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I  thought January zoomed by fast, but February zoomed faster and well today is March 29. The first day of Spring has past.  We've had our first hail storm.  Many in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area had golf ball and baseball hail, including our niece so it has been a rough start to Spring,  last night  some… Continue reading MARCH GOALS AND FEBRUARY UPDATE

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September Goals and August Recap

WELCOME FALL!  Well almost.  It's still a few days off.  Good thing because usually by now I am decorating, but not yet this year. The to-do lists never end, do they?  For me there seem to be so many wonderful, beautiful demands.  I love them all.  I am thankful for them all, and thankful that… Continue reading September Goals and August Recap

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August Goals and July Recap

I can not believe summer is almost OVER.  These hot days of August jumped from a high of 107 last week to the eighties this week.  Loving it and the sweet sound of rain the last few days.  This is not our typical August, and we have set high and low records, but certainly blessed we… Continue reading August Goals and July Recap