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My Happy Places

11 Aug


Friday Prompt is place.  I love writing on Fridays, but finding the time is hard.  So many happy things going on every day, especially with five grand children we are so blessed live near by.  Three of them are only 5 months old and the others are 3 and 2.

Honestly thinking about that word “place”,  and  being reminded I have so many happy places.  Shouldn’t all of life be happy even in the midst of pain?  Shouldn’t we be able to find something to thank our Savior for every single day?  I’m so thankful every morning when I awaken to a new day.


  • Sitting on my sofa in the Word each morning watching a sunrise, a gentle rain or whatever weather God sends us each day.
  • Laying on that same sofa in the evening with my head in my hubby’s lap.
  • Sitting outside on my front porch watching butterflies and birds, and many times with a grandchild in my lap or beside me thinking about my Mom and Dad because Mom loved butterflies.  So many times God sends a pair of beautiful reminders of Mom and Dad.
  • A meal with our family – the kids, the kids-in-love, and the grands.  How special it is!  Sitting across the table from my husband of 48 years next week and gazing across the table at him.
  • Our swimming pool.  Yes it is a lot of work for our husband, but this year we are seeing all the fruits of his labor watching our two toddler grandsons swim in it.
  • My Bible studies at church and my on-line community with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies.  Let me tell you if you don’t have time to do a study come join us.  You can do these studies 24/7.  They have changed my life.  The next one starts up in September 5.  It’s Worthy by Chrystal Evans Hurst.
  • Our new Sleep Number bed.
  • Our home.  I can’t think of a place I love better than being home.  It truly is HOME SWEET HOME!
  • Oh, that new Speed Queen Washer and Dryer.  I had 38 year old Maytags and they still worked.  Hope these serve me through life.  I washed my first two loads this morning.  Ah-mazing.
  • Walking – This morning there was a nice breeze.  It’s hot in Texas and I didn’t get out at sunrise, but oh my goodness look at these beautiful clouds.
  • Rain – Rain is good anytime in the Texas summer heat, but it was not expected this morning.  Got back from my walk and it’s coming a shower and watering my yard and plants before we leave on vacation.  Now my daughter and son-in-law can come and stay and enjoy the pool and not have to deal with keeping all my hanging baskets and flower gardens alive.   I was just outside putting out the hanging baskets and saying thank You Jesus I don’t have to do this today or tomorrow.

PicMonkey Image-115.jpgSitting on our sofa visiting with friends, and that’s exactly what we did last night with our friends Dale and Carrie from Houston, and today they’ll be back for another visit.  It’s been too long.

Shopping with my daughter or daughter-in-love.

Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.  Psalm 144:15 (KJV)

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalm 118:24 (KJV)



30 Jun

WOW!  The word of the day is blessing.  I am to write five minutes and stop.  I have no clue where this will go, and think it will be hard because there is so much territory to cover.

I could sit here for five minutes and count blessings – too many when you get my age and just thinking about little things.  We were sitting here on our reclining sofa the other night in the air conditioning after working outside.  I had showered and sit down and told my husband how thankful I am to be able to recline and relax and enjoy the air conditioning.  But here I’ve moved off the subject of blessing jars and boxes, so here goes.


I love making blessing jars and boxes for people who are going through hard times – loss of a loved one especially.  I’ve given all sorts of jars in the past to a friend who lost her Dad, to a friend going through a divorce, to a teenager graduating about to go off to college, to a grieving widow at school whose young husband was shot and died, etc..

What is a blessing jar or box?  I print off little cards to go in them, or in most cases I’ve got a pattern handed down to me with personalized scripture verses and you just insert the persons name.  It makes it so personal to them.  Here is one pattern that I have used.  Download it and add someone’s name you know who is in need of being lifted up and blessed.

Here are a few picture of jars/boxes I have made:





I hope you enjoy blessing someone.

Join us today at Five-Minute Friday and see what others are writing.  Feel free to link-up.


FUTURE (Five-Minute Friday)

2 Jun

It’s time for Five-Minute Friday.  That means no edits, set the timer and go. Today’s prompt is Future, and let’s see where this goes in five minutes.


I am not sure what my future holds, but God does, and I have learned to trust Him in the bad times and the good.   You know the Bible reminds us that tomorrow is not promised (Proverbs 27:1) so I am making the most of every single day.   I will be turning 67 next week.  It seems impossible.  I still feel like that little nineteen year old girl that married her high-school sweetheart.  This August we will be celebrating our 47th anniversary.  The days are going so very fast.

When I retired five years ago I was not sure of my future.  Still not really.  At that time I had spent a career working for the Department of Defense for over 43 years right out of high school working my way up through the ranks as a female in a male world, finished college right after my daughter.  Mom was still alive so I was spending a lot of time with her at the nursing home.  I also became involved in on-line Bible studies becoming a leader, then I became a substitute teacher (both dreams I had had of leading women and being in the public school system to show Christ to students). Mom died in February one year, our dog died on Mother’s Day, and then in August our first grandson was born with a horrible disease.  It was a tough year, but because I had retired and was spending so much time in the Word and in prayer that helped me get through it all.

I’ve raised two children who are in their thirties, and we now have five grandchildren (3 of which were born this March).  Our kids live close so we get to see them a lot. In fact some weeks I see them most days.   Next week I’ll be keeping the twins four days so life is busy.

What does my future hold?  I have no clue, but the more I study my Bible and participate in studies, I know my future holds more of Him and less of me.  My one word for 2017 is intentional.  I wrote about that here.  I have been very busy this year with school and family and overjoyed to do all that I am able to do – blessed with good health to do it all.

