Encouragement, Faith, Kate Matoung Five-Minute Friday

Am I Collecting People Or Things

Am I Collecting People or Things?  As I ponder that question over the years I think you would agree we all spend so much time collecting all sorts of "stuff".  For me it's been anything from the latest laptops, phones and iPads, gadgets, clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses and so much more.  WHY? Now don't get… Continue reading Am I Collecting People Or Things


Blessings and Moments – Day 8 – A Grandson

Two days a week I am blessed to get to go to help my daughter-in-law with my new grandson.  This is that precious little boy.  He will be two months old this weekend.  You see her mom and I are going over because she works from home and because Colt requires a little more attention… Continue reading Blessings and Moments – Day 8 – A Grandson


Day 4 – Blessings and Moments

Today had lots of moments.  One moment I was crying and trying to hide it from my aunt.  You see we were at Mom's and Dad's house packing up memories.  It was the second time this week but today just got to me.  I sucked it up and held on until I started the long… Continue reading Day 4 – Blessings and Moments