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Today’s Five-Minute Free-Write Prompt:  Inspire

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What inspires me?  I could start with a list like the Bible, books in general, family, a sunrise/sunset, birds, butterflies, dragon flies, flowers, a new baby, and blogging.

My Bible – The greatest inspiration of my life has been the Bible.  Nothing, absolutely nothing inspires me more than opening my Bible and receiving a fresh new word from my Father.  Without fellowship with Him I would not be the woman I am today.  Without the inspired Word of God I would be a moody, unthankful wife, mom, grandmother.  My Bible gives me faith, provides me tools and directions to make me a better person, lifts me up on any day, teaches me to love others like Jesus.  How I wish I had loved this book so much more and spent more time in it when I was younger.


Family – What can lift you up after God – family?  God created family so we didn’t have to be alone.  One of them can call or text and it makes me a happy wife, mom, Nana.  I mean really it makes my day.  Even interruptions of what I had planned for my day becomes full of joy seeing my grown-up adult children enjoying life with their family, seeing our toddler grandchildren playing together, and now watching three 4-month old babies smile back a me.  Those smiles are so BIG and so precious.  I think of how God smiles down at us when He watches us enjoying His creations or watching us in the Word.


Books, books, books – I love books.  I can’t find the time to read novels like I had dreamed about when I retired.  I bought a bookcase of books at half-price books – books by Karen Kingsbury, one of my favorites and yes I have one of those I’m reading now – Take Three and Take Four.

I have had the privilege of reading books in my on-line Bible studies and in our women’s Bible studies at church.  I love an app called First Five that I read on my iPad each morning.  It has a new book that’s optional that I get about every day days or so.  It’s a perfect uplifting devotional each day that helps me grow.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this summer so far:  My New King James Version Bible, Take Three and Take Four by Karen Kingsbury, Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild (Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies), Covenant (a study of the Psalms) and about to start Suffering and Sovereignty (a study on Job, Lamentations, and Ecclesiastes)

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“The secret to joy is to keep seeking God where we doubt he is.”  Ann Voskamp

As I walk through every single day of my life I realize no matter what is happening there is always, always something to celebrate – always something I can find to be thankful about.

I’ve learned even when walking through horrible tragedies that I can find something to thank God for.  The day my Mom died unexpectedly after many years of illness, we sit there waiting on the funeral home to arrive and my husband said, “your Mom will be spending Valentine’s Day with your Dad”.  It was only five days until Valentine’s Day – one I didn’t celebrate as Valentine’s Day, but one I was celebrating because Mom was no longer suffering and she was with Dad who she had never been able to move on after he died.

Even when we are walking through horrible tragedies  we can find something.  The day one of our grandsons was born with a horrible disease, we were able to thank God for answering prayers as we drove to the Children’s Hospital to be with him and our son.  Thankful that they had a doctor who knew what it was and was able to diagnose it.  Thankful for family, friends and churches that gathered with us in prayer.

I want to celebrate every day.  I want to celebrate the little things and give them the attention they deserve.  Things like my 7-month old grandson crawling, and my 2 year old grandson shouting across a pond while his Pa Pa was hunting.  Yep, he was shouting PaPa while PaPa was hunting birds.  And today watching him help PaPa make homemade ice cream and helping, and squealing as he filled a glass up with ice throwing it in the ice cream freezer.  All of it precious and something to celebrate, especially after you been through seasons of miscarriage, infertility, and watching that 2-year old suffer at birth with a rare disease.

I’m celebrating today.  How about you? I am celebrating because He blesses me far more than I will ever deserve and He loves me unconditionally.  I am celebrating good health.  I am celebrating family.   I am celebrating life.  I am celebrating today because there may not be a tomorrow.  Seek God today wherever you may be doubting and find the joy.

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