want to read, and was going to read this summer are still waiting (but thankfully our studies are starting back up and right now I am reading that book – She’s Still There.  The kitchen counter is no longer full of mail except for three paid bills waiting to be dropped off at the post office, and my laundry room thankfully is not overflowing with clothes.  We bought a new washer and dryer and I have been enjoying washing.  The ironing was done last week, and you know when the washing is caught up there is more ironing to do, and there are now five shirts in there I need to press.  Yep I still iron.  I know some of you don’t know what an iron is.

I know we are all busy – life is just busy and for all of us it is a different set of circumstances.  Life is unpredictable and sometimes just hard especially if you are dealing with a health issue, elderly parents, or a special-needs child and look at all those precious lives in my precious state of Texas and what they are dealing with now with Hurricane Harvey.  My heart is breaking for them, and some of them are friends and family.  Now that school has started you are busy with sports and school stuff, and I am busy subbing so I can make a difference in my community.

Our on-line Bible studies sort of took off for the summer.  We had one, but did not have our Facebook Groups so it was less busy, but being a Coach for this study starting next week did require a little time.  We will begin a study on Tuesday by Chrystal Evans Hurst called She’s Still There.  Would love for you to join us.  It’s not too late to sign up here, and all you need is a book.   The study takes place here.  You can find out more about that here on Suzie’s blog today – great video with Chrystal.


Do you take your family for granted?  I do!  I am really good with my husband, kids and our mother-in-law,  but we stay so busy we leave family out for the most part except for special occasions (Christmas, Thanksgiving, graduations, Easter, Birthdays, etc.).   I hardly ever make the time to see my two sisters although we did meet this summer for lunch, and my middle sister came to visit one day with gifts for my new grand babies.  We never know what tomorrow holds.  I received news last night that one of my aunt’s died.  I was able to go visit her last week at the hospital and she seemed to know me.  It was so hard to get away that day.  I keep our grandchildren several days a week and now with school I am subbing a few days and I juggled to find the drive to Dallas to go visit.  So very glad I did now.

Do you  crave organization/cleanliness in your house?  I find I do – it is just hard with so many responsibilities.  To drop in on me most days you would not think I crave cleanliness.  I want simplicity and organization and I am finding I am doing a better job of throwing out and donating.  I just need some time to really keep purging!!  I donated several bags of clothes and shoes this summer and I have more stacks already in one of the bedrooms just waiting for me.

When it comes to messes or  to make dinner for a friend who just had a baby and leave the dishes on the counter, I am at a stage where the friend comes first.  Family comes first.  The dishes will stay, but life goes by, we lose loved ones and we can never get a single day with them back.  Have you lost a loved one or loved ones?  Do you have regrets?

Have you rushed through your days just looking forward for them to end?  Have you longed for some quiet time just wishing your children would play so you can get the house clean, get dinner cooked, or perhaps sit with Jesus? Make ALL your moments matter-2.png

STOP!  I’ve learned to stop.  I get in the floor with those grandchildren.  We roll cars around the kitchen floor, we work puzzles and read books.  Our older one is already four and I want to make moments with him.  We go to the park, sometimes a movie, and sometimes to Wal-Mart to pick out a toy or one of his favorite places, Chick-Fil-A for lunch.    I love sitting and rocking our new grand babies.  We have three you know.  Yes, three – a little granddaughter and twin grandsons born a week apart in March.  I savor rocking moments that won’t last long and sit there savoring memories with my own children.  ARE YOU READY TO ROCK TODAY?  I am – the granddaughter is on the way.

Friends I want to tell you those precious moments go by quickly.  Those nights you did not savor with a new born when you were being awakened to feed.  Those moments they wanted to sit in your lap and you were too busy to stop and hold them, hug them, read to them.  Those moments the adult children invited you to do something and you could not find the time.  Those times you don’t want to sit for a moment and talk on  the phone  to a loved one because you are busy.  Those visits to visit your grandparents or parents when they are lonely.  Those moments you can never get back – only memories – are you making them moments to savor, precious moments to remember?

Do things with your adult children.  Go shopping with your daughter or daughter-in-law or a quick lunch.  This weekend we are going to our lease in the country with our son and daughter–in-love, the twin babies and the four year old.  We are inviting some precious friends for lunch out at the cabin.  We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Colorado with our son, his wife and her family.  We had so much fun and quality time with all of them.

Be careful that someday you don’t regret that you were more worried about the laundry then  sitting  to read a story or to get off the computer to be with your children.  And speaking of computers, how many times do I go out to eat and see a couple both texting, or a young lady with what appears to be her grandmother ignoring her and texting.  Even the little ones are now sitting on their iPads.  Can we not put our phones and ipads down for a short meal to love on our loved ones?  It breaks my heart when I see this.  What matters today may be gone tomorrow.