My prayer for my future is that God will allow my husband and I  to see these grandkids grow up, and that we will be healthy enough to continue to do things with our adult children and grandkids, as well as continue to be able to write and participate in my Bible studies to reach others to Christ.

I read something today that I want to remember and be reminded of.  Coach John Wooden shared a 7-point creed his dad (Joshua Wooden) wrote and gave him and his brothers when they graduated from elementary school.   Here are those points which I believe would benefit each of us in our future, and they go so well with my one word – intentional for 2017:

  • Be true to yourself.
  • Make each day your masterpiece.
  • Help others
  • Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible.
  • Make friendship a fine art.
  • Build a shelter against a rainy day.
  • Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day.

May every day be a masterpiece, giving thanks, being true, helping others, drinking deeply of good books and my Bible, making friendships like fine art, and building a shelter for when those rainy days come.

Create Joy Each Day

15 Jul

rsvp +603-121-2222 _ courtney

How do we create joy each day?  How can we create joy on the bad days?  I am pondering that as I write about the word create today with Kate Motaung and the #FMF community.  So for five minutes I am going to write about ways that I personally create joy in my life, and maybe someone reading this today who is hurting inside, sick, or devastated by something in life will be blessed.


  • Waking up each morning.  The older I get the more joyful I am to wake up each morning.
  • Cooking meals for my husband and family and thankful we have the means to cook meals, and I have the health and love to cook for my family.
  • Kissing my husband goodbye every morning.  Even on those mornings I sleep in, he comes in and kisses me at 545.
  • That God blessed me with a precious son and daughter. They create joy in my life when they text or call like this weekend our son called us to go to a movie with his family to see our almost 3-year old experience a movie, Dory the first time, or our daughter call to go out to lunch or breakfast or when they call for no reason but just to chat.
  • A hug or I love you from my son and daughter.
  • Watching a sunrise or sunset.  Have you done that lately?
  • Playing with my grandsons or taking them on a walk, to a pumpkin patch, to McDonald’s, or one of our favorite things is just running around the sofa and love seat in our big den.  They laugh and laugh and I laugh and maybe run off some pounds – simple and joyful.
  • Giving thanks for my home, everything in it, my car, the fact I can buy groceries (Last week I told my daughter-in-law I hate putting clean sheets on the bed, and then I came back and said oh my, I am so blessed I have clean sheets to put on my bed.)
  • Spending time with my Lord in prayer and Bible study each morning.  One of the things that brings me much joy and teaches me to be a better person is my on-line Bible studies with Proverbs31.Org.  Life changing for me as God has worked on my heart in each and every study.
  • Daily devotions with the First 5 App also a part of Proverbs 31 and it’s on my phone with me wherever I go.
  • Memories of my parents – choosing not to dwell on my feelings because they are gone, but rather all the good times growing up.  I miss them  – you bet I do, but I am blessed and can full of joy because I had parents who loved and took care of me.
  • That first cup of coffee and the second and third
  • I can create joy even yesterday pushing a mower around trees in the heat of the afternoon for several hours.  We also ride, but there’s much pushing around our pool and around the fruit trees, fence lines, azaleas and just so many trees it takes a long time.  I was out there in the high 90 degree day pushing and sweating and creating joy praising God that I am 66 years old and can still push a mower and not hurt, and hopefully I am creating a better, healthier body and losing some weight.  Yep, 6 pounds since school was out.
  • Air conditioning in this hot Texas heat and a very cold cup of water  in a cup a friend gave me that’s keeping me accountable on drinking enough water each day.
  • Smile at a cashier, thank a policeman, a cashier, a teacher, a pastor or how about thanking your husband for working hard, for washing your car, picking up dinner, opening the door for you, when he takes you out to dinner.  Create some joy in others.

Are you struggling today to find joy?  Do you find yourself complaining and grumbling, unhappy, and even depressed.  Spend some time pondering on all that God has blessed you with.  Create some joy.  His joy is our strength.  It’s there – go look for it.  Cherish this day the Lord has given you.

Join me and the Five-Minute Friday group today.




17 Jun


This past week I have suffered the loss of my hand.  I have had to learn what it is like to lose the use of two fingers because of a nasty cut and sixteen stitches.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.

I waited so long for summer to get here.  I was excited it was my first week out of school and freedom to work in the yard, take long walks, exercise, and really clean house.  Last Thursday night (a week ago) we were heading to bed.  I picked up my glass beside me to put in the dishwasher and start it.  I walked into the kitchen and picked up my tea glass to empty and fill up with water.  I don’t know what happened but perhaps one was falling and I grabbed it and perhaps hit it on the granite.  It happened so fast and I was bleeding so bad I have no clue.

We spent 3 hours in the ER.  The worst part was the four shots they gave me to deaden the fingers and boy did it deaden for a full twenty-four hours.

Right now I feel like I am losing control – losing control of my Bible studies and writing in my workbooks, blogging, commenting on other blogs, cleaning up old emails, yard work and house work and all those drawers and closets that need cleaning out so I can donate, and that pool is calling now that the days are over 100 degrees.

Next week the stitches will come out.  I’m looking forward to losing the stitches, but not what it may feel like while they pull all sixteen out, nor the tenderness for the next few weeks, but this too shall pass.

Today I am joining Kate Motaung and my five-minute Friday friends.  We are blogging about the word lose this week.



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