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The older I get the more I love playing.  I love playing and kidding around with my husband, and oh how much fun it is playing with our five grandkids.

See those push toys.  We have two toddler grandsons.  They grab those things and they start chasing each other thru the den around the sofa and love seat shouting get up Nana, get up PaPa and so we do.  It’s loads of fun and great exercise.

When we were in to see our doctor for our check-up in March she asked my husband how much physical activity he gets.   He said, “does chasing your grandkids around the sofa count.”  She said, “yes”.

There is going to be so much more playing around here.  We have twin grandsons and a granddaughter all who are turning 4 months old.  I can’t imaging chasing three of them, but I can tell you I loved playing with the new granddaughter today.  She just coos and talks to me already.

This weekend company is coming and both our adult kids families will be here too.  We’ll have five kids here old enough to be in the pool.  What fun will that be with the new toys we have!  My daughter bought some octopus toys that float to the bottom and light up.  Can’t wait to see what they do.  When I was taking the 2 year old home today he told me he wanted to play with the purple ?????.

If you haven’t played lately try it.

Joining Kate Motaung and the Five-Minute Friday Link-Up.  The word today is play and we have five minutes to write.  Come join us!