The truth of the matter is that someday you will have quiet moments and peace and time to yourself.  You will be remembering the moments with children, family and friends who have either grown up, moved out, or are no longer with you.  Are you making the moments – both bad and good – matter???  Stop and play with the kids.  Go meet a friend for lunch with your phone turned off.  Send an email or text to brighten someone’s day, but even better call them and spend some time chatting rather than that quick text.

We had several get togethers with a lot of people at our house this summer.   Do you know I never heard anyone say you need to clean, look at those weeds in that one flower bed, you are not the best of decorators (sigh)?  What I heard was that peanut butter cup ice cream was amazing, loved the hot dogs and hamburgers, love your pool, your house is beautiful and thanks.

So to friends and family I want you to know that a mess at my house means that I am busy with what really matters and that is savoring the moments with you, finding some “me time” for me and being like Mary and sitting at Jesus’ feet.

Joining Suzie Eller today.  Come link-up with us.



27 Jun


Mary and Martha were two sisters in the Bible and Jesus was on the way to their home. Do you resonate with either one of them? Honestly sometimes for me I am Mary and sometimes a Martha.

Martha was busy.  I can be busy, busy, busy, but I also know how to relax and there are times I am lazy.  Martha was a worrier, and oh I am too when company is coming.   Is this you too wanting everything to be special for them?  Oh you should see me getting ready for company.  I am frantic – I clean baseboards, flower beds, cabinets, floors, closets, plan a menu and cook up until the moment they walk in, and then I am finishing up the food and on and on never sitting down until after the dishes are done.  I know me and how I act when family or friends come.  What would I do if I knew Jesus was coming to my house?  Now that scares me, but I realize He is here every day seeing my messes and my hurrying, and those times I am lazy and should be cleaning and organizing.

I would say in years past I have been more of a Martha.  I worked,  raised a family,  went to college, all kinds of jobs at church.  I liked “to do” lists.  Oh yes I did and I felt so satisfied and delighted to mark a task off my list.  Today even though I still have “to do” lists if that list is not finished, I have learned there is no need to worry about it – it is just a list, just a plan.  I have learned it is o.k. if something important like being with  people  I love comes up.   I honestly strive to keep a good balance between getting things done and loving people.  My to-do list should not get in the way of relationships.  If it does, something is wrong!

Are you busy with too many things (raising children, working outside the home,   church,  sports, caring for elderly parents), and are those things keeping you so busy that you do not even have time to spend in God’s word?  I was that woman, I was Martha just like many other Christians,  who believe that their busyness is important.  I was so exhausted all the time I did not have time to do much more than read a few scriptures or a daily devotion – but really I was not studying them or  breaking them down to see how they could speak to me if I studied.  Mary sit at Jesus’ feet and focused on him.  How my life has changed when I started really focusing on a scripture or two.

I believe there is a lesson to be learned from these women and that is balance – a little Mary and a little Martha.   I need to know when to work and when to sit at Jesus’ feet and Jesus has finally taught me that.

It makes me laugh sometimes when I look at my list and nothing is crossed off, and I know  it is okay.   I trust that it is God working to make me what He would have me be and I just have to stop and say “THANK YOU JESUS” for allowing me to be a blessing today.  My to-do list that day may not have included a telephone call or text to run to help a loved one, to take a meal to someone coming home from the hospital, to bake something for a new neighbor, to go with my husband to take a freezer of ice cream to neighbors (one of which is in bed with alzheimers), to rush to the hospital to be with hurting friends or family, to meet friends for lunch, to go to a funeral home to love on friends who are hurting deeply, to jump in the car on Sunday afternoon and take my mother-in-law for a ice cream treat. That unplanned thing not on my to-do list is what is important in my  life and to my Lord.

I know how hard it is to change “old habits”.  I started small, and so can you.  I started in an on-line Bible study (OBS) because of flexibility at Melissa Taylor.Org (now Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies) where I can go on-line 24/7 with women all over the World.

Another small step was sitting aside a specific time.  Make your time with Him before your feet hit the floor, or do like me and I’ve made my time as soon as my husband leaves after breakfast with my cup of coffee reading my Bible, or do it when your feet hit the bed in the evening, at lunch at work, in the car pool lines picking up the kids.  Make time with Jesus a priority.

I spend my first few hours each morning on those days I am not subbing.  Before I do any “Martha” house cleaning I am “Mary” first, “Martha” second, and somedays I would loe to be Mary all day in my pajamas.

